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Remembering Infinity: Fact or Fiction?


Is the information we receive today fact or fiction--or something else entirely?

Is the information we receive today fact or fiction–or something else entirely?

In today’s high-speed, high-technology “Information Age”, we’ve become quite accustomed to having a literal flood of information available at our fingertips. There’s no more searching through stacks of dusty books in a library or traveling thousands of miles to find the information we need. With the touch of a few keys on a keyboard or touchpad and the help of an Internet search engine, we are able to connect to literally tens of thousands of sources of information—on virtually any topic of interest! Within seconds of pushing a virtual button, the information we’re seeking will arrive on our computer or “smart phone” screens, nearly anywhere, as if by magic. How cool is that?

While unrestricted access to this wealth of information certainly has its value, there is a downside. Anyone who has anything to say may, publicly and instantly, post their views through websites or blogs with a variety of supporting images, videos, or audio files. The problem is that, no matter what the subject, the information we receive could be true, untrue, or fall anywhere in between—and it’s always subject to the biases of those who make it available. With so many opportunities to be misled or misinformed, how does one separate fact from fiction?

In the quest for spiritual, metaphysical, or supernatural knowledge, the task of validating information becomes even more difficult—primarily because the subject matter doesn’t easily lend itself to confirmation through the scientific method, facts and figures, or any other generally accepted process. Souls, angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, “higher realms” of existence (such as “Heaven”), and even a Supreme Being (whom most consider simply as “God”) are all believed to exist by many—but these beliefs have been hotly debated for thousands of years. In a similar way, extra-sensory perception (ESP), “supernatural” beings (such as “Bigfoot” or extraterrestrials), unidentified flying objects (UFOs), channels or mediums (those who claim to communicate with multi-dimensional entities), and near-death experiences (NDEs) are all phenomena that defy rational explanation—yet increasing numbers of credible witnesses report experiencing them every day

On my own quest for arcane knowledge or truth, I’ve found that “logic” is rarely helpful. In most cases, I’m left to weigh the information I’ve been given against my own experience, beliefs, or inherent, inner sense of knowing—what many might consider “gut instinct”. One of the most important aspects of this self-validation process is to try to keep an open mind—to set aside any preconceived notions and personal or societal biases in order to consider new information on its own merits. It also helps to research information and seek validation through a variety of trustworthy sources—those whose motives and ethics are transparent and sincere.

When considering the truth of supernatural phenomena, it’s important to remember that nearly all of mankind’s cultures have believed in and embraced these beliefs for countless ages. It seems that it is only today’s modern skeptics who refuse to believe anything that cannot be proven by empirical evidence or mainstream science. Unfortunately, if something can’t be easily explained, is not fully understood, or is otherwise considered beyond the limits of ordinary acceptance, it is simply discounted as lunacy or “science fiction”. In a similar manner, those who even entertain the possibility that such things might actually exist are sometimes openly ridiculed for their objectivity or beliefs.

In the end, as it must always be, the final determination of truth in anything is left to the individual. I suppose one could always view the “fact vs. fiction” question as being a part of the adventure of exploration—wherein one may never be quite certain of the truth. In fact, one could easily imagine the entire learning process as a mystery novel—one that’s full of suspenseful drama, unexpected twists and turns, puzzling dead-ends, and shocking surprises. After all, what is life—if not the greatest mystery ever told?



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  1. I love the energy of your site…may your adventures along your Journey bring you Home to your Infinite Self ❤

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