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Remembering Infinity: Time to Wake Up!



The world is changing and it’s time to wake up!

Good morning! In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is changing and it’s time to wake up!  So yawn, stretch, and do what you need to do to get ready, ’cause there are lots of exciting things to see and do once we open our eyes to the Light and the Truth of an entirely new day.

For thousands of years, mankind has been asleep (and most of us right along with it). As a species, we have been allowing our lower emotions like fear, anger, lust, and greed control our beliefs and actions. Our governments, religions, educational systems, and scientific community have capitalized on these emotions by teaching us that we are all separate, different, and apart from one another—and they have been cashing in on these feelings of separation the entire time. They have judged us, trivialized us, classified us, and divided us into separate races, nations, species, individuals, and even sports teams. As long as we allow these feelings of division to prevail, we will have little choice but to literally “buy into” their expanding control systems of drama, fear, competition, disagreement, conflict—and even war.

Unfortunately, our cultures and societies have grown into a massive machine—one that exploits us and keeps us under control, in the dark, and separated from that which is truly important. In fact, we can see many people moving about in our world today, almost appearing as zombies. They are tuned out to real life and addicted to a digitally-enhanced technological “reality”. When their heads aren’t looking down at screens or plugged with earphones, they’re completely distracted by video games, sports, world “news”, or the latest celebrity drama. And even when they’re not so engaged, they’re either spending every last cent they earn on the “latest and greatest” name-brand product—or working a 60-hour week in order to support the many habits of their artificial and insatiable consumer lifestyle.

Through control of the information, knowledge, and resources we receive, our institutions have created a culture of lack and dependence—where a vast majority of the 7 billion plus people in the world depend upon others for their food, health care, education, financial security, safety, and overall well-being. We’ve even been taught by our various religions that we must depend upon them for our spiritual “salvation”. If we don’t accept their particular brand of truth (and contribute generously to their causes), we’re often told that we’ll be cast into the fires of Hell when we part this world.

To make matters worse, we’re literally bombarded with a constant stream of negativity. “Mainstream Media”, controlled by its corporate affiliations and interests, tells only one side of the story—and it’s nearly all “bad” news. We’re constantly fed with images and words of war, consumerism, illness, disease, poverty, crime, disorder, disaster, and chaos. Advertisements continuously remind us that we are somehow less than perfect—that we need their plastic surgery, medications, sexual enhancement products, or dietary supplements to assure our beauty, health, and well-being.

The Truth is, we’ve all been hoodwinked. We’ve been bamboozled, brainwashed, programmed, tricked, hijacked, held hostage, and even enslaved. Society has manipulated us into focusing all our time and attention on negative and truly trivial things—the very things that feed their corporate, industrial, and institutional machinery. It’s sad to say, but we’ve actually allowed it to happen. We’ve been affected, distracted, and hypnotized by every bit of information or shiny new “bauble” that’s been dangled in front of us.

As bad as this all may sound, there actually is good news. You’ll never hear it from any of these dubious entities, but we are the ones who are ultimately in charge of our own destiny. Once we’ve been awakened to their hidden agendas, we can decide whether or not to support them or even believe what they tell us. We can decide to be more awake and aware of all this negative “programming” and tune out the things that no longer serve us.

We have all been given the wonderful gift of Free Will by our Creator and are able to make our own choices. We can decide right now, at this very moment, that we are responsible for ourselves and our own future. We can decide right now that we can begin to change our attitudes and habits to reflect a more positive world view—one that addresses more of the things we wish to see in our future. Things like peace, health, appreciation, cooperation, and abundance. Finally, we can decide right now to focus more and more attention on the things that are truly important—things like family, personal relationships, personal growth, learning, and re-connecting ourselves to and exploring the endless wonders of the real world around us.

So with that said, I’ll ask you this. Now that you’re awake, are you going to get up and help make a change for the better—or are you just going to hit the “Snooze” button and go back to sleep?



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3 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Time to Wake Up!

  1. I have often thought about what you’ve written here but have never had the words to express it as well as you have done 🙂 I truly hope that I have woken up and it’s great to see this topic being written about 🙂


    • Thank you! In my opinion, just “waking up” is the hardest part. The odds seem so stacked against anyone breaking through to discover the real Truth. It’s amazing how much clearer things become once you’re able to see past all the smoke and mirrors to the true motivations behind them. If you’re thinking about it and making any progress at all on your own spiritual evolution or path–or paying attention to the things that are truly important in life, you’re awake. Your perception and understanding will just become sharper and sharper the further along you go. I’m very glad you’ve decided to “rise and shine”!


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