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Remembering Infinity: One is an Infinite Number


Are we just random individuals floating around the emptiness of space on a big, round, wet rock? Image Credit: NASA

Are we just random individuals floating around the emptiness of space on a big, round, wet rock?
Image Credit: NASA

So, we’ve probably all heard the phrase “We are One” bandied about quite often, particularly where so-called “New Age” thinking and concepts are concerned. But what does that really mean? And, honestly, how is that even possible? After all, I end where my skin ends and you end where your skin ends. If we really were “One”, as so many seem to believe, we’d all have to share the same skin—and wouldn’t that be a circus?

Hmmmmm. That could be viewed as wrong on so many levels—so maybe we’d better set circuses aside for a moment. Now I think most would agree that, with relatively few exceptions, each of us is one, singular being. It’s generally accepted that there’s only one person, one soul, or one personality assigned to each physical body. Most of us would also agree that our physical bodies are made up of a vast collection of cells—all kinds of cells. Blood cells, nerve cells, bone cells, and so many more. If we were to look at each cell as a tiny, individual organism or “being” within your being, then all of them, and you, together, form a single collective being. Right? Right. I guess you’re probably still with me so far, but this may be the point that I begin to lose some of you.

Be that as it may, what if we expand our thinking just a bit and consider our planet, Earth, and her entire ecosystem in much the same way? What if we were to see Earth as a single, collective being—just as we are? If all of us (human beings, that is) and all other living things—trees, plants, and other creatures, are the individual “cells” that make up her physical ecosystems, then our Earth may be easily perceived as a much larger collective being. In other words, Earth is her own living, conscious being—and we are simply a part of her.

Many ancient religions and esoteric beliefs teach the axiom, “As above, so below”. This simply means that the same principles apply as much on the grander scale as they do on the smaller. If we follow this template, we may expand our line of thinking to include planetary and solar systems, galaxies, universes, and beyond. And, since we’ve considered the macrocosm (all the beings larger than us) we must also consider the microcosm—that is, all beings that are much smaller than us. These would include cells, molecules, atoms, and the tiniest quantum particles of course—as well as unseen energetic forces.

Once we begin perceiving all things as being equal, interconnected, and interdependent aspects of the same Universal Being, the answer seems quite obvious to me. We aren’t just random individuals floating around the emptiness of space on a big, round, wet rock. We are all, big and small, a part of One Infinite Being.

I would even go so far as to suggest that, once we are all able to truly see one another as One, then maybe—just maybe, we may begin accepting and loving one another more. Perhaps this is the very idea we need to embrace in order to begin healing ourselves, our species, and our world. And isn’t that a wonderful vision for the future?



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5 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: One is an Infinite Number

  1. I can tell you have put a lot if thought into this. I marvel at how larger shapes can be found in the tiniest. When looking at photos from a microscope, they sonetimes look like everday objects. The same thing can happen in looking at telescope images.

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    • Thanks for the visit and the like! We certainly do live in a marvelous world…full of mysteries and wonders, no matter where we turn! 🙂

      Countless blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year!



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  3. Beautifully written! Thank you!

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