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Remembering Infinity: I AM. Are you?


Everything—All That Is, is God!

Everything—All That Is, is God!

I AM. Are You?

Many of the esoteric New Thought teachings from over a century ago speak about the “I AM Presence” and its importance in our spiritual understanding. In their expansive works, pioneering but controversial figures such as Madame Blavatsky, Guy Ballard, and William Walker Atkinson speak of the “Mighty I AM Presence”—that is, the individualized Presence of God that has been physically manifest in the form of every human being.

I know. Huh?   It took awhile before I could wrap my head around and fully accept the idea, but it simply means that we, each and every one of us, are God. We are God in physical form. But so, as I believe, is every star, every tree, every plant, every animal, and every tiny drop of water. As I mentioned in a previous post, “One is an Infinite Number”, we are all equal, interconnected, and interdependent aspects of the same Universal Being.  Therefore, everything—All That Is, is God. I think it’s safe to say that we couldn’t be any closer to Our Creator, even if we tried.

So yes, I AM. And yes, You Are. We all are! God, that is.

And isn’t that just wonderful?



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7 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: I AM. Are you?

  1. Love this. I argued with a Christian one time that told me I was a pagan to believe this that you are stating and I was stating then…One God and God is in everything.

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    • Everyone is certainly entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but this viewpoint does make the most sense to me.

      The farther along in life I go, the less attention I try to pay to “labels”. Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Baptist, or any of the other labels don’t seem as important to me anymore. We’re all just human beings on our own spiritual journeys, looking for our own Truth.

      I’m grateful that we have the freedom to choose our own paths and opportunities like this to freely share our own views and ideas. That’s how we learn and grow–individually and as a species!


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  2. Every star, tree, plant, animal, drop of water is God, resonates with me, as I feel all creation is part of God.

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  3. I AM smiling! 🙂

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