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Remembering Infinity: The Earth is our Home!


This beautiful field could be cluttered with trash, but it’s not. It’s beautiful because people chose to do the responsible thing—they didn’t litter here!

This beautiful field could be cluttered with trash, but it’s not. It’s beautiful because people chose to do the responsible thing—they didn’t litter here!

On this Earth Day, 2015, it’s critical that we all understand the effect we human beings have on our environment and do what we can, both individually and collectively, to support our Earth—for she is not just our home, she truly is our Mother.  Indeed, we too often lose sight of the fact that we depend upon her and her health for our very survival!  Our physical bodies are made from her natural elements, she provides us with oxygen to breathe, water to drink, and food to sustain us.  To deplete our natural resources and poison our own environment is ultimately to destroy ourselves.

That’s why I’m deeply grateful every time I see someone doing the right thing and acting responsibly instead of littering—that is, cleaning up after themselves, recycling, and depositing trash where it belongs, in a trash can. Unfortunately there are far too many people who don’t. They carelessly and selfishly toss their trash away anywhere, either leaving it for someone else to clean up or, even worse, just allowing it to pollute our environment and harm our wild neighbors.

I see irresponsible people dropping cigarette butts and wrappers everywhere, discarding their fast food containers in parking lots, allowing their plastic bags to blow away and collect on fences, and shoving piles of yard debris out onto our rural byways. Our waterways are clogged with clutter, our parks are defaced with graffiti, and our neighborhoods are plastered with signs promoting businesses, candidates for office, yard sales, and even rooting for teams in local sporting events.

It’s easy to feel angry, depressed, or disgusted when we see how little others care for or respect their neighbors and the world we all share but, in the end, that doesn’t solve anything. Instead, I’m learning to feel compassion for and forgive those who litter—for they don’t understand how their thoughtless acts and attitudes only harm themselves in the long run. They don’t understand that they will eventually learn, perhaps through karma, that their actions have consequences. Finally, they don’t understand how intertwined all life is—and that to harm others by littering or polluting is to ultimately harm oneself.

So now, when I start to feel disturbed by someone’s careless or disrespectful behavior, I try to remind myself that this life experience is only temporary. I try to remember that those responsible will one day be held to answer for their actions—and I’m grateful for the fact that I AM conscious enough that I may choose to behave differently. Then, if I’m able to help resolve the problem by picking up the trash and disposing of it properly myself, I do so. I consider it just one more opportunity to serve others and make a positive difference in the world. Otherwise, I offer the situation a silent blessing, forgive those responsible, and move on with a greater appreciation for the unique beauty of our Earth. Many times, I also envision myself in a more perfect world—one in which everyone truly appreciates one another and cares for our environment. It’s a world where nature is pure, unspoiled, and even more beautiful than it ever has been. And a dream like that really shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve if we are all willing to work together.

Now, if it just so happens that you are a “litterbug”, then please choose not to be! Just because we may be loved and forgiven by our Creator and others doesn’t mean there are no consequences for our choices and actions. In the end, we must all be held accountable for the things we do. So the next time we have a choice, let’s all make the best choice to do the right and responsible thing.  Let’s be sure to put trash where it belongs.  The Earth will thank you.  Your neighbors will thank you.  I will thank you.

There’s no doubt about it—when we take just a moment to make the right choices in life, everyone wins!



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10 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: The Earth is our Home!

  1. It baffles me how people do not understand what they do when they litter, when they pollute. But you are correct in that it is a lack of understanding rather than a deliberate intended to do harm. We have many choices about where we put our trash, and what kind of trash we create, like ordering something that comes in paper or recyclable plastic, instead of Styrofoam, then recycling the plastic or paper. Thank you for writing this post. Happy Earth Day! I love your vision.

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  2. Wonderful post my dear friend. Happy Earth Day to you! Abundant peace and blessings to you. ~Matthew

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  3. Love to our Mother. Holding the vision of ALL connecting to the inner hearts, for those who truly love themselves feel Oneness, with all Life, and see, feel and act with loving care to all. Namaste. ❤

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    When you AWAKE there is no remembering.
    That itself is INFINITY!
    That itself is Nature !!
    That itself is UNIVERSAL SELF !!!
    Right now I follow YOU for making me remember to AWAKE !

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  5. I don’t think it’s always a case of not understanding. Some people simply don’t care. Karma is nice but if we are dead, then it’s not going to help us now. The biggest polluters are government and big business who are in bed together and don’t care about anything but money. Get people to boycott those who pay fines instead of cleaning up their acts, get government to do something about their greed and power mongering, rather than protecting the environment and every living being. That’s the place to start. Targeting individuals is, of course, necessary, but Big Business and Government is MAJOR when it comes to what’s happening to our planet and to us. It’s all about MONEY and greed. You can get 22,000 in our stadium to watch the Hawks win the Cup but you can’t get 20 together to stop violence against women and children or to stop water, air, land pollution. It doesn’t make sense but that’s exactly what’s happening. We have to target the people who are destroying our way of life and that means going to those who have money and power to keep on dumping poison into our oceans, air and water. That’s not the guy next-door. We can concentrate on them when the bad guys are stopped. We have a recycling program in our neighborhood and everyone participates. If programs are set in place people will comply. We put our bins out once a week and everything is picked up at the curb. It was an immediate success. People are easy. Big Business and the Government are not.

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    • Great points, and I agree 100%! Thanks for the visit and the comment. 🙂



      • We have been taught to BLAME OURSELVES and not look at where the real problem comes from. That is done on purpose but it’s time to look behind the curtain before it’s too late. GOVERNMENT, THE RICH AND BIG BUSINESS ARE KILLING US. Those are the people we need to stop. Thank you for addressing this incredibly important topic. It’s truly a matter of life and death.

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