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Remembering Infinity: Balance

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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” Thomas Merton

Science has shown that, for a variety of reasons, the humble triangle is the strongest and most stable geometric shape of all. The equilateral triangle in particular (a triangle with all sides and angles being equal) represents perfect balance between all the elements of its shape. The spiritual version of a triangle, a “Trinity,” typically represents the harmonious union of two different aspects of self to create a third.

The true beauty of this wonderful arrangement becomes evident only when we consider the relationship of these elements and what is formed as a result. Take the two “polar” opposites of hot and cold, for example. As long as they are taken separately there is only duality—two diametrically opposed extremes on either end of a scale. Once they are brought together however, they temper and balance each another to form a third, new aspect—in this case, “warm”. The previously straight, flat line that kept us trapped between two opposing choices suddenly has depth—and a new, dynamic flow between all the elements becomes possible. Most would agree that in the new choice of temperatures, this new possibility is a highly desirable one—for without it we couldn’t enjoy warm blankets on a cold day, warm, sandy tropical beaches, or soft, warm cookies, fresh from the oven.

If we look carefully at the unspoiled grace and beauty of Nature, this “Trinity” concept of creative balance is demonstrated in countless ways. Between dark and light there is shadow. Positively- and negatively-charged particles interact to become neutral. In the blustery posturing of wind and weather, high- and low-pressure systems find their balance in calm. Throughout nature, the male and female of each species join to create new life—life that reflects the characteristics of both in equal measure.

Even our modern human world is rife with examples of duality and polarity—and within each dichotomy there exist a multitude of other possibilities and choices. Many would see these as problems to solve or challenges to overcome, but I prefer to think of these as opportunities—opportunities for learning and growth. In the rifts that exist between countries, philosophies, religions, sports factions, and even families, common ground and a potential solution may always be found. One has only to recognize them.

Perhaps the magic of the “Trinity” may be applied to our lives—and indeed, to our interactions with those around us. Is the simple process of finding this balance the key to our discovery of peace and happiness—both within and without? Consider this—between the “selfishness” of ego and our selfless desire to help others there must be a point of equilibrium where all aspects of self are served equally well. If we are able to find this perfect point of balance within ourselves, our families, and our world, how could this not serve to make all our life experiences better?

Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and author once wrote, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.”   Therefore, it is only through an appreciation of all aspects of something that we broaden our perspective and find greater symmetry. We also gain a much greater understanding of the “bigger picture” of life.

If we are to experience the Dance of Life in its fullest we must ever be mindful, not just of the music, the steps, or the partners—but the overall movement, flow, and emotion of all its elements together. It is only by appreciating them all, in perfect balance, as one, that our souls may truly find their greatest fulfillment and joy.



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