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Remembering Infinity: Well Wishes and “Divine Fairy Dust”


I think it’s rather fun to picture well wishes as “Divine Fairy Dust”.

It’s rather fun to picture well wishes as “Divine Fairy Dust”.

Over the last few years of my spiritual journey, I’ve become increasingly aware of my old ways of thinking and past “mental programming”—and I’m almost ashamed to admit all the unwanted habits I’ve developed over the last fifty-odd years. I say “almost”, because I now understand that I’m a human being and human beings are “Perfectly Imperfect”.

I also understand that, to truly fix an unwanted habit, one must first admit that they have one. How do I know I have such a habit? I know because I often catch myself thinking negative, limiting, and judgmental thoughts. But now when I notice that I’m having these thoughts, I see them as opportunities for constructive change—and I work hard to transform them into something that is instead positive, empowering, or constructive.

Now, each time I catch myself forming an unwanted thought or judging someone else for their outward appearance, behavior, or even their perceived lack of consciousness, I remind myself that they are on their own journey of self-discovery, just as I AM. I remind myself that they are a Divine Aspect of All That Is, just as I AM. And finally, I remind myself that they are as deserving of compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance as I AM—just the way they are.

Once I’ve had an opportunity to see them in this new light, I offer them a silent blessing of Unconditional Love and wish them well. In fact, I often imagine them as being on the business end of a magic wand, getting heavily showered with what I like to think of as “Divine Fairy Dust”. I know it sounds rather ridiculous, but the visualization always makes me smile—and it makes it much easier to forgive myself for thinking poorly about or judging another self.

So as you read this, I hope you don’t mind being doused with a rather liberal supply of that “Divine Fairy Dust” too. After all, I wish each of you all the very best—of everything!



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8 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Well Wishes and “Divine Fairy Dust”

  1. You could have been channeling ME here… I resonate with every word and everything behind the words! And once again… my eyes got watery… now how do you do that? 😉

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  2. Reblogged this on 5D Ascension Now!.

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  3. Now we have a whole new year to work on ourselves and finally come together to take back our world and return it to light. Have a happy and stay safe….VK

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  4. Hello there! Me too I catch myself doing the same and am trying to be mindful of it! Beautiful post! Blessing to you in 2015! (✿◠‿◠✿)MichelleMarie


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