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Remembering Infinity: Let’s Get to Work!


As the gardener will do with the garden, when we nurture, tend, and share our special talents with others—everyone may enjoy them!

As the gardener will do with the garden, when we nurture, tend, and share our special talents with others—everyone may enjoy them!

In a prior post, “Time to Wake Up!”, I suggested that it was time for mankind to awaken. It was time to choose. It was time to change. It was time to focus on the things that are truly important! While some may be “awakening” to the Truth that we are spiritual beings and our purpose here is much more than they may have previously thought, they may also be a bit confused. Some may be thinking, “OK, I’m awake—so now what?” Or, “What exactly is it that I’m supposed to be doing?” Or, “What can I do to help?”

I know how they—or perhaps even you, must feel, because I’ve been there myself. I’ve asked myself the same questions and found a few answers. So if you’re asking these or similar questions, perhaps these ideas might provide you with a good starting point.

The first thing I did after “awakening” was to begin exploring and informing myself. I let “chance” (or synchronicity) lead me to a variety of information sources—whether they were books, videos, websites, people, or situations. Once I cared enough to truly look past the surface, I found that many seemingly “chance” events were closely related to the topics I was studying and actually helped reinforce some important lessons. During my exploration, I did my best to maintain an open mind and accepted the information that resonated with me—that is, what I felt was true at a deeper “heart” level. I didn’t just decide using logic or intellect, I trusted what felt right, deep within.

Once I began to gain a better understanding of my own Truth, I decided I needed to figure out what to actually do with this new knowledge. One of the most important things, I’ve found, is to simply be you and do the things that you seem to inspire you the most! Where is your passion? What do you truly enjoy doing? In all likelihood, the activity to which you feel most drawn, that thing you would most like to do, deep down inside, is what you are meant to do. As famed mythologist, Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss!” In doing what you enjoy most, you may discover happiness—and by sharing your gifts with others, you help others find their happiness too. In this new, positive environment that you help create, everyone benefits!

For me, throughout most of my lifetime, my passion has been in creating. Whether it was through model-making, sketching things and doodling, taking photographs, or writing, I have always felt a strong inner drive to design and create with my heart and hands. Most recently, this desire has manifested itself through this blog.

So whatever your special interests, talents, or desires may be, treat them as living things—the wonderful, positive energies that they are. Dream them. Conceive them. Plant them. Nurture them—and most of all, love, appreciate, and share them! Just as the gardener who sows tiny black seeds into the Earth will one day appreciate the colorful swaths of flowers in bloom, perhaps we (and others) may one day enjoy the brilliance of your own efforts.

And there’s only one way to make certain that happens, isn’t there? That’s right, we just have to do it! So why are you still sitting there? Let’s get to work!



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7 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Let’s Get to Work!

  1. Great article Stargazer! I think a lot of people are in that situation of thinking “what now”, so it’s really great you are addressing that. I keep getting that exact phrase/question in my head recently and have been writing down what is important to me. It is time and really time to start paying attention to the things that really matter and excite us, and at the same time starting to let go of the things that don’t. Great to have found you site 🙂 With love, Sharon

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  2. Awesome post my friend! I missed reading your wisdom while I was away. 🙂

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  3. Extremely good post. Awakening is what the soul longs for. Hugs, Barbara

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