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Remembering Infinity: Taking Back Our Power


We are, as wildflowers in a field, beautiful, unique, and sovereign aspects of All That Is.

We are, as wildflowers in a field, beautiful, unique, and sovereign aspects of All That Is.

A post from another blog, “Behind the White Coat” by Victo Dolore, got me thinking about authority—and how so many of us have learned to give so much of our power away to others.  In her blog post entitled “Big Butts”, Dr. Dolore considers the natural characteristics of our human bodies that many perceive to be flaws and asks the question, “Who gets to decide what is pretty and what isn’t?”

It immediately occurred to me that we’ve allowed society, industry, government, and so many others to make those kinds of decisions for us. Their nearly impossible standards of “perfection” always leave us wanting—and willing to pay quite handsomely for more.  Unfortunately, we’ve all been taught that we’re less than perfect.  We’re constantly and subtly being told that we’re sub-par—that, no matter how hard we may try, we’ll never quite be good enough.  We must always look to someone else to love us, heal us, protect us, “save” us, and even judge or approve of us.  I don’t remember giving my “vote” away to anyone else.  How is it that someone else gets to decide for me what’s beautiful, what’s necessary, or even what’s morally right?

As I thought about the issue, I realized that the roots of my own behavior patterns, quite naturally, began when I was a child—at a time when my parents, teachers, and other “authorities” knew a great deal more about life and living than I did.  At that time, I had no choice but to accept their viewpoints and submit to their wills.  If I didn’t, I either wouldn’t get the things I wanted (usually food, toys, or love and attention) or I’d suffer some form of punishment and disapproval instead.

I became so accustomed to pleasing others that this behavioral pattern became the template for my success.  In our judgmental, hierarchal, and close-minded society I quickly learned that, where my personal advancement or acceptance was concerned, conformity was everything.  At home and school, in church, and eventually in the workplace, this lesson was only reinforced.  I learned, little by little, that I often needed to sacrifice my individuality, curiosity, and even personal values for the sake of a class grade, a relationship, my immortal salvation, or a paycheck.  Sad as it is to say, every time I allowed my consent, my voice, or personal power of choice to slip away, there was some person, some institution, or some other “authority” there who was ready, able, and more than willing to take it.

While I greatly understand and appreciate the need for human beings—and indeed, all God’s creatures to respect, accept, and work cooperatively with one another, none is above any other and all are entitled to their own Free Will choices and voice.  I’ve discovered that each is a unique wonderful expression of our Divine Creator and that each should be free to express itself as such (so long as it doesn’t harm or violate the Free Will choices of another).

I don’t know about you or anyone else, but I’m through letting others speak and act for me.  I’ve had more than enough of letting someone else decide what’s “best” for me.  Only I get to do that. I AM a sovereign being in my own right and I AM the only master of my destiny.  We are already powerful, resilient, and sovereign beings—we’re just not allowed to remember this because those in power wish to selfishly keep that knowledge for themselves.

So who gets to decide what anything is? I do. You do. We each and all do. I hereby cancel any and all “proxy votes” I may have unwittingly surrendered and I’m now standing tall in the brilliant Light of Truth—the Truth that we are, as One, beautiful, unique, and sovereign aspects of All That Is.

Oh…and while some may try, don’t let anyone convince you that you’re anything less!



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7 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Taking Back Our Power

  1. First, thank you for the mention! Second, this is a marvelous post. Bravo!!! 🙂

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  2. Wonderful post! A huge part of the timeline of Oneness that we will be moving onto soon, is sovereignty. So important. You reminded me of a sweet, literally , ritual i did, to take back my power. I think I’ll write about it on my blog. Thanks so much!

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  3. Yeah!!!!! 😉

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  4. I think my non conforming adult children help me re-claim my right to be different, in spite of my fear based efforts to mold them into conforming just a bit more. They have nurtured the seeds I planted in them. They remind me of who I am. Lots of inspiration going on around here.

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