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Remembering Infinity: It’s Alive!


There is growing evidence to support the theory that everything, even the stones beneath our feet, is alive and conscious at some level.

There is growing evidence to support the theory that everything, even the stones beneath our feet, is alive and conscious at some level.

For some, the title of this post may bring to mind a scene from the horror movie classics—one in which a mad scientist is overjoyed in his success at bringing a monster to life in his laboratory.  Usually surrounded by beakers, test tubes, and a high-voltage light show, the scientist watches the once-dead creature slowly rise and shouts, “It’s alive! It’s alive!” But bringing the dead back to life isn’t exactly the topic of the day.  Instead, it’s more about seeing the world around us, even apparently inanimate objects, in a slightly different way.

Most would quickly agree that our environment is teeming with life—from the visible to the not-so-visible.  Of course, we see evidence of life all around us, each and every day.  Trees, animals, and even our fellow human beings are clearly living entities, as are the nearly invisible forms of bacteria, viruses, and the like.  But what about the many other things that also exist in our reality—things like clouds, water, rocks, and even the Earth itself?

Many ancient cultures recognized a life presence and consciousness that filled all things—even the objects many don’t consider to be “alive” today.  This presence was known as “The Great Spirit”—or what many today might simply consider “God”.  The work of a growing number of forward-thinkers (or perhaps “backward-thinkers” might actually be more appropriate), support this belief that all is alive and indeed conscious of itself at some level.

In a large number of cases, for instance, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapist (QHHT) pioneer and expert Dolores Cannon has regressed her clients, through deep levels of hypnosis, to describe events from their past lives.  Some of the information gleaned from these sessions has even been verified through subsequent research, thereby supporting its accuracy and the validity of this technique.  In a surprising number of cases, Cannon’s clients reported having conscious life experiences as bodies of water, rock formations, clouds, and even elemental substances.  Geologist and author Gregg Braden’s research supporting the theories of “quantum entanglement” also tends to support the concept that all physical matter is energetically connected and conscious, perhaps even to the point at which most would consider it truly alive.

My thoughts are that if one at all believes in any form of Supreme Being—one that is conscious, intelligent, omnipresent, and omnipotent, then one must accept that this Being doesn’t just create everything or permeate everything, it is everything.  If that is truly the case, then it only stands to reason that everything—all matter, must be alive and conscious at some level.  I’ll agree that some things, such as rocks, clouds, and water may not seem to be at the same level of consciousness as a human being, animal, or plant—but I’m certainly more open to the possibility that sentient life is far more prolific than many might think.

While I won’t be hooking up lightning arrestors or trying to resurrect the dead in my garage any time soon, I’m growing more and more confident that our Native American friends and their ancestors have this one right.  The argument that all matter is alive and conscious does make sense to me—and I do like the thought of consciousness existing in many forms not typically acknowledged by our limited human understanding.

In the end, I guess it’s just one more of those things that makes you go, “Hmmm…”



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2 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: It’s Alive!

  1. It makes sense to me. The creator is EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this one with me. I do agree with it. It does inspire a deep respect for Mother Nature, doesn’t it?
    Also, to be picky, scientists do not classify a virus as a living thing. Now isn’t that interesting?
    This website scientifically discusses why viruses are not considered alive by science’s definition. However, they aren’t exactly dead by definition either. They are in a weird little category of its own.

    Apart from that debate, I think it is beautiful to see everything alive in its own right!

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