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Remembering Infinity: On Beads and Timelines


Whenever we make a significant choice and change direction in life, we move our consciousness to a new timeline—or a new “string” of possibilities.

Whenever we make a significant choice and change direction in life, we shift our consciousness to a new timeline—or a new “string” of possibilities.

One of the concepts I’ve had a difficult time grasping has been the theory that multiple realities exist in a vast sea of potential outcomes—and the idea that we can consciously change our reality by accessing new timelines (sometimes referred to as “Quantum Shifting”). Multiple realities? Timelines? Quantum Shifting? Hmmmm. Now there’s a stretch for our mental boundaries. And then I had an epiphany. Beads were the key! Yes, beads. I suppose I’d better explain.

When I was a kid growing up, I witnessed a fair amount of the Love and Peace Movement many have grown to equate with the “Hippies” or “Flower Children” of the 1960’s. While I was too young to be directly involved, I do recall some of San Francisco’s “Summer of Love” in 1967. In addition to having a psychedelic bus parked on the block near our apartment (reminiscent of the one from the Partridge Family television show), we had a nice couple living upstairs in our building who, while they may not have been actual “Hippies”, seemed rather sympathetic to the whole “Age of Aquarius” vibe. Both had long hair, went barefoot much of the time, and wore beads. He played the guitar and she made candles. Lots and lots of candles. Now I realize it seems as if I’m straying from the topic here—after all, what on earth do Hippies have to do with timelines and “timeline shifting”?

Well, believe it or not, it’s the beads. Some of you may not have been around long enough to remember them firsthand, but if you’ve ever watched any 60’s movies, you’re bound to have seen at least one instance where there were a whole bunch of stringed beads hanging from the top of a doorway. Those were apparently a “thing” back then. As I was trying to conceptualize timelines and how we might navigate them, it occurred to me in a flash of inspiration that these strands were a perfect way to understand them.

So let’s imagine that these beaded strings are all possible realities for us to experience. Each string is a timeline that represents the present moment at the top and a potential future outcome at the bottom. The beads are all possible key events or experiences. Places where the beads from different strands (or timelines) touch are choice-points—places where we may be faced with a decision to do one thing or another. All these timelines exist at the same time and some hold experiences we’d like to have—ones like health, love, and happiness. Others may have experiences we’d rather avoid.

Now let’s imagine ourselves as a drop of water in the upper left hand corner of our doorway. We slide down to the first bead on the first string and have our first experience—whatever that may be. Naturally, water flows by gravity and it tends to take the path of least resistance—so in this case we continue sliding straight down. That’s our default path or timeline. If we make absolutely no changes in direction through our choices, we will eventually wind up at the bottom of this same string, having experienced only those things that were presented to us along the way. A good example of this kind of path might be childhood—where we have very little choice in our life direction and are merely passive observers.

Now consider that the bottom of all the other strands are the potential places where change and our choices may take us. If we use our Intention and Free Will, we may use choice-points (places where adjacent beads or experiences touch) to shift ourselves from one timeline to another. For example, let’s imagine we’re flowing down one timeline or string of experiences and we have a choice as to whether we keep our same job or take a different one. If we decide to keep our same job, we would continue on, straight down the same timeline until a new choice-point appears. If we change jobs however, we suddenly overcome the status quo and shift ourselves over to a new strand of possibilities. We’re now on a new timeline with an entirely new set of potential experiences that didn’t exist on the other strand. We may consider these new experiences to be good or bad as they present themselves, but in either case our direction is driven by the choices we make. Therefore, we can decide to simply “go with the flow” or we can decide to try out a new set of possibilities on an entirely different timeline.

So that’s how I finally made sense of timelines—and how our expression of free will works with them to form our life’s experience. Beads and Hippies. Wow. Whoever would have thought it would take some obscure experience from the 60’s to understand something of such cosmological importance?

Universe certainly does work in strange ways!



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7 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: On Beads and Timelines

  1. Brilliantly thought-provoking, nostalgic… soul-stirring. I love your writings! 😀

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  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it! You just made my day. 🙂

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  3. I must agree with the previous comment…simply Brilliant! And such an interesting way of explaining too! Isn’t this life of ours amazing and so full of magical ways of just BEing! Everyday choices holds a key for us to use in unlocking so much more! Blessings to you my friend! ~Matthew

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  4. Thanks, Matthew! You’re so right about the magic of life. I just finished watching the latest episode of “America Unearthed”, about the search for the Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona. It struck me that life is very much like a treasure hunt. We’re constantly searching for the “Mother Lode” with tantalizing clues scattered along the way. It’s such an exciting journey and I’m so glad we’re all able to share in it together. 🙂


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  6. So my life is a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.
    Thank you for writing this. It is beautifully written & very inspiring.


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