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Remembering Infinity: Sharing is Caring


Sharing is easy—and when you share, it always feels good!

Sharing is easy—and when you share, it always feels good!

Sometimes, when I was young and my cousins and I would be squabbling over a treat of some kind, my grandmother would interject and say, “All right now…it always tastes better when you share!” Whether we’re talking chocolates, bread, or life itself, she was absolutely correct. Any time we give unselfishly (and isn’t that what the spirit of sharing is all about?) we show another person or being that we care enough about them that we’re willing to do with less of something good for ourselves.

Sharing is better, because it creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. The simple act of offering something to another soul creates an opportunity for peaceful exchange, companionship, and, perhaps, even a lifelong friendship. In sliding over on a bus seat to make room for a fellow traveler for example, the seed may be planted for pleasant conversation in which common interests or relations are discovered. Before long, both people part ways with a grateful smile and a friendly wave. Through the “Ripple Effect”, even those around them may benefit from this pleasant exchange—and through its example, many may be able to enjoy a more positive start to the day.

One of the great things about sharing is that it’s easy—and anyone can do it! We may easily share not just our food, but rides, newspapers, our homes, ourselves, our strengths, sunrises and sunsets, kind words, jokes—and even smiles. But the very best thing about sharing is that it just feels good to share something with another! By feeding the birds and wildlife in our yard, for example, my wife is not only able to enjoy their colors, antics, and song, she’s able to appreciate the feeling that she is helping make their lives better and easier.

So now, I try to teach my teenage son the value of sharing—although it may not quite be the way my grandmother did. When I see him returning to his room from a trip to the kitchen with a bag of chips or candy, I always take the opportunity to remind him as he passes by—“Hey! Whatcha got there? Don’t forget, it always tastes better when you share!”



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  1. I agree now give me that spoon! LOL That looks really yummy! 😀

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