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Remembering Infinity: Going with the Flow

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Rapidly changing circumstances require flexibility—that is, “going with the flow”.

Rapidly changing circumstances require flexibility—that is, “going with the flow”.

During a few recent visits to a variety of online metaphysical and Lightworker communities, I’ve been very glad to see a great deal of discussion about duality, choice, and the most effective ways to effect constructive change.  It’s encouraging to see so many people from all over the world “awakening” to the things that are truly important—and freely contributing to the open exchange of new thoughts and ideas.

While nearly everyone seems to agree upon the need for balance and calm as we move forward through uncertain times, there do seem to be some rather strong opinions regarding the type of actions to be taken in a given situation (for example, one group advocates sending Love/Light, while another suggests paying no attention).  I understand how many may believe that their preferred approach is always the best choice, but it occurs to me that “one reaction fits all” and “either/or” propositions are rarely the ideal way to gracefully overcome challenges or resolve complex issues.

In many ways, the rapidly changing circumstances we face today require flexibility—that is, “going with the flow” and being able to change tactics or directions quickly should the need arise.  Flexibility also calls for a rapid understanding of each situation and the use of those actions which are most appropriate for the specific conditions that exist that time. Surprisingly, this may even include the use of a blended solution, where some elements from diametrically opposed approaches may actually be utilized together—often to great advantage.

Interestingly enough, as I first wrote down the last paragraph in my first draft notes for this post, I felt my attention suddenly drawn to the window.  There, high above me in the branches of a tree, I caught sight of a tiny hummingbird in flight.  As I watched him quickly flitting backward, forward, and sideways, it immediately dawned on me how perfectly this beautiful creature’s natural abilities illustrated the very concept I had just described!  Isn’t it amazing how synchronicities magically appear, just when we least expect them?

But I digress.  As far as “right” action is concerned, one of the most important things we can do to bring about constructive change is to assure ourselves that we are thinking and acting in a way that is aligned with our own highest truth and integrity. No matter what the challenge, if we take a moment to center ourselves, find calm, and quietly seek guidance from within, we may more easily discover the thoughts and actions that best express our highest intent at that moment.  It is only through embracing and acting upon these higher callings that we will know we have done our very best—something that is for the greatest benefit of all concerned.

Finally, I AM grateful that we are all here together to witness, participate in, and help create this exciting time of change.  We are being provided with a wonderful opportunity—one through which we may practice working together, as a team.  As long as we continue to respect and appreciate each others’ special talents, energies, and unique ways of expression, we can’t help but be successful in our efforts to create a New Earth and experience a bright, new way of living!



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