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Remembering Infinity: Transcending Limits


I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound just yet, but who knows what the future may bring?

I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound just yet, but who knows what miracles tomorrow may bring?

Note:  I usually try to limit my posts to one or two per week, but something is urging me to put this one out a bit ahead of time…so here it is anyway!

One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced over the past few years has been a newfound ability to move past the limitations of worry and fear. In the not so distant past, global conflict, the poisoning and pillaging of our Earth and its natural resources, economic collapse, and natural disaster were among my greatest concerns. After several years of being heavily weighed down by my responsibility for my own survival—as well as that of my family, I finally reached a tipping point. I’d finally had enough of the drama, the distractions, and the “doom and gloom” scenarios with which I’d become so obsessed.

While I’ve always had an interest in the metaphysical side of things—and a profound curiosity about our true nature, after being forced to take a good, hard look at my perceived mortality, I realized the issue wasn’t one of survival. It was an issue of spiritual awakening and awareness instead. Amazingly, it took the negative focus, concern, and fear of struggle and death to urge me into a re-examination of my true purpose in life. Through this reconsideration, I discovered that I had a choice. I could continue living under the dense, heavy control of these lower thoughts and emotions—or I could transcend them by embracing a new, more positive way of looking at things.

My shift in focus reminded me that this life is only temporary. It’s just a small part of our overall experience. Since consciousness is eternal and doesn’t die when our physical body dies, there’s no need to worry about survival! Once I’d managed to set myself free from that limitation (and it’s quite a significant one, I’m sure you’ll agree), my focus naturally shifted toward the discovery of my true purpose for being here—at this particular place and time.

I soon began spending a great deal of time—as much as I possibly could, delving deeply into the topics of spirituality and metaphysics. I researched thousands of articles and videos on the internet, ordered and read dozens of books, and watched scores of DVDs and recorded documentaries. These all brought me to a much greater understanding of myself and our true nature as Human Beings.

I now spend dedicated time each day, quietly seeking my own personal connection to “Higher Self” (as I suggest in my post, “Finding Peace”). As a result, I’ve been amazed to see the affects in my personal life—and indeed, the “external world”. With my greater understanding of self and our collective reality, I’ve worked my way through and resolved a number of long-held and negative beliefs, ideas, and habits (for more information and suggestions, see my post “Spirit Anchors”). I’ve also found a number of creative ways through which I may do my part to bring about constructive change—in fact, one of the ways I hope to accomplish this is through the writing of this blog.

While I’m still working diligently at self-improvement and there’s a great deal of work left to do on all fronts, I AM energized and encouraged by my progress thus far. I’ve managed to transcend many of my own limitations and I now know that those remaining only do so on borrowed time. I’ve learned that the only limitations I face are the ones I’ve either placed upon myself or the ones I’ve allowed others to place on me. I also know that if I can overcome just one of these limitations, I have the ability to overcome all of them.

To be completely honest, I may not be quite ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound right at this exact moment—but as I often say, “Anything is Possible!”—and who knows what miracles tomorrow may bring?



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8 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Transcending Limits

  1. What an absolutely fantastic read my friend. I fully relate to so much of what you have shared here and have a true understanding of your words. When we find ourselves worrying and wondering about things that we have no control over, it steals so much of our precious time. What we do have control over is our way of thinking and the choices we make. Being “here” in the physical sense is such a small drop in the ocean when compared to the abundance of the “more”. Isn’t the power within ourselves amazing when we actually realize the choices we have, and in doing so, we take away the negative power of those who try (and often succeed) in bringing us down?!?
    You are soooo right my friend in regards to your statement and YES…if you can overcome one limitation…you can conquer them all! Bravo Stargazer!! And yes…ANYTHING is possible! The door to tomorrow is just waiting to be opened! I like your thoughts! 😉 Namaste

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    • Thank you, Matthew! Very well said. You’re quite right about the power of choice, but I have a feeling that’s only the beginning. As we learn more about ourselves, I think we’ll be AMAZED at the things we’re able to do–once we remember that we can do them (and HOW to do them, of course)! 🙂

      The door is definitely there…let’s all open it together, shall we? 🙂

      May countless blessings be yours today, tomorrow, and always!


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  2. I just love your strength and positivity that radiates from you in this post 🙂 Reading it reminded me that many years a go i stopped watching the news etc because worrying about the things you’ve mentioned, was keeping me in a bad place all the time, things going on in the world were overwhelming and i felt totally useless because i felt unable to do anything. I’m guessing you are an empath as you are able to pick up on others pain? Starting my spiritual journey taught me that there are things i can do for the world as a whole, by meditating, sending out love to the world, meditating for world peace etc. I think you are right in that it isn’t about survival at all, it is about spiritual awakening and awareness. That’s one of the things i love about your blog, you are bringing this awareness forward to so many and hopefully in turn that will bring about their own spiritual awakening
    Much love to you 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for the very kind words! I’m not sure if I’m an empath exactly, but I do think I feel things at a very deep level–perhaps more than others. For example, I saw a photo of a mother squirrel carrying her baby into a nest yesterday and had one of those “Awwwwwwwwwww…” moments, like everyone does, but I thought about the unconditional love those two creatures share for each other and it warmed my heart all day. I don’t know who else does that, so maybe I am an empath! 🙂

      I have to say, I’m so grateful to know people like you who’ve awakened and are on their own spiritual journeys. I think many of us tend to feel so alone on that road–and to be reminded that there are so many others on a similar path is such a wonderful thing! It feels so good to connect with others of like mind and to share thoughts and ideas–so thanks for sharing yours!

      {{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}} 🙂


  3. I love this! There is so much here! I’ve been on this quest for about 7 year little by little I’m getting there! I love the way you share and how it’s a deep lenrning experience! 😄

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  4. Nice post! People all over the world are waking up and starting to embrace life. Indeed, it is a choice between love and fear or “life” and fear!

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