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Remembering Infinity: Spirit Anchors



“Spirit Anchors” not only weigh us down, they often keep us from moving forward.

One of the more difficult aspects of being spiritually “aware” is that I sense there’s a great importance in the way we interact with others and the life-long process of self-improvement.  Many people seem to have no trouble at all, blithely plunging forward through life with hardly a care in the world for the “cosmic” consequences of their actions. Me? Not so much.

I don’t necessarily worry about the mis-steps I’ve taken or the feelings I have about certain experiences in my life, but I can’t help but give them a great deal of thought.  All things considered, I’m grateful for the past—even with all its mistakes and off-track moments.  Well, to be completely honest, I don’t think of them so much as “mistakes”, but “teaching moments”.  I must admit that I’ve learned a great deal through these experiences and, without them, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through this reflective process is that by dwelling on the past, we can’t fully appreciate the present.  Unresolved hurts, fears, and regrets sometimes rush to the surface, forcing us to deal with them—some, over and over.  Sometimes they even prevent us from embracing new opportunities.  This is when many realize that it’s time to resolve these issues and move on—once and for all.

In dealing with such challenges, it sometimes helps to imagine them as something ordinary—for once you picture them as something tangible, they somehow don’t seem quite so tough to tackle.  I like to think of mine as “spirit anchors”—and, regrettably, I’ve made more than a few of these for myself over the years.  I’ve made spirit anchors from relationships, bad habits, blunders, and lost opportunities.  I’ve even made them from well-intentioned errors in judgment.  In fact, I’ve made so many of these anchors that, at times, my “life” (boat) has seemed to go only in circles—and slow ones, at that.

The most important thing I’ve learned about spirit anchors is that, no matter how many you may think you have or how large you may perceive them to be, you always have the power to let them go—any time you choose! Do you have a troubling tie to a past relationship and wish to move on?  Accept the relationship for what it was, be thankful for the experiences you had, and visualize yourself tossing that anchor and chain overboard.  Do you have an attachment to an old habit that no longer serves you?  Acknowledge it, be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned from it, and toss that overboard too.  Just let all your anchors go!  If you still wish to keep one or two, then by all means do—if that makes you feel better.  While it’s perfectly OK, why would you really want to? If you do decide to hang onto an anchor or two for awhile, it’s nothing to worry about.  Just remember that you can always toss those overboard too, any time at all—whether it’s tomorrow, next week, or next year.

As for me, I no longer wait for time and the elements to rust my anchors away.  I’ve realized they’re much too heavy to haul around—even if they aren’t holding me to the sea bottom.  Instead, I simply acknowledge and appreciate them for what they’ve given me—then I toss ‘em over the side.  Since I’ve gotten rid of so many of my own anchors, I’ve enjoyed a newfound sense of freedom.  I no longer feel tied down to a past that no longer truly exists.

So now when the winds of change fill my sails, I don’t have to think about my anchors holding me back.  I just let my “spiritual compass” be my guide and sail boldly forward into the unknown—exhilarated and refreshed by the gathering breeze.

PS:  Oh, and to be completely honest, I’m not saying that I don’t founder in a storm or run aground every now and then, but I usually always get where I’m going—and it’s certainly better than sailing around in circles!



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8 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Spirit Anchors

  1. Thanks SG. Scheduled for a re-post on


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  3. It’s so wonderful that you have been able to throw those anchor and chains overboard 🙂 i’m working on doing this and hopefully one day i’ll get there. A super article 🙂

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  5. I really like this analogy. Once I can pinpoint what it is that’s making me heavy I will most certainly be getting that anchor overboard!! With love blimpy

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