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Remembering Infinity: Clouds


What are clouds, if not remarkable, Divine creations?

What are clouds, if not remarkable, Divine creations?

As I was seeking inspiration for a new post, I happened to look up at the cloud-filled sky and my mind began to wander (as if that’s never happened before). As I watched several thin, high, wispy “cirrus” clouds drifting by, it occurred to me that clouds might be a good topic to discuss. I quickly disregarded the thought, however. After all, aren’t clouds a bit “off-topic” for this blog?

At that very moment, what I suppose must have been my “Higher Self” chimed in with a gentle thought. “What are clouds,” the subtle thought whispered, “if not remarkable, Divine ceations?” Hmmm. Good point. “Aren’t clouds considered by many to be a gateway to the Angelic Realms, if not representative of Heaven itself? Surely that’s an appropriate topic for a column on spiritual awakening.” The words seemed to come from nowhere. I almost laughed. Another excellent point! I conceded to the logic and it was thus that this post was born.

Honestly, I really can’t get enough of clouds. I appreciate their many forms and moods, their spectacular color and light at sunrise and sunset, as well as their breathtaking, mighty displays as they flash and rumble angrily on a stormy might. Their cool, shady shadows arriving unexpectedly on a hot summer day, their gentle, life-giving rains, and their colorful rainbows all endear us to their humble presence. Clouds have inspired the works of countless artists—in fact, music, paintings, and prose have glorified and praised them for thousands of years. What young child hasn’t looked skyward to laugh and point in amazement at some imaginary cloud animal? And what adult, at some time in their life, hasn’t lazily stretched out on the grass to watch giant, wooly cloud-sheep grazing contentedly on a field of the most heavenly blue?

Even today, I take occasional pauses during the day to take note of the sky’s beauty. I often step outdoors at sunrise and sunset to see clouds at their most magnificent—cast ablaze in their rose, amber, and lavender hues. Everything seems so vibrant and alive in their color and light. As I ponder the nature of these wonderful, shape-shifting beings, it’s nearly impossible for me comprehend the fact that the actual condensed weight of some clouds could easily be measured in the millions of tons!

Quite clearly, clouds are miracles of creation. In fact, it’s almost a certainty that life itself wouldn’t be possible without them—and it would certainly be much less beautiful. Therefore, I’ve decided that I’ll never take them for granted. So the next time you’re held in awe of a cloud, why not offer a quick thought or prayer of thanks? I’m always glad when I do!



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4 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Clouds

  1. A beautiful post! What blessings surround us when eyes are open and in sync with the heart, universe and Spirit. Every single day that we are gifted, we are gifted with amazing treasures. I’m with you on the “cloud watching”…as well as whispering a word of thanks. May each of your days be filled with beauty and unending peace. ~Matthew

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  2. Thanks, so much for the visit and kind words, Matthew! With such a wonderful world, it’s hard to miss the beauty around us. Peace can be a bit more of a challenge! Have a wonderful day. 🙂


  3. How did this gorgeous article escape my eyes on the reader feed? Thank you for your awe-inspiring words… and I love it that you keep your head in the clouds… and your gaze on the stars! 🙂

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