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Remembering Infinity: The Gift of Now

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The moment I’m standing in right now is my power!

The moment I’m standing in right now is my power!

In my last post, “Spirit Anchors”, I expressed some thoughts about the importance of letting old attachments to past experiences and feelings go in order to move forward in life. As I wrote about this, another important concept came to mind that I’ll be addressing today. That’s the idea that our greatest power lies in “The Now”.

In addition to releasing the feelings and thoughts that limit us, I’ve often heard others suggest that we must “reclaim our power” in order to move on—as if we have somehow scattered our energy all over the Cosmos and it needs to be gathered again.

Whenever I consider the last notion, I have to laugh, for I imagine myself with an imaginary butterfly net in hand, frantically rushing about in an effort to chase down and recapture all my previously spent energy—just so I may somehow recycle it. It doesn’t have to be nearly that difficult—really! All that’s truly necessary is to realize that all the authority, all the energy, and all the power we need is right here, right nowin the miracle of the present moment.

The greatest beauty of the gift of “Now” is that we can change our minds, change our focus, and therefore change our future any time we wish—and every new “Now” moment presents us with the perfect opportunity to do so.

Me? I’ve decided to drop that useless butterfly net. I no longer waste my time trying to hunt down old, spent energy.  There’s plenty more fresh energy where that came from (see my related post, “Energetic Universe“)–and I’ve learned that the moment I’m standing in right now is my power. Everything I need to move forward is right here, ready to move with me and through me in a powerful, infinite flow. I know that all I have to do is step forward to engage it—not only in this moment, but the next, and the next, and the next…



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