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Remembering Infinity: All Lives Matter

All are loved beyond measure--even the tiniest house finch.

All are loved beyond measure–even the tiniest house finch.

Several days ago, I had the privilege of rescuing a tiny young house finch whose feet and legs had become tightly bound together by several strands from her own nest. She had been flapping her wings in a desperate attempt to escape for quite some time and was hopelessly trapped, a dozen or so feet above the ground, under some solar panels where I work.

As soon as I heard about the bird’s predicament, I knew I had to help. I borrowed a tall ladder and soon found myself perched rather shakily at the top, sweating in near 100-degree heat. It was no easy task—trying to free her gently without causing her further injury.  Her little legs were crusted with dried blood and a part of one of her wings was rubbed raw by her struggles, but she fought bravely against her unforgiving bonds and me as well.

Working to free her, I was impressed by her incredible will to survive.  As I felt her frantic heart pounding wildly against my hand, I suddenly felt an intense Love and Compassion for this small, seemingly insignificant creature.  I was instantly and profoundly humbled, for she had reminded me that the gift of life should be cherished—in all its many forms.  It occurred to me that this is an important lesson many human beings must still not understand, for so many of us still continue to harm one another (and so many other of Nature’s creatures too).

While I carefully pulled the nest apart and gazed into this little bird’s frightened black eyes, I thought about the reasons so many humans seem to have such little respect for life. I came to realize that, in many ways, this callous disregard is just a dark shadow from some very old and clearly outdated ways of thinking and reacting. For thousands of years, mankind has somehow come to see itself as being completely separate from everything else. Like this little bird, from our earliest roots the drive to survive has taught us to be suspicious or even hostile to those who are not familiar to us.

In our troubled human history, it hasn’t been unusual at all to see new neighbors fear, compete with, and even kill one another—simply because they perceived themselves as being different from one another. Unfortunately, even those with close familial ties had (and still have) no guarantees. Those who’ve had disabilities, behaved differently, or somehow failed to meet “cultural standards” were often ridiculed, beaten, shunned from society, or even killed. In some situations, this habit of discrimination may have been seen as a way to limit the spread of illness or disease, but in far more cases these primitive fears and their resulting brutality were completely unnecessary and utterly baseless.

As shards of glass will scatter when a window pane is dropped upon a hard surface, humanity itself has become shattered. And, while the human population has grown, so it seems have our differences.  Tribes became clans, clans became villages, villages became cities, and cities became states and nations.  Instead of seeing our differences as beautiful and unique expressions of Creation and accepting them as such, we continued to cling to our old, familiar biases.  Today, people allow themselves to be eternally divided by their own beliefs and allegiances.  When we aren’t divided by national origin, language, or culture, then we’re divided by race, skin color, religious belief, or political philosophy. If these differences aren’t enough, we divide ourselves by age, physical appearance, sexual orientation, and gender.  We’re even judged and segregated by the kind of cars we drive, the brands of clothing we wear, the sports teams and celebrities we worship, and the type of “smart phones” or technology over which we obsess.  And the lists of things that separate us just goes on and on…

To make matters worse, recent tensions between some members of our community and the police have led to even greater divisiveness.  Resulting slogans of “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” seem only to have fanned the flames of conflict, as do claims that the phrase, “All Lives Matter” somehow disrespects or minimizes the feelings of those who are suffering from the violence on both sides of the issue.

Seriously, has it come to that? Have things gotten so bad that even those with the utmost respect for life are now vilified and attacked for their Compassion?

I would suggest that if we are to evolve as a species, we must stop looking at one another through the myopic lenses of ignorance, prejudice, and fear.  At some point we must begin seeing each other as fellow travelers, all sharing a life together on this beautiful Earth home of ours.

It’s now well past time for us to wake up!  It’s time for us to end this insanity! It’s time for us to see that generations of insecurity, competition, and conflict have left us all struggling to find common ground and the understanding that, when it all comes down to it, we are all one race.  Differences are wonderful, of course, for they make us each stand out from one another–just as the individual grains of sand appear different upon a tropical beach. But in the end, we are One Tribe.  One world.   One people.  One Spirit.

It took a chance encounter with a small bird for me to fully understand that all are important.  All are equal.  And all are loved beyond measure—even the tiniest house finch.

So please…let’s learn something from the struggle of this little feathered creature.  Let us remember that all life is precious and irreplaceable, all life is sacred, and all lives truly matter.

With Love,


PS:  In the end, I was finally able to free this little bird and take her to a local wildlife facility for treatment.  Several days later, I was disappointed to learn that she didn’t survive her difficult ordeal. While I am saddened by her loss, I’m profoundly grateful to her for reminding me how wonderful, fleeting, and precious life is. And I’ll continue to honor her gift every each and every day by appreciating the Life Spirit in all things—no matter how great or small they may be.

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Remembering Infinity: I AM. Are you?

Everything—All That Is, is God!

Everything—All That Is, is God!

I AM. Are You?

Many of the esoteric New Thought teachings from over a century ago speak about the “I AM Presence” and its importance in our spiritual understanding. In their expansive works, pioneering but controversial figures such as Madame Blavatsky, Guy Ballard, and William Walker Atkinson speak of the “Mighty I AM Presence”—that is, the individualized Presence of God that has been physically manifest in the form of every human being.

I know. Huh?   It took awhile before I could wrap my head around and fully accept the idea, but it simply means that we, each and every one of us, are God. We are God in physical form. But so, as I believe, is every star, every tree, every plant, every animal, and every tiny drop of water. As I mentioned in a previous post, “One is an Infinite Number”, we are all equal, interconnected, and interdependent aspects of the same Universal Being.  Therefore, everything—All That Is, is God. I think it’s safe to say that we couldn’t be any closer to Our Creator, even if we tried.

So yes, I AM. And yes, You Are. We all are! God, that is.

And isn’t that just wonderful?



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Remembering Infinity: The “Cosmic Parfait”

Much as an ice cream parfait, Cosmic (or Universal) Consciousness is said to be separated into different layers.

Much as an ice cream parfait, Cosmic (or Universal) Consciousness is said to be separated into different layers.

Have you ever thought about the countless, amazing things that exist—just beyond the reach of our limited human senses? It’s proven fact that many such hidden worlds exist. X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, and radio wave technology provide us with glimpses of some of them every day—but these are just the beginning. In the infinite field of all possibility parallel universes, alternate realities, and multiple dimensions are said to occupy much the same space we do. But how is this possible?

Many esoteric schools of thought consider the existence of multiple dimensions—that is, layers of existence in which the occupants of each layer remain largely unaware of the others. Spiritually speaking, many believe these layers also represent steps along our evolutionary path. Each dimensional step upward represents an expansion of our experience, knowledge, and maturity—as well as our ability to perceive and comprehend the nature of the universe around us.

The Rosicrucians, for example, believe that there are seven Planes of Consciousness. As each individually conscious soul fragment (part of what we may think of as an individual person) reincarnates through lifetime after lifetime in each of these dimensions, its consciousness expands and it progresses. The planes are described as:






Demigod (Spirit); and,

God (Pure Spirit).

Put quite simply, a soul may have its first physical life experience as a very fundamental being with very limited awareness—a sentient being with a gas, liquid, or other very basic elemental or material body. This soul then advances through many experiences on the mineral, plant, and animal planes before it may incarnate as a human being. Finally, upon mastering the many lessons of humankind, the individual will eventually progress through higher realms as a being which some might refer to as a “Spirit Guide” or an “Ascended Master” (one who has attained much higher levels of spiritual knowledge—Jesus the Christ or the Buddha, for example). Once a soul has experienced everything it wishes and attains enlightenment, it returns to Source (what many may refer to or understand as “God”). In her groundbreaking work with clients under deep states of hypnosis, the late Dolores Cannon documented many communications with a Universal Subconscious or Super Consciousness that describes this same evolutionary process.

The layers of consciousness are described as being quite dense, dark, and most limited at the levels that are perceived to be the farthest away from Source*. As the soul evolves, each successive layer of existence becomes lighter, less dense, and less limited. In fact, many theories suggest that we, as eternal souls, once began our journey at the highest level where we once recognized ourselves as being One with Source. Wishing to experience all there was to experience however, we “separated” ourselves and took on necessary limitations in order to exist in these lower realms. This conscious choice provided us with the opportunity to feel separation, to learn, and to grow. In some religions, this separation is sometimes referred to as the “Fall of Man”, the “Fall from Grace”, or the “Original Sin”. Many also believe that many (if not all) of the human beings alive today are “old souls”—spiritual wanderers who have been working their way through these dimensions and back to Source for, quite literally, thousands of years. How’s that for a mind-bending idea?

To help better understand the concept, I like to envision these Planes of Consciousness as a dessert parfait with many different layers—all topped with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. Like a parfait, I imagine that each dimension or plane has its own unique characteristics and “flavor”. Of course, I love chocolate, but I’ve become tired of these dense, heavy, lower layers. Marked by their feelings of separation, survival, fear, and suffering, I’m envisioning and intending the next layers I experience to be much higher—with an abundance of Peace, Unity, Harmony, and Love. After all, what could possibly be better than the ethereal sweetness of that whipped cream on top? Or that beautiful cherry? I realize I may still have to put up with a few nuts along the way, but I suppose they’ll just add a little “texture” to the experience!

Hmmmm. It just so happens that there’s an ice cream parlor down the street and I’m strangely and suddenly in the mood for a decadent, frozen dessert. Huh. Yeah, like that’s anything new. Now where’d I put those darned car keys?



* While we may perceive these “darker” or “lower” levels to be further away and more separate from Source, it’s important to remember that all is Sourceincluding these. The separation and distance we feel is merely an illusion (as I discussed in my prior post, “The Illusion”).

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Remembering Infinity: Setting Your Intentions

A driver signals his or her intention to drive when he or she puts the car in gear.

A driver signals his or her intention to drive when he or she puts the car in gear.

There’s an old saying that states, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  I’m not quite sure how to interpret that, other than to consider that some attempts to do well for others aren’t successful or backfire—and as an unintended consequence, do more harm than good.  But seriously, is that quote meant to discourage us from trying to do good things?  Or is it merely trying to make us think twice before we “set” our intentions on something?  I certainly hope it’s the latter.

Intentions are powerful things.  In fact, setting one’s intention is probably the most powerful thing one can do, short of actually taking action.  I liken this to putting one’s car into gear before releasing the brake—it’s a conscious, focused action that lets your car know that you’ve decided to go somewhere and you’re ready to go.  At this point, the only thing that’s stopping you from acting on your desire is you. Once you take your foot off the brake, the intended action is free to take on a life of its own.  Just like our driver, once you set your intentions in motion, it’s usually best to have your hands on the wheel, your foot near the brake, and your wits about you—just in case the situation starts to take you someplace you’d rather not go.

But intention is much more than simply preparing you to go somewhere.  It also signals the Universe that you’ve made a mindful decision, you’re ready to accept responsibility for that decision, and you’re fully prepared to act upon it.  I’ve found that intention also adds power to a choice.  If one waffles about before making a lukewarm decision to do something, then finally moves forward in a half-hearted attempt to accomplish it, the results are likely to be far less impactful than someone who says, “By God, I’m going to do this—even if it kills me!” I think even you can feel the energy difference between those two approaches, simply by reading the words.

I’ve been learning to use the power of intention more and more each day—even when I’m not planning to take any immediate or specific action.  When I see something that I previously might have considered to be outside my “sphere of influence”, say a bombing in another country that’s halfway across the globe, I’ll mentally set my intention to live in a world of Peace and Harmony.  Or if I see a situation where deceit or corruption is evident, I set my intention to live in a world where Truth and Justice prevail.

At the minimum, by doing these things, I’m making it quite clear to myself and Universe what my Free Will choices are.  I’m also preparing myself spiritually and mentally, so that if I’m ever given an opportunity to act upon these choices, I will—and when I do, I’ll have the full force of my intentions behind me.  And that, in my opinion, is a winning combination!



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Remembering Infinity: One is an Infinite Number

Are we just random individuals floating around the emptiness of space on a big, round, wet rock? Image Credit: NASA

Are we just random individuals floating around the emptiness of space on a big, round, wet rock?
Image Credit: NASA

So, we’ve probably all heard the phrase “We are One” bandied about quite often, particularly where so-called “New Age” thinking and concepts are concerned. But what does that really mean? And, honestly, how is that even possible? After all, I end where my skin ends and you end where your skin ends. If we really were “One”, as so many seem to believe, we’d all have to share the same skin—and wouldn’t that be a circus?

Hmmmmm. That could be viewed as wrong on so many levels—so maybe we’d better set circuses aside for a moment. Now I think most would agree that, with relatively few exceptions, each of us is one, singular being. It’s generally accepted that there’s only one person, one soul, or one personality assigned to each physical body. Most of us would also agree that our physical bodies are made up of a vast collection of cells—all kinds of cells. Blood cells, nerve cells, bone cells, and so many more. If we were to look at each cell as a tiny, individual organism or “being” within your being, then all of them, and you, together, form a single collective being. Right? Right. I guess you’re probably still with me so far, but this may be the point that I begin to lose some of you.

Be that as it may, what if we expand our thinking just a bit and consider our planet, Earth, and her entire ecosystem in much the same way? What if we were to see Earth as a single, collective being—just as we are? If all of us (human beings, that is) and all other living things—trees, plants, and other creatures, are the individual “cells” that make up her physical ecosystems, then our Earth may be easily perceived as a much larger collective being. In other words, Earth is her own living, conscious being—and we are simply a part of her.

Many ancient religions and esoteric beliefs teach the axiom, “As above, so below”. This simply means that the same principles apply as much on the grander scale as they do on the smaller. If we follow this template, we may expand our line of thinking to include planetary and solar systems, galaxies, universes, and beyond. And, since we’ve considered the macrocosm (all the beings larger than us) we must also consider the microcosm—that is, all beings that are much smaller than us. These would include cells, molecules, atoms, and the tiniest quantum particles of course—as well as unseen energetic forces.

Once we begin perceiving all things as being equal, interconnected, and interdependent aspects of the same Universal Being, the answer seems quite obvious to me. We aren’t just random individuals floating around the emptiness of space on a big, round, wet rock. We are all, big and small, a part of One Infinite Being.

I would even go so far as to suggest that, once we are all able to truly see one another as One, then maybe—just maybe, we may begin accepting and loving one another more. Perhaps this is the very idea we need to embrace in order to begin healing ourselves, our species, and our world. And isn’t that a wonderful vision for the future?



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Remembering Infinity: Dear God…

Thank you, God--for everything!

Thank you, God–for everything!

Dear God–Our Infinite Creator,

This is just a quick note to say “thank you”—so much for, quite literally, everything!

You’ve given us such a wonderful world in which to live.  Our home, this magnificent planet we call “Earth”, is so full of life, variety, and beauty—from warm spring days to cool, star-filled nights; snow-capped mountains to soft, sandy beaches; and gentle rains to peaceful breezes.  Everything fills us with such joy and appreciation!

Thank you for the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. As we bask in and gaze in awe at their glorious, shifting pageants of light, we know that the days and nights, the tides, the seasons—and, indeed, our very lives depend upon their faithful and certain movement through precise cosmic cycles.

Thank you for the water that cleans us, soothes us, and quenches our thirst. Your clouds, rain, streams, lakes, and oceans ebb and flow in an eternally perfect rhythm that renews, refreshes, and sustains us.

Thank you for the plants and trees that shelter, shade, and provide us—not just with food to eat, but the oxygen we need to exist.

Thank you for the animals and other living creatures who have sacrificed all to nourish our bodies, as well as the ones who dwell in our wild places and neighborhoods—and especially those whom we’ve come to know as friends through their love, service, and faithful companionship.

Thank you for our friends, families, and fellow human beings, for it is through our relationships with them that we may learn, grow, and share in the richness of life.

Thank you for our wonderful bodies, with their ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and experience such a wide variety of emotions—for it is only through these special gifts that we may fully immerse ourselves in and appreciate, in its abundant glory, all the infinite wonders of our Universe.

Thank you for all the mysteries of life—in the seen and unseen, for it is only through these unknowns that we may explore, discover, express, and even create our own Truth.

Thank you for Joy.

Thank you for Mercy.

Thank you for Hope.

Thank you for Healing.

Thank you for Peace.

Most of all, thank you for Love.

While we appreciate the breadth of all experience, these are the miracles we hold most dearthose which we hold most closely to our hearts.

Thank you for Life itself.  It is only through Life that we have the ability to experience all the brilliant aspects of Self, “Higher Self”, and indeed, You—as the profoundly Grand Creator of All That Is.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you for You.  Without You and Your sharing of Your Experience, This Creationthis amazing, marvelous, stupendous, and infinitely grand, yet gracefully humble Gift, we simply would not exist at all.

In most faithful service to Your Light and Love, I AM Eternally Yours.

With profound Gratitude,


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Remembering Infinity: The Illusion

Each of us is a tiny, self-aware “spark” of the One Divine Consciousness and All That Is. (Original image credit:

Each of us is a tiny, self-aware “spark” of the One Divine Consciousness and All That Is.
(Original image credit:

I‘ve been giving quite a bit of thought lately to the nature of our reality—and the multitude of possibilities is certainly mind-boggling.  There are countless theories about literally everything under the sun—and despite volumes of material on every last detail, there is very little in the way of proof to support a clear understanding of our true origins, nature, and existence.  The concepts of multiple universes, multiple dimensions, quantum mechanics, extra-terrestrial life, time travel, and the illusory/holographic structure of the universe were all once considered to be in the realm of pure science fiction.  Today however, even mainstream science is beginning to find evidence that these ideas—and many more like them, are not only possible, they may indeed be fact.  I imagine it could take the next ten lifetimes for even the most dedicated of scholars to work their way through all this information—and I wonder if, even then, they could formulate an accurate picture of our nature and existence.

My present understanding is that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That is, we are not just the “flesh and blood” physical body that many of us seem to think we are. Despite all the confusion, distractions, and “white noise” of life, something deep inside keeps telling me that this is the key to reaching a true understanding of ourselves.  Our true essence, or consciousness, transcends physicality.  It is infinite.  It is eternal.  The largest part of our consciousness, what many consider to be our soul or “Higher Self”, actually co-exists at a much higher level of awareness than we are capable of perceiving–at least at this stage of our spiritual evolution.  In order to experience life in the physical, learn, and grow, this “Higher Self” created a much smaller “spark” of awareness and allowed it to feel separate from the Whole.  Each of us is such a spark.  Once our sparks became ensconced in a physical body, we simply forgot who and what we truly are.

Many refer to the barrier that keeps us from the fullness of this memory as the “Veil of Forgetfulness”.  Although we may feel physically separate and self-contained in this physical body, we are not—we remain a part of the Whole.  The energetic bonds that connect us are subtle and often difficult for our gross human senses to detect, but they allow us to feel an expanded sense of consciousness during meditation or prayer.  They also allow us to receive guidance or reassurance through both our lower “gut” instincts and our higher, more developed “conscience”.  When our physical bodies die, the limited aspect of consciousness that we perceive as “us” travels back through this barrier and returns to the higher realms of existence.  It is then integrated back into its Higher Self.  Once our consciousness returns to its Source, it gradually regains full knowledge of its true origin, nature, purpose, and identity.  As a result of this journey as “us” in the physical, the Higher Self expands—becoming that much richer and wiser for the experience.  Many so-called Near-Death Experiences (or NDEs) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) accounts describe this process in great detail and, indeed, many ancient religions embrace this philosophy as well.

After considering these concepts in some depth, it seems clear to me that the reality we are each experiencing now is, as many believe, an illusion.  It’s an illusion because it allows us to feel separate—when we are not.  It’s an illusion that hides from us our true identity, the completeness of our nature, and the fullness of our own experience and knowledge.  It’s an illusion that keeps us from remembering that, at some very high level, far beyond our current ability to comprehend, we—and everything else, are God.  This is the knowledge that’s been hidden from us from the very first moment we experienced this illusion—and it must be this way for, were it not so, how could God possibly experience anything new?  In thinking about the separation process, I realized that we, each and every one of us, are equally responsible—both individually and collectively, for the creation, expansion, and evolution of the entire Universe.  Every experience we have, every possibility we create, and every lesson we learn just adds to the ever-increasing data-stream that creates us and, indeed, All That Is.

Now if that doesn’t blow all the cobwebs out of your thinking cap, I just don’t know what will!



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