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Remembering Infinity: All Lives Matter

All are loved beyond measure--even the tiniest house finch.

All are loved beyond measure–even the tiniest house finch.

Several days ago, I had the privilege of rescuing a tiny young house finch whose feet and legs had become tightly bound together by several strands from her own nest. She had been flapping her wings in a desperate attempt to escape for quite some time and was hopelessly trapped, a dozen or so feet above the ground, under some solar panels where I work.

As soon as I heard about the bird’s predicament, I knew I had to help. I borrowed a tall ladder and soon found myself perched rather shakily at the top, sweating in near 100-degree heat. It was no easy task—trying to free her gently without causing her further injury.  Her little legs were crusted with dried blood and a part of one of her wings was rubbed raw by her struggles, but she fought bravely against her unforgiving bonds and me as well.

Working to free her, I was impressed by her incredible will to survive.  As I felt her frantic heart pounding wildly against my hand, I suddenly felt an intense Love and Compassion for this small, seemingly insignificant creature.  I was instantly and profoundly humbled, for she had reminded me that the gift of life should be cherished—in all its many forms.  It occurred to me that this is an important lesson many human beings must still not understand, for so many of us still continue to harm one another (and so many other of Nature’s creatures too).

While I carefully pulled the nest apart and gazed into this little bird’s frightened black eyes, I thought about the reasons so many humans seem to have such little respect for life. I came to realize that, in many ways, this callous disregard is just a dark shadow from some very old and clearly outdated ways of thinking and reacting. For thousands of years, mankind has somehow come to see itself as being completely separate from everything else. Like this little bird, from our earliest roots the drive to survive has taught us to be suspicious or even hostile to those who are not familiar to us.

In our troubled human history, it hasn’t been unusual at all to see new neighbors fear, compete with, and even kill one another—simply because they perceived themselves as being different from one another. Unfortunately, even those with close familial ties had (and still have) no guarantees. Those who’ve had disabilities, behaved differently, or somehow failed to meet “cultural standards” were often ridiculed, beaten, shunned from society, or even killed. In some situations, this habit of discrimination may have been seen as a way to limit the spread of illness or disease, but in far more cases these primitive fears and their resulting brutality were completely unnecessary and utterly baseless.

As shards of glass will scatter when a window pane is dropped upon a hard surface, humanity itself has become shattered. And, while the human population has grown, so it seems have our differences.  Tribes became clans, clans became villages, villages became cities, and cities became states and nations.  Instead of seeing our differences as beautiful and unique expressions of Creation and accepting them as such, we continued to cling to our old, familiar biases.  Today, people allow themselves to be eternally divided by their own beliefs and allegiances.  When we aren’t divided by national origin, language, or culture, then we’re divided by race, skin color, religious belief, or political philosophy. If these differences aren’t enough, we divide ourselves by age, physical appearance, sexual orientation, and gender.  We’re even judged and segregated by the kind of cars we drive, the brands of clothing we wear, the sports teams and celebrities we worship, and the type of “smart phones” or technology over which we obsess.  And the lists of things that separate us just goes on and on…

To make matters worse, recent tensions between some members of our community and the police have led to even greater divisiveness.  Resulting slogans of “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” seem only to have fanned the flames of conflict, as do claims that the phrase, “All Lives Matter” somehow disrespects or minimizes the feelings of those who are suffering from the violence on both sides of the issue.

Seriously, has it come to that? Have things gotten so bad that even those with the utmost respect for life are now vilified and attacked for their Compassion?

I would suggest that if we are to evolve as a species, we must stop looking at one another through the myopic lenses of ignorance, prejudice, and fear.  At some point we must begin seeing each other as fellow travelers, all sharing a life together on this beautiful Earth home of ours.

It’s now well past time for us to wake up!  It’s time for us to end this insanity! It’s time for us to see that generations of insecurity, competition, and conflict have left us all struggling to find common ground and the understanding that, when it all comes down to it, we are all one race.  Differences are wonderful, of course, for they make us each stand out from one another–just as the individual grains of sand appear different upon a tropical beach. But in the end, we are One Tribe.  One world.   One people.  One Spirit.

It took a chance encounter with a small bird for me to fully understand that all are important.  All are equal.  And all are loved beyond measure—even the tiniest house finch.

So please…let’s learn something from the struggle of this little feathered creature.  Let us remember that all life is precious and irreplaceable, all life is sacred, and all lives truly matter.

With Love,


PS:  In the end, I was finally able to free this little bird and take her to a local wildlife facility for treatment.  Several days later, I was disappointed to learn that she didn’t survive her difficult ordeal. While I am saddened by her loss, I’m profoundly grateful to her for reminding me how wonderful, fleeting, and precious life is. And I’ll continue to honor her gift every each and every day by appreciating the Life Spirit in all things—no matter how great or small they may be.

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Remembering Infinity: Thank You!

Thank you to all my readers!

   Thanks so very much to all of you!

Upon my return from a recent “break” from writing, I was amazed to discover that my one-year anniversary with WordPress had come and gone.   I could hardly believe that much time had passed since I had written my first post!  As I looked back on that time, it occurred to me how much my life had changed for the better.  I felt extremely humbled and grateful for these changes—and indeed, for all of you.  For you are the ones who have made this experience possible and I consider you all to be a part of my “online family”.

Several years ago, when I began my search for “eternal” Truth in earnest,  I often thought about many of my loved ones who had passed away—grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.  It seemed that with nearly every new discovery I made, I’d recall one of them and wish they were still here in physical form.  I missed being able to call, drop by, or take some time over lunch just to talk with them about all the wonderful things I was learning.  I desperately missed having the opportunity to sound them out—to find out what they thought about things.  It also struck me as being quite sad that so many of the past stories, ideas, and observations they once shared with me were already lost to the ravages of time and my fallible, human memory.

It was then that I began to write what I thought would be a collection of my own thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for living.  My intent was to one day share these with my son, perhaps in book form, so he’d have some remembrance—something that he and perhaps even his children could hold in their hands.  Something so they could read what I had experienced or pondered and written in my own words.

It never occurred to me that such thoughts might have a broader appeal or generate any interest at all from anyone outside my family, until an online acquaintance commented that she greatly appreciated a number of thoughts I had expressed in some emails.  She suggested that I share them with others by starting my own blog.  Since I had been following a number of websites and blogs myself, the concept wasn’t exactly foreign to me—but I hadn’t given much thought to developing one of my own.

As with most other things, once I decided to give “blogging” a try, I dove headlong into the project.  I was amazed at how quickly things seemed to come together—the theme, the focus, the graphics, and my overall vision for what I hoped to accomplish.  I was doubly amazed at the wonderful response and outpouring of encouragement and support I received from so many others—people I didn’t even know!  In the brief period since July of 2014, I’m so pleased to find that I’ve not simply attracted folks who are interested in my writing, I’ve actually made friends.

This morning it occurred to me that I should do something to commemorate the first anniversary of my blog.  So today I wanted to thank you, each and every one of you, for visiting, sharing your very kind words of encouragement, your ratings, “follows”, and “likes”—and most especially for sharing a part of your life with me.  I’m deeply honored and grateful that you’ve decided to spend some of your valuable time here.

As we move on to a new year here at Remembering Infinity, please know that I intend only the very best for each of you and that I deeply appreciate and look forward to your continued sharing.  May you find all the Peace, Love, and Light your heart can hold—and as we move along Life’s path together, know that I am always right there with you in Spirit, every step of the way!

With Love,


PS:  And to my wonderful soul friend Grace (from Amethyst Road and The Earth Plan) who convinced me to give this “blog thing” a try, from the bottom of heart I offer you my most profound gratitude.  This post is especially for you!

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Remembering Infinity: What Time Is It?

Just like you, this moment is unique and special!

Just like you, this moment is unique and special!

ACK!! What time is it?? Am I late?

I’m sure you’ve all been there before. You find yourself in shock and near panic at the sudden, startling discovery that you’ve:

  • Overslept;
  • Lost all track of time;
  • Forgotten about an important appointment, meeting, or class; or,
  • All of the above.

Wide-eyed, with your heart racing madly and pounding its way through your chest, you dig through your pockets, purse, or backpack for a watch, phone, or sundial—anything to tell you how fast you’ll have to go to get where you’re supposed to be or how profusely you’ll have to apologize once you finally do get there. Unable to find a timepiece nearby, you dash away to find the nearest clock and scramble for a plausible excuse…

But wait!

This isn’t one of those times! You’re right here, reading these words. Your hair probably isn’t on fire. The sky most likely isn’t falling around you. And you apparently have nothing more important you need to be doing right this minute, or you wouldn’t be here. Right? So just relax.

What time is it?

Eh, who cares?

The time is NOW. Stop. Close your eyes and breathe. Fully embrace who and what you are in this remarkable and magnificent moment. Just like you, this moment is unique. It’s special. It will never be repeated again. So for this briefest moment in time, give yourself a mental “hug” and just be.

Now smile.


Because you’re appreciated and loved, that’s why!

Oh, and feel free to repeat as needed.  Any time…any time at all!



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Remembering Infinity: “Stealth” Rainbows

I like to think of those brilliant and surprising patches of color in the sky as “stealth” rainbows.

I like to think of those brilliant and surprising patches of color in the sky as “stealth” rainbows.

I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a sky watcher at heart (and a “Stargazer” as my pen name suggests). As such, throughout my day I frequently catch my thoughts—and attention drifting skyward. Before I know it, I find myself admiring the lazy circles of a hawk in flight, billowing cloud castles, or the golden rays of sunshine streaking through the firmament.

My wife apparently knows this quite well, for several weeks ago I was supposed to meet her for an appointment after work.  The sky was absolutely gorgeous as I left—and I was so captivated by the shifting light and clouds that I completely forgot I was supposed to be somewhere.  I drove up to a nearby park to shoot some photos and wasn’t reminded of my prior obligation until my phone “blew up” with text messages wondering where I had gone.  When I finally arrived, quite late for the meeting and profuse with apologies, my wife lightheartedly accused me of “chasing rainbows and moonbeams”.  I’m very grateful that she and our tax preparer have such a forgiving nature—and a cheerful sense of humor!

It’s strange, but I have been noticing a lot of rainbows lately—and not the usual kinds, either. I certainly expect to see these brilliant arcs of color on rainy days or in some settings, such as Hawai’i, where water and light frolic among the clouds and waterfalls. But in the relatively dry climate where I live, rainbows are a typically rare occurrence. In the past few months however, I’ve been seeing what I like to think of as “stealth” rainbows—and I don’t recall seeing these much, if at all, before. I’ll be going about, ostensibly minding my own business, and I’ll suddenly glance up to see a brilliant patch of shimmering color all by itself in the sky!  Sometimes they’re subtle, but other times the colors just seem to jump out at me from nowhere—like the ones in the accompanying photo. I was actually on my way to work one morning when I saw this amazing streak of color. I was so impressed I just had to pull over, grab my camera, and snap its picture.

Since then it seems, I’ve seen dozens of these sneaky little critters. I’ve seen them in the morning, in the afternoon, at sunset—and sometimes even at night, when they seem to shimmer and dance around a full moon.  No matter where or when I see them, they’re all breathtakingly beautiful. Personally, I love the whimsical idea that rainbows are sylphs, or nymph-like, living beings that inhabit the Earth’s atmosphere.

Each time I see one, I’m reminded of the story of Noah’s Ark, in which God is said to have created the rainbow as a sign of His covenant with all living creatures.  At that time, so the story goes, He promised that He would never again destroy the Earth by flood. Even though I no longer believe in the angry, vengeful God of the Old Testament, I do recognize the rainbow as a rare and wonderful gift of Nature and All That Is. Rainbows are presents of light and color, where each wonderful hue is individually represented and expressed—yet all blend together to form one brilliant masterpiece. I see rainbows as signs, symbols, and reminders of the loving bridge that connects us all with one another and with Source. It reminds me that we are eternally One in essence and in spirit.

About the same time I began seeing these wonderful signs, I was delighted to learn that many others were witnessing them too. Rather synchronistically, several photos of some truly spectacular, rainbow-hued ice halos cropped up on the Internet. One such scene in Red River, New Mexico, was described as having a total of eight different types of atmospheric phenomena present.  Any one of these was, in and of itself, acknowledged by experts as being quite rare. How is it then, that eight could be present, all in the same place and at the same time? The odds of that happening must have been astronomical! I just can’t allow myself to believe that these magnificent, even magical occurrences can be simply explained away as random, pragmatic events. To me, they are all harbingers of a bright and brilliant new time, one in which such glorious beauty will become customary—and it is therefore all the more appreciated.

So the next time you see a rainbow, whether it may be “stealth” or otherwise, why not take a moment to pause and admire its beauty? You might find it more than a bit comforting to consider it, as I do, a gentle reminder that Our Creator loves us all—deeply and unconditionally. Period.

With profound Love and Respect,


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Remembering Infinity: Who Am I, Really?

Life is a never-ending gift—full of mysteries to ponder and worlds to explore.

Life is a never-ending gift—full of mysteries to ponder and worlds to explore.

By all outward appearances, I seem to know who I am. I’m a regular guy and I lead what most would consider a pretty regular life. I go to work every day, return home to my family each night, and take care of some of the daily chores that need to be done around the house (but not all of them, as my wife will sometimes remind me). I probably have many of the same fears, hopes, dreams, and personal “hang-ups” that many others have. But when I look at myself in a mirror, I just have to wonder—is what I see truly all there is?

As far back as I can remember, perhaps even to my youngest memories of childhood, I’ve always felt as if I was not just the physical “me” I saw in a mirror. I’ve had this strange feeling that I was something much, much more. It always seemed that the biggest part of me was somehow kept hidden and locked away, somewhere just beyond my reach.

I’ve also always felt that I was here to do, participate in, or at the very least experience something of epic importance. This particular feeling always came with an odd sense of excitement—an anticipation for something upon which I could never really place my finger and something for which I have no logical explanation. It’s a feeling not unlike a child might experience on the evening before his or her birthday, Christmas, or the last day of school—just before the start of summer vacation. It’s like I’ve been expecting something really great to happen, but I’ve no idea what it is or when it’s supposed to occur!

In a way, I guess I’ve come to think of life itself as a never-ending gift. Each time I open a splendidly wrapped aspect of self and begin to understand it, I find another carefully wrapped package inside—another new mystery for me to ponder and explore.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know myself quite a bit better as a spiritual being—not just a mortal being in a rather average human body. I’ve also become more and more convinced that I’m a volunteer. I somehow know that I chose to be here at this particular time in Earth’s history—perhaps, as many others similarly believe, to participate in our planet’s ascension as it moves to higher realms of consciousness or a higher dimension.

Whatever the case may be, I deeply appreciate being in this place, at this time, and in this particular “self”. I can’t help but feel that I’m “on the beam” (as my grandmother used to say) and following the best path for my own spiritual evolution. I still don’t know exactly who or what I AM, I suppose—because I’m still very much a work in progress. But I somehow know that I AM getting there, moment by moment, step by step, and day by day. And, after all, isn’t that what this miraculous journey called life is all about?



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Remembering Infinity: Fall

For me, fall is a time of introspection and reflection.

For me, fall is a time of introspection and reflection.

Fall has always been my dad’s favorite time of the year.  The brilliant blaze of color as leaves are set aflame, shadows lengthening in the softening sunlight, and the savory taste of wood smoke in the crisp, cool air are all signs that another summer has passed and winter is on the way.

For me, fall is a time of introspection and reflection.  I often feel compelled to pause, enjoy the beauty of the present moment, and appreciate the graceful, eternal currents of time and change as they flow smoothly by.  At such times, I typically find myself drawn to rivers, ponds, or lakes—all places where still water abides.  As I watch the sun shimmer, glint, and dance across the surface, I know the water is being softly stirred by life—one gentle ripple at a time.

Before long, I find myself mesmerized, immersed, and seemingly at one with the reflections of sky and the magnificent autumnal hues of red, orange, and yellow.  My mind wanders back through the events of the past year, back through those of years past, and often to the wonder of lives past—for I’ve grown increasingly certain that I’ve known these too.

In quiet solitude, I think about relationships gained and lost, lessons learned, and the many things I’ve left to accomplish before the essence of my being is set free to experience it’s next “mission”.  This is the perfect time to examine, appreciate, and let go of the things and behaviors that no longer serve me.  Just as the trees release this year’s leaves to be recycled by the earth below, I shed my own leaves—those of my outdated, spent thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

Once I’ve cleared my life limbs of the old, I feel free to begin storing energy for all the new growth I know I’ll experience ahead.  This is the time of year when many of nature’s plants and creatures do the same.  They busily prepare for a long winter’s rest—when they’ll dream of spring and the renewed life that will burst forth once the snows melt and the earth begins to warm again.  As we nourish and till the soil for our next growing season, we naturally begin to imagine and dream too—and our dreams are the seeds of our future.  Among other fine things, I intend to sow the dreams of Peace, Harmony, and Love.

What dreams will you be sowing this spring?



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Remembering Infinity: Clouds

What are clouds, if not remarkable, Divine creations?

What are clouds, if not remarkable, Divine creations?

As I was seeking inspiration for a new post, I happened to look up at the cloud-filled sky and my mind began to wander (as if that’s never happened before). As I watched several thin, high, wispy “cirrus” clouds drifting by, it occurred to me that clouds might be a good topic to discuss. I quickly disregarded the thought, however. After all, aren’t clouds a bit “off-topic” for this blog?

At that very moment, what I suppose must have been my “Higher Self” chimed in with a gentle thought. “What are clouds,” the subtle thought whispered, “if not remarkable, Divine ceations?” Hmmm. Good point. “Aren’t clouds considered by many to be a gateway to the Angelic Realms, if not representative of Heaven itself? Surely that’s an appropriate topic for a column on spiritual awakening.” The words seemed to come from nowhere. I almost laughed. Another excellent point! I conceded to the logic and it was thus that this post was born.

Honestly, I really can’t get enough of clouds. I appreciate their many forms and moods, their spectacular color and light at sunrise and sunset, as well as their breathtaking, mighty displays as they flash and rumble angrily on a stormy might. Their cool, shady shadows arriving unexpectedly on a hot summer day, their gentle, life-giving rains, and their colorful rainbows all endear us to their humble presence. Clouds have inspired the works of countless artists—in fact, music, paintings, and prose have glorified and praised them for thousands of years. What young child hasn’t looked skyward to laugh and point in amazement at some imaginary cloud animal? And what adult, at some time in their life, hasn’t lazily stretched out on the grass to watch giant, wooly cloud-sheep grazing contentedly on a field of the most heavenly blue?

Even today, I take occasional pauses during the day to take note of the sky’s beauty. I often step outdoors at sunrise and sunset to see clouds at their most magnificent—cast ablaze in their rose, amber, and lavender hues. Everything seems so vibrant and alive in their color and light. As I ponder the nature of these wonderful, shape-shifting beings, it’s nearly impossible for me comprehend the fact that the actual condensed weight of some clouds could easily be measured in the millions of tons!

Quite clearly, clouds are miracles of creation. In fact, it’s almost a certainty that life itself wouldn’t be possible without them—and it would certainly be much less beautiful. Therefore, I’ve decided that I’ll never take them for granted. So the next time you’re held in awe of a cloud, why not offer a quick thought or prayer of thanks? I’m always glad when I do!



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