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Remembering Infinity: Energetic Universe

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Energy isn’t just abundant in the Universe—there’s an infinite supply.  In fact, everything is a form of energy!  Photo Credit: National Weather Service

Energy isn’t just abundant in the Universe—there’s an infinite supply. In fact, everything is a form of energy! Photo Credit: National Weather Service

Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a positive attitude—especially when things, from our limited perspective, don’t seem to be going our way. The steady bombardment of negative images and messages we receive, as well as endless demands for our time and attention, often leave us feeling tired, frustrated, and empty.

To make matters worse, we are sometimes reminded that stressors not only drain our energy when we are aware of them, they also drain us subconsciously—even when we are not actively engaged with or thinking about them! I suppose it’s a bit like those background systems that continue to draw electricity—even after we think we’ve turned off our computers and appliances. How then, is it possible to preserve our personal and “spiritual” energy? After all, we can’t just “unplug” ourselves from life and hope for the best—or can we? Believe it or not, in a way, we can.

Because our bodies depend upon us as much as we depend upon them, we should always make certain we are properly addressing our most basic physical needs first. Naturally, this requires that we receive adequate rest, sleep, and exercise. Of course, we should also take proper steps to maintain a healthy diet, seek appropriate medical care when it is needed, and properly manage our stress.

Where “spiritual” energy is concerned however, I’ve found it necessary to make some slight adjustments in my way of thinking. The first was to understand that the energy I always thought of as “mine” really isn’t. It all belongs to—and comes from, the “Universe”. I just borrow some of it for a short time and focus it on the things that are important to me. Once I accepted that concept, I quickly began to appreciate the fact that energy isn’t just abundant in the universe, it’s everywhere. This is because everything, at its most basic, quantum level, is made from energy—even our own human bodies. Clearly, I realized, there must be an infinite supply of it! To make the best use of this endless supply, we simply need to understand that we are only limited by our own thoughts and actions.

As I thought about this universal energy and how we use it, I also considered the fact that nature seeks balance in all things. Whenever something moves (take air or water for example), something always flows in to take its place. This is true for energetic processes as well. Therefore, as a person focuses his or her attention on something, an energetic flow begins to travel through them, from the infinite, universal supply. As this energy moves, new energy immediately flows in to replace it. There’s no need for anyone to concern themselves with altering, stopping, or adding to the flow just because they feel it may be “too little” or “too much”. They need only focus their attention, do what they feel is necessary in the moment, and let go—trusting that Universe will take over from there and resolve things in its own perfect way. It occurred to me that this may be one of the easiest ways to “unplug” ourselves—we simply do our best, detach ourselves from any expected outcome and let the Universe do all the “heavy lifting”.

With this in mind, I’ve chosen to embrace this process as my preferred method of spiritual “energy management”. I now think of it as a team effort, wherein I do what I feel guided to do, then I simply let go and let the Universe do the rest. With such a powerful, co-creative process at work, how could one not move forward with an expanding sense of grace, confidence, and ease?



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