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Remembering Infinity: The Magic of Music


What would our world be like without the magic of music?

What would our world be like without the magic of music?

What is it about music that stirs the soul? With its varied beats, rhythms, and tempos, music allows human beings to share an emotion, a feeling, or even an energy with so many others. It’s expressive. It’s creative. It’s timeless—and it’s universal. Even those who are unable to hear it may still appreciate its movements, its mood, and its vibration.

Well -executed music isn’t just a smattering of symbols and lines on paper or a wanton riot of sounds blasting from a variety of instruments either—it’s a beautifully expressive reflection of the creative soul who composed it. It’s the flowing precision of notes, chords, and tones from a skilled symphony. It’s the harmonious blend of human voices lifted in song. It’s even the driving energy of a garage rock band. Music inspires us to be even greater than we are and it invites us enjoy the richness of every living moment!

When we hear old, familiar songs, music remembers. When we’re driven to tears by life, music soothes. When we close our eyes and feel the chills running through our bodies, music thrills. Music brings movies to life. It welcomes. It blesses. It heals. And it drives us to action. Music is the dancer, the companion, and the lover. Music tells the stories of our history, cultures, beliefs, and even our dreams.

Even Nature has her music. There is the roar of the ocean in a sea shell or the song of birds on the wing. Waterfalls, rain, and the rush of waves against the shore are the perfect accompaniments to a sunset. The flickering earthward plunge of lightning, as the Grand Conductor’s baton, summons forth a resounding crash of thunder. The hiss of damp wood and the whisper of sparks drifting skyward from a campfire serve as a fanfare to the stars. The rhythmic hoot of an owl, the sigh of the wind in the trees, and even the mournful voice of a wolf are nocturnes on a moonlit night. All these—and so many more sounds compose the songs of Life that we so love to experience.

So consider, if you will for a moment, all the music in your life and imagine what life might be without it. Then quietly give thanks for all the composers, performers, and sounds that add so much to our Life’s experience. Music is their gift—and there are few greater.

So to all who labor to bring forth the musical expressions of their souls, I say, bravo, Maestro!  I AM humbled by your artful works…and I thank you!



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9 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: The Magic of Music

  1. This resonates to my soul… just like music 🙂 Thank you Stargazer for sharing the music of YOUR beautiful soul! 😀

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  2. Lovely post. Music has been my passion since I started creating songs at age 2. I’ve had entire concerts fill my dreams, from beginning to end. I have missed my guitar while being on the road so long but know music will play a much more involved part of my life in the future. I used to teach creative music and movement to children, from ages 2 1/2 – 8, and my focus was to help them experience that everyone has a song to share, a dance to dance, and you don’t need to be a professional to do so 🙂


  3. I played a few chords on the guitar ever since high school. Then in my late 40s a joined a church music team and learned a lot more chords and started singing in front of people, after years of singing just to myself and kids. Music, in all it’s forms, has brought dependable joy and comfort to my life. It’s so cool that you get the magic of music.

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  4. Good post. Also consider giving thanks that you can still hear it as well. For many who lose their hearing, missing music is one of the most painful aspects.

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    • Absolutely! You are so right. Hearing, sight, smell, and ALL the senses are such precious gifts and they should definitely be appreciated–every moment of every day.

      Thanks for the kind words and the visit! Come back any time!




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