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Remembering Infinity: The “Cosmic Parfait”


Much as an ice cream parfait, Cosmic (or Universal) Consciousness is said to be separated into different layers.

Much as an ice cream parfait, Cosmic (or Universal) Consciousness is said to be separated into different layers.

Have you ever thought about the countless, amazing things that exist—just beyond the reach of our limited human senses? It’s proven fact that many such hidden worlds exist. X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, and radio wave technology provide us with glimpses of some of them every day—but these are just the beginning. In the infinite field of all possibility parallel universes, alternate realities, and multiple dimensions are said to occupy much the same space we do. But how is this possible?

Many esoteric schools of thought consider the existence of multiple dimensions—that is, layers of existence in which the occupants of each layer remain largely unaware of the others. Spiritually speaking, many believe these layers also represent steps along our evolutionary path. Each dimensional step upward represents an expansion of our experience, knowledge, and maturity—as well as our ability to perceive and comprehend the nature of the universe around us.

The Rosicrucians, for example, believe that there are seven Planes of Consciousness. As each individually conscious soul fragment (part of what we may think of as an individual person) reincarnates through lifetime after lifetime in each of these dimensions, its consciousness expands and it progresses. The planes are described as:






Demigod (Spirit); and,

God (Pure Spirit).

Put quite simply, a soul may have its first physical life experience as a very fundamental being with very limited awareness—a sentient being with a gas, liquid, or other very basic elemental or material body. This soul then advances through many experiences on the mineral, plant, and animal planes before it may incarnate as a human being. Finally, upon mastering the many lessons of humankind, the individual will eventually progress through higher realms as a being which some might refer to as a “Spirit Guide” or an “Ascended Master” (one who has attained much higher levels of spiritual knowledge—Jesus the Christ or the Buddha, for example). Once a soul has experienced everything it wishes and attains enlightenment, it returns to Source (what many may refer to or understand as “God”). In her groundbreaking work with clients under deep states of hypnosis, the late Dolores Cannon documented many communications with a Universal Subconscious or Super Consciousness that describes this same evolutionary process.

The layers of consciousness are described as being quite dense, dark, and most limited at the levels that are perceived to be the farthest away from Source*. As the soul evolves, each successive layer of existence becomes lighter, less dense, and less limited. In fact, many theories suggest that we, as eternal souls, once began our journey at the highest level where we once recognized ourselves as being One with Source. Wishing to experience all there was to experience however, we “separated” ourselves and took on necessary limitations in order to exist in these lower realms. This conscious choice provided us with the opportunity to feel separation, to learn, and to grow. In some religions, this separation is sometimes referred to as the “Fall of Man”, the “Fall from Grace”, or the “Original Sin”. Many also believe that many (if not all) of the human beings alive today are “old souls”—spiritual wanderers who have been working their way through these dimensions and back to Source for, quite literally, thousands of years. How’s that for a mind-bending idea?

To help better understand the concept, I like to envision these Planes of Consciousness as a dessert parfait with many different layers—all topped with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. Like a parfait, I imagine that each dimension or plane has its own unique characteristics and “flavor”. Of course, I love chocolate, but I’ve become tired of these dense, heavy, lower layers. Marked by their feelings of separation, survival, fear, and suffering, I’m envisioning and intending the next layers I experience to be much higher—with an abundance of Peace, Unity, Harmony, and Love. After all, what could possibly be better than the ethereal sweetness of that whipped cream on top? Or that beautiful cherry? I realize I may still have to put up with a few nuts along the way, but I suppose they’ll just add a little “texture” to the experience!

Hmmmm. It just so happens that there’s an ice cream parlor down the street and I’m strangely and suddenly in the mood for a decadent, frozen dessert. Huh. Yeah, like that’s anything new. Now where’d I put those darned car keys?



* While we may perceive these “darker” or “lower” levels to be further away and more separate from Source, it’s important to remember that all is Sourceincluding these. The separation and distance we feel is merely an illusion (as I discussed in my prior post, “The Illusion”).

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5 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: The “Cosmic Parfait”

  1. GREAT post! Aww, I knew Dolores Cannon had a car accident but I didn’t know she had passed away… Well, Happy Graduation for her… I’ll bet she is savoring a Cosmic Parfait this very Moment… and she didn’t even need those darned old car keys because it manifested before her (*poof!*) INSTANTLY! 😀

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  2. Reblogged this on 5D Ascension Now!.

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  3. Very interesting possibilities. I wonder if these planes of spiritual evolution and consciousness are not just limited to humans. Things I’ve read about whales and dolphins, for example, suggest they may have intelligence, spirituality and consciousness beyond what we can sense. I wonder if among non-human animals there could be similar progressions of the soul.

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    • As I understand the Rosicrucian teachings–and according to quite a few of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT accounts too, all living things appear to be included in the spiritual evolutionary process. It’s quite interesting to think that our souls may have at one time experienced life as a whale or dolphin! I think they (and domestic pets–because of their intelligence and closeness with humans) are at the top “edge” of the Animal Plane. That could mean that they’re next spiritual step might be as an “entry-level” human. 🙂 I have to admit it’s a very strange concept to most of our population, but it all seems to make a great deal of sense to me.

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