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Remembering Infinity: Traveling Light


Don’t let yesterday’s suffering, worries, or regrets keep you from soaring among the stars!

Rise above the past.  Don’t let yesterday’s suffering, worries, or regrets keep you from soaring among the stars!

I think it’s interesting how our childhood experiences have such an impact on how we perceive and react to things so much later in life, don’t you? The state of our environment in those early years has so much to do with our perspectives, our temperament, and our ways of dealing and coping with life.

In a recent post I wrote about how “different” I felt from other kids growing up. One of the differences seemed to be that I was always quite sensitive to the feelings of others—as well as my own. If one of my classmates was angry, sad, or afraid of something, I immediately related myself to their situation and almost felt their emotions myself. If I saw someone who was ill or injured, I seemed to feel at least some of their depression or pain. And if I saw someone suffering from abuse or the loss of a loved one, I somehow felt I was experiencing their suffering or grief—whether they were a stranger or not.

Whenever I felt emotions of my own, I’ve always tended to feel those quite deeply too. Growing up rather unhappily as an only child in a dysfunctional family (until a new sibling arrived some years later), I would often wallow in my own miserable silence for hours—or sometimes even days. With few constructive examples available to help teach me otherwise, I eventually learned to develop and rely on my own inner strengths to carry me through such challenging times.

I never fully realized that these feelings were so much of a problem or made such a difference until quite recently, when I began my journey of spiritual discovery in earnest. After reading a number of articles from other “sensitive” people who shared similar experiences, many things finally began to make sense to me. Like me, many of these people not only naturally “picked up on” others’ emotions and state of mind, they actually felt them in some manner. I even found out that there is a term used to describe those who have such experiences—they are said to be “empathic”.

To some, this may not be such an important revelation, but it made a great deal of difference to me. I realized that many of the feelings or stresses I had felt for years may not have even been entirely my own! I suddenly understood that, with some diligent effort at changing my own habits, I could eventually learn to separate my own emotional “baggage” from that of the people around me. This new understanding and a newfound ability to resolve and release my own stresses has allowed me to find much greater personal freedom, a growing sense of self-acceptance, and much needed inner peace.

So if you find yourself suddenly feeling a growing sense of tension, anger, fear, or any other strong emotion for no apparent reason, it could very well be that you are “empathic”. And if that’s the case, it means that you can learn to lighten your emotional load too. All it really takes is an understanding of the dynamics, a willingness to identify the possible sources of disharmony in your life, and an intention to let go of the emotions that don’t really belong to you. In this way it becomes much, much easier to focus on and resolve the issues that really are yours!

It’s amazing to see how much emotional baggage we can wind up carrying through the years. Sadly, many never truly understand quite how much—and they are burdened with it their entire lives. I’ve decided that, when my time comes to depart this world for the next, I’ll be traveling light.

After all, how can one’s soul ever hope to soar among the stars when it’s held down by the weight of yesterday’s suffering, worries, and regrets?

Love Always,


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10 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Traveling Light

  1. Great post. I am an empath, too, and it can be a challenging path.

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  3. Been there done that! I know exactly what you are talking about. It is not an easy cross to bear. It does feel good though when we finally open new doors within that begin to explain our whys and hows….That happened for me not long ago when I finally understood that all of the very complicated parts of my life have come about through my anxiety disorder…It was a relief to finally be able to put a name to what I was going through. I hope you adjust to it all and find ways to not let others invade your space. It is not always easy. Whenever I am in a big crowd or a dept store type place I always hold my purse in front of my solar plexus to keep other people’s feeling away from me….Give it a try….Hang in there….VK ❤

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    • Thanks, VK! I’m adjusting just fine, although it’s a never-ending job having to get rid of all those pesky habits and mental “programming”.

      When I start feeling unusual emotions that don’t seem to be my own, I’ve started imagining myself “grounding” to Earth, being immersed in Spirit, and beaming a healing energy to all who may need/desire it. I like to think of it as a transmuting of energy from negative to either positive or more neutral/balanced.

      In any case, simply knowing about the issue and an effective coping mechanism is a huge step forward!

      Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful suggestions!

      Love Always,

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. I am in total agreement with you Stargazer.. The baggage we carry around builds up right from childhood.. And yes, its often not our own.. We can pick up energies and feelings of other people, I too am empathic and have to detach at times to physically clear my aura and energies that are crowding in..
    You would think by now I would have learnt, but because we Care, we open our selves up to emotions, and its via these that we collect the debris and residue of others..
    If I did not ground myself, barefoot often in my garden.. or walk and work in nature.. I know I would be much worse physically than I am..
    Understanding too that our pains and aches often caused by stress and the attachments we have built up not only in this life time but in past ones as well.. Has shown me just how many layers we have overshadowing us..

    I cleanse regularly, I use Qi Gong to bring in more energy and deep breathing to help the flow of energy throughout my body..

    Only recently have I had to go back to basics in meditation.. ( I got complacent and lapsed my routine so Spirit let me know as my body began again to protest )

    Since I took time out for myself to rejuvenate and replenish .. I feel much brighter and stronger mentally..
    There are so many factors which are affecting us today.. Not only the collective, Consciousness, but the planets, and the vibrational frequency changes which are affecting us all.. Including solar flares etc..

    It was lovely to catch this post today.. Late I know in arriving..
    Much love and take care.. and keep up the good work of travelling Light and working for it..
    ❤ Sue xxx

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  5. Thanks for the likes my friend.. ❤ have a good weekend

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  6. At first I was sorry that it took me so long to find this post. But now, I realize that I read it exactly when I needed it. And when I was ready. Sometimes, I’ve found myself wanting to shut down from other people to keep from being overwhelmed by their emotions, that on the surface did not seem that intense. Telling myself, “That doesn’t belong to me.” and “I don’t have to fix it,” will be additional tools. I might have known this, but just learned it at a deeper level. Thank you! It’s nice to not be alone!

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    Stargazer provides a helpful explanation of being sensitive and empathic and ways to take care of ourselves.


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