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Remembering Infinity: Blank Pages


The fresh, blank page or canvas in front of you isn’t the insurmountable challenge you may think it is.

The fresh, blank page or canvas in front of you isn’t the insurmountable challenge you may think it is.

This post is dedicated to my friend, “Bookworm”.  May she find the inspiration she needs to become the next great sci-fi/fantasy author!

Blogging has been an interesting experience for me.  Through the discovery of many like-minded people here at WordPress and other blog providers, I’ve had the opportunity to explore, learn, and express myself through the simple exchange of thoughts and ideas over the Internet.  I’m consistently amazed by the inspiring creativity of others—and it’s wonderful to be able to engage people from all over the world in such a constructive and meaningful way.  While I’ve only been blogging for a short time, I’ve come to know a number of truly special people and I’m grateful to find that I consider so many to be my friends.

Now that I think of it, I can remember as a child, when my mom would write long letters to her “pen pals”.  These were long-distance acquaintances with whom she would exchange letters or photos in the mail.  Many of her pen pals lived thousands of miles away—in other parts of the United States and sometimes even in other parts of the world.  Back in those days, a letter could take at least a week or two to make its one-way trip, so correspondence was extremely slow by today’s standards.  Many now take instant electronic communication for granted, since that is all they’ve ever known, but I can truly appreciate the speed with which we may all stay in touch today.

While our modern communication methods are indeed terrific, I’ve found that blogging does have its challenges.  The one I seem to be facing lately, I like to call “Blank Page Syndrome”.  While this affliction may be better known as “Writer’s Block”, the challenge is still the same no matter what one may call it.  As much as I may want to write, I’ll sit down, pencil and pad in hand (yes, I still write my drafts the old-fashioned, low-tech way) and stare at those smug, blank pages.  I’ll typically begin to write with hesitation, sometimes a sentence or two, perhaps even a paragraph, then I’ll find that I’m completely dissatisfied with what I’ve written.  I’ll try again and again, often in fits and starts, only to wind up with two or three pages of eraser-scrubbed, lined-out gibberish.   Many times, I tear the pages off my pad, crumple them up, and toss them away in frustration and self-disgust.  How can it be that, at some times, the words flow forth with ease and fluency—and other times not so much, if at all?

So to my online blogging friends and the faithful few who follow “Remembering Infinity”, please know that I’m still here, reading and appreciating your creative posts, commenting and supporting where I can, and seeking inspiration wherever it may be found.  I’m not letting “Blank Page Syndrome” get me down, for I’m sure that many others experience it too—and I’m sure it’s only a temporary phase for all of us who are so afflicted.  I simply take it as a sign that my focus is meant to be elsewhere for the time being and work on some of the many other things that seem to require my attention.

If you’re a fellow blogger or an aspiring author and you find yourself staring at empty pages or a vacant computer screen as I’ve been doing lately, take heart.  Know that you’re in good company and you’re not alone.  There are lots of us out here in a similar situation and state of mind.  So don’t be discouraged…and above all, don’t give up! For this too shall pass. The fresh, blank page or canvas in front of you isn’t the insurmountable challenge you may think it is.  Just consider it to be the birthplace of the world’s next great masterpiece—and get started on it!  Before you know it, you may be surprised to find that the words have begun flowing through your pencil, pen, or your keyboard with the force and momentum of a mighty river.

Hey, would you look at that? I think I may have finally written something that’s worth sharing.  Will wonders never cease?  I suppose I’d better get this posted right away—before those pesky second thoughts get in my way!

With Love,


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16 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Blank Pages

  1. Very well written for writer’s block! And BW will be flattered by this. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


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  2. What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing. As another regularly irregular poster, I can relate. I just post when I’m guided to do so.

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  3. Well-done. I have been through the darkness of blogger block and made it to the other side. Browsing blogs and finding a post like this helps. Peace.

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  4. No writers block here 🙂 VK

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  5. Ah, now I see! Thank you! 🙂



  6. It’s so good to read your thoughts. I wonder if you are too critical of your work – the words you crumple up and throw away, but I also like the idea of posting when you feel like it. Sometimes other things do need our attention.

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  7. Bonjour

    Il existe dans chaque coeur un petit tiroir secret

    Chacun y cache ses petits bonheurs

    Dans le mien brille cette étincelle

    Qui est ton amitié

    Au delà de cette porte de mon cœur

    S’ouvre un monde de tendresse rempli de bonheur

    Tes mots lors de tes passages sont plein de chaleur ,de gentillesse

    Par la pensée

    Chaque fois tes écrits sont un rayon de soleil

    Je te souhaite une excellente fin de journée

    Suivie d’une douce nuit étoilée

    Merci pour les messages

    Bise amicale


    Bon week-End de TOUSSAINT

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    • For those who don’t speak French, I thought I would share the translation of Bernard’s WONDERFUL comment in English (the translation is courtesy of Google Translate):


      It exists in every heart a little secret drawer

      Everyone hides their little pleasures

      In mine that spark shines

      Who is your friendship

      Beyond this door of my heart

      Opens a world of tenderness filled with happiness

      Your words during your passages are full of warmth, kindness

      By thought

      Whenever your writings are a ray of sunshine

      I wish you a great end of the day

      Followed by a gentle starry night

      Thank you for the messages

      Friendly kiss


      Good weekend End TOUSSAINT

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    • Bonjour, Bernard!

      Qu’est-ce un commentaire merveilleux et très gentil. Merci beaucoup! Vous avez l’âme d’un poète et je suis honoré de vous faire visiter mon blog.

      S’il vous plaît sentir libre pour visiter à tout moment. Je me réjouis de notre prochaine réunion et, jusque-là, peut être vous bénis avec beaucoup de paix, de santé et de bonheur!

      Avec amour,


      And the English translation:

      Hello, Bernard!

      What a wonderful and very kind comment. Thank you so much! You have the soul of a poet and I’m honored to have you visit my blog.

      Please feel free to visit any time. I’ll look forward to our next meeting and, until then, may you be blessed with much peace, health, and happiness!

      With Love,



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