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Meme featuring the “Q” quote, “Stay the course. WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All!”


In the first post of this multi-part blog series, I made the very bold suggestion that the question, “Who is Q?” could prove to be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself in this life.  Today, with even more conviction, I stand by that statement.

I know what you must certainly be thinking.

Seriously?  How could a “conspiracy theory” really be that important?  I can think of lots of questions that are much more important!  Questions like, “Will you marry me?” “Where’d I come from, Mom—no, really?” And there’s the really big question everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime, “Where did that one stupid sock go?” While I’m thinking about it, let’s not forget the inevitable follow-up to that question, “How on earth did that get there?”

Missing socks and mysterious reappearances aside, the question of Q becomes of vital importance when one looks at the much larger picture.  If one thinks of it from the “40,000 foot view” (as Q likes to put it) or even the 80,000 foot view (as I’ll eventually lead you), this question can literally change everything in and about your own world.

There’s little doubt that even the simple act of questioning Q has already had a significant effect.  If you’ve followed this series of posts alone, you’ve likely explored and considered not only Q, but the concepts of:

            4-Chan and Anons

            Secret societies, S@t@nism, and Deep State

            Corrupted public officials, institutions, and mainstream media

            Coded language and communications

            Duality and spiritual warfare

            Censorship, mental programming, and control

            Positive messaging, “White Hats”, and peaceful change

            “The Great Awakening”, Unity, and our Collective Consciousness

If at least one of these ideas is new to you, then congratulations—you’ve probably expanded your own mind a bit, even if you don’t agree with or believe everything I’ve written.  For some of you, all of this may seem a bit “out there.”  I get it.  We’re not used to being able to look at these kinds of things without being ridiculed, harassed, or being referred to as “tin-foil hat wearing nut jobs.”  When you look all at this from a much broader perspective however, these dismissals are actually a part of the control narrative.  We’re not allowed to consider anything that might possibly contradict the Deep State, spoon-fed narratives.  We’re not allowed to “think outside the boxes” that Deep State so generously gives us.  After all, by doing so, we just might discover something that’s much closer to the truth—if not actually the Truth itself.

For anyone who has been at all curious about how these concepts apply to our current human experience (and perhaps even beyond) this may be just the beginning of your own search for Truth.  I realize many of you may be new to many of the ideas I’ve previously discussed in my blog, but I would argue that we literally have the power to change our reality.  That’s why the Deep State has worked so hard to control and limit humanity for such a long time.  They don’t want us to know that we are just as powerful as they are—in fact, we are the vast majority and we are actually much more powerful than they are!

Think about the many ways we’re limited.  In government, for example, we’re largely forced to choose between two carefully manipulated and often diametrically opposed parties.  In either case however, we’ve given our energy and executive power to someone else so they can act “on our behalf”.  But do they—really?

In many organized religions, we’re led to believe that we’re deeply flawed, weak, and unworthy of a Divinity that is somehow very separate from us—or that we must be “saved” from eternal damnation by other beings that are far superior to us.  In your heart, do you really and truly feel this is true?

In sharp contrast to the images presented by these self-proclaimed “authorities”, we often learn that there is a very large “double standard” at play.  We see, more and more frequently, that those whom we’ve trusted were probably never worthy of our trust at all.  Politicians, priests, sports coaches, and even teachers (just to name a few) have frequently abused their power to take advantage of and even victimize others.

But the manipulations certainly don’t end there.  Our scientific, health care, educational, and corporate institutions have collectively tricked us into believing in the inevitability of illness, inferiority, and lack.  They feed upon these insecurities to sell us far more products and services than we ever truly need.  Think about the constant struggles we modern humans have—all to achieve an “acceptable” standard of living.  We’re driven to consume, consume, consume—and to hell with the consequences that we and our environment must bear.

We’re driven by an artificial need to buy the latest and greatest technology, the nicest homes and furnishings, the highest rated luxury cars, and the largest televisions we can possibly afford.  We willingly go into debt for an education that we may—or may not even need.  We’re told that our taxes are needed to pay for many things—national defense, roads and infrastructure, public safety, public health, as well as countless welfare and entitlement services.  And as if that weren’t enough, we have to pay dearly for everything else—health care, medications, Internet service, electricity, insurance, gasoline, food, and even water.

I just have to ask the simple question…why are all these costs so extreme?  Why does our military need to spend $10,000.00 on a toilet seat when the rest of us can buy one at a local home improvement store for around 15 bucks?  Why are health care and even life-saving medications so ridiculously expensive?  How can health care for a “healthy” family cost as much or more than their monthly mortgage payment?  Is this truly so that a corrupt few can line their pockets with our money?

It’s important for us to see that, within all this Deep State manipulation, there are built-in opportunities for massive levels of corruption, fraud, and waste.  It is through these that we’ve been driven into a state of eternal debt.  We’re also being relentlessly driven into helpless conditions of stress, addiction, and illness.  Everywhere we turn, we’re confronted with coordinated Deep State messages of division, hatred, and fear.  And we’re only too happy to buy into their “problem-reaction-solution” paradigm.  The fact is, we’ve all been blindly led into a system that has subtly but literally enslaved us—and it’s done so without our even realizing it.

What if we could change all that?

What if we could expose the full extent of this extreme corruption and control—and unmask all who took advantage of our innocence and trust for their own selfish gains?

What if we could start all over again—and essentially “re-boot” all these unsustainable and inhumane systems?

Finally, what if we could transform these systems into something that is transparent, fair, and to the benefit of all—not just an elite few?

This is actually what’s possible and this is what Q is asking us to do.

The transformation process must begin, not at the “top”, where we’ve been told all the power lies.  It must begin instead with us—each and every one.  We have the power.  We have the individual and collective power to change our world and everything in it—and every one of us is a vital part of this change.  We can begin by simply recognizing this power and standing in it.  We become unstoppable once we learn this—and once we begin to stand together as one.

Do you now see and understand how important these questions are?

If so and you agree, I ask you to stand with me and many others as we work together to build a brighter future.  I’ve said it before—and I’ll keep saying it as long as it’s necessary.

Stand strong, Patriots.

We not only can do this, we are doing it.  Together.

Love Always,


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Meme featuring a frequent “Q” quote, “Dark to Light”, posted on the Internet.


Since the first “Q” messages were posted on October 28, 2017, there have been nearly 1,900 of them accredited to that source to date.  I’ve followed them from very nearly the beginning and, based upon my own independent exploration of related subjects over the last few years (beginning in earnest around 2012), I’ve found the information in and of itself to be quite compelling.

To distill the Q assertions into one easy-to-swallow “red pill”, they are simply this.  Our world is ultimately controlled, governed, and exploited by a thoroughly corrupted, elite, and evil “Deep State” organization.  Many of its highest echelons are heavily involved in Satanic practices, as well as the perhaps “lesser” activities of human trafficking, financial manipulation, and the proliferation of illegal drugs and crime.  Lower level subordinates (who often occupy high positions in modern society) are often forced to cooperate through blackmail, coercion, or threats to their safety and families.  The remainder (members of a largely unaware public) are simply manipulated into complacency through distraction, addiction, or the manipulation of public opinion through the mainstream media and so-called “popular culture”, as well as many of our most trusted institutions.

The darkness of this “Deep State” has thoroughly infested our cultures, institutions, corporations, homes, and even our own individual psyches.  Evidence of its vile existence is everywhere—and for those who have finally awakened to its presence and have eyes to see, its existence can no longer be denied.  While much of the battle against it now seems to be waged in the highly charged political environment of the United States, it is indeed global—and it’s a very deeply entrenched illness.  It’s highly sophisticated, multi-layered, and it directly affects all of us and our world.

While the idea of an unopposed “Deep State” may be frightening to or rejected as “fantasy” by many, the good news is that most of humanity is finally awakening to it.  People are finally starting to see through the veil of lies, disinformation, and persuasion that has hidden its existence for so long.  The vast majority of people in trusted positions such as our governments, military, police, and other public services are honest, hard-working citizens.  A much smaller number of these are fully aware of what was—and is currently transpiring.  Like Q, they hold themselves to the highest ideals and standards.  Like the rest of us, the cards had been heavily stacked against them and they had to remain silent or suffer severe consequences.  But now, the energetic tide has turned.  Many are finally able to speak out.  Many are joining together to oppose the Deep State.  They are True Patriots and will never surrender.  Q asks us to trust them, just as we must ultimately trust ourselves and each other.  To quote two often quoted Q phrases, “Trust the Plan” and “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Another very important point to remember is that the apparent chaos and violent resistance we’re witnessing today is merely a symptom.  It’s a very clear sign that this desperate and rapidly dying evil has lost control.  The obvious increase in hateful rhetoric, divisiveness, and even violence has only become necessary because the “Deep State” status quo has become not only challenged, but gravely threatened.  It’s a sign that this despicable darkness is now having to openly fight for its very survival.  It’s essential for us to understand that, at its core, this isn’t just a struggle between “right” or “left”, “Republican” or “Democrat”, or even “Conservative” or “Liberal”.  The corruption lies at all levels and on both sides of our institutions world-wide.  “Deep State” is pitting all sides against one anotheras it has always done, in order to sustain itself.

Make no mistake about it, this is most certainly a spiritual battle as well.  From a psychological and metaphysical viewpoint, much of the conflict we’re seeing is merely a reflection of what has always been present, but deeply hidden within the collective consciousness of Humanity—and indeed ourselves.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring Darkness to Light, look closely at the things we’re being shown, and perhaps choose to resolveor even heal them.  Although the Deep State has made every effort to hide it from us (they prefer to keep the knowledge of this to themselves), we actually have tremendous power.  We not only have the choice between “Good” and “Evil”, we have infinite choice!  As long as we remain locked in a paradigm of choosing between two opposing factions (“right” or “left”, etc.), we remain locked in their contrived matrix of “Duality”.

If that’s the case then, how do we free ourselves?

Perhaps we can recognize the value of ALL CHOICES and simply choose to support only those thoughts, words, and actions that we feel are best in any given moment.

With that said, let me get back to the topic at hand—Q.  The recent and obviously well-coordinated mainstream media assault on the Q Movement is clearly one that attempts to paint all involved as “deranged and dangerous conspiracy theorists”.  Quite to the contrary of these claims, I have found Q supporters to be overwhelmingly articulate, sensible, and fiercely loyal to the ideals of “Liberty and Justice for All” (to borrow a phrase)—and not just for the benefit of a “chosen” or elite few.  Their sense of “Patriotism” isn’t simply reserved for or directed to the United States alone, it’s intended to support complete Freedom for Humanity.

The mainstream media claims against the Q Movement are not only patently false, they have only strengthened my own resolve to seek and find the Ultimate Truth.  In fact, when one considers the motivation of mainstream media (i.e., “Fake News”) to continue pressing its own “Deep State” message, this assault not only lends credence to the legitimacy of Q, it signals what must certainly be their extreme state of desperation.  It seems unlikely that the “Deep State” would intentionally bring this information source to broad public attention and risk such serious backlash if it wasn’t absolutely desperate.

If you would like to explore the topic further, I highly recommend the following:

1)  Watch the following brief (14-minute) video entitled, “Q—The Plan To Save The World”.  It provides an excellent summary of the purpose and motivation behind the Q movement.

There is an alternate version here (just in case the first site has been removed or is not available for some reason):

2)  Visit the QAnon page, upon which all accredited Q posts have been archived:

3)  Finally, as I encouraged earlier, please: Question. Research. Decide for yourself.

For now, I’ll leave you with these four posts.  In a few days, I’ll follow up with some more thoughts about the Q Movement–as well as some thoughts about the “Universal” nature of this most interesting “adventure.”  See you then!

Love Always,


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Remembering Infinity: The Keys to Spiritual Freedom

I’m convinced that Forgiveness and Unconditional Love are the keys to our Spiritual Freedom.

Are Forgiveness and Unconditional Love the keys to Spiritual Freedom?

Several months ago I wrote about Forgiveness as a helpful practice for day-to-day living.  Since then, I’ve done a lot of thinking about Spiritual Evolution—and I’ve come to think of Forgiveness in a much more expansive way.  As a result of this deeper consideration, I’ve become convinced that Forgiveness is actually one of the most important keys to Spiritual Freedom.

To help understand why Forgiveness is such an important concept, one must first gain a general understanding of “karma” (as derived from ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions).  The idea of karma (also referred to by some as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect) is that the sum of a person’s actions decides the nature of their destiny and future experience.  I sometimes think of karma as energy, but perhaps money may be something that’s easier to visualize.

So let’s imagine that we all go through life accumulating karma in the form of money.  For every kind, loving, or compassionate thing we do, we receive a dollar that goes into our karmic “bank account”.  For every mean, judgmental, or hateful thing we do, we lose a dollar and incur a karmic debt that must be paid back.  Conversely, if someone does us harm, they now owe us a karmic debt that must eventually be paid back.  If either party is unable to repay their karmic debts in a given lifetime, then both must reincarnate in a future life in an effort to balance things out.  If this is truly the case, it’s quite easy to see how a soul could quickly become entangled in a “karmic wheel” that may continue spinning for lifetime after lifetime.

To further complicate things, some even suggest that we accumulate a form of “collective” karma.  That is, our individual souls must take some responsibility for the actions of our species.  Human beings, for example, must all share some responsibility for wars, social injustices, and the exploitation and pollution of our Earth and its natural resources.  It has also been suggested that we may even inherit a bit of “residual” karma from our ancestors.  In other words, some of the negative energy from their karmic deeds may imprint itself on our DNA—or perhaps it’s merely a case of some negative habits and actions being passed down from our grandparents to our parents, and so on.  I definitely understand the feelings of consternation that arise with this.  After all, why should we have to pay for something that someone else did in our family tree—or something that another human being has done halfway across the globe?  What does that have to do with us?  Be that as it may, in many ways these ideas make sense and I’m inclined to believe they’re true.

On the face of it, this all seems rather complex and quite a difficult challenge to overcome. If we are to ever have hope of “balancing our books” and advancing spiritually, what’s a soul to do?

For me, the answer is actually quite simple.

First, do your best to build up a “positive” karmic bank account.  Follow “The Golden Rule” by treating others as you would like to be treated.  Be kind.  Be respectful. Love others without expecting anything in return.  Love them unconditionally. Why unconditionally, you may ask? Because—if you treat someone well or love them with the expectation that they repay you in some way, you generate a karmic debt for them.  If they aren’t able to repay that debt in this lifetime, then they—and you will need another chance to even things out.  Then you’re both right back on that karmic wheel again. But if you Love someone unconditionally, there are no debts to repay!

Second, just forgive. According to the scriptures, Jesus taught Forgiveness—and I believe this is one of the main reasons why.  Think about it.  If you forgive yourself for any misdeeds, then work hard to Love others unconditionally, you’ll eventually pay off any karmic debt you may have accumulated without building up more.  If you also forgive others—that is, absolve them of their karmic debts to you, you will have set them free from having to repay you.  Therefore, by practicing forgiveness, you set everyone free—including yourself.

Now, any time someone does something that negatively affects me, I immediately forgive them and let their “transgression” go.  Then I silently offer them Unconditional Love.  I must admit that this is rather difficult to do at times for, like many, I tend to take things too personally—and “relive” events over and over, every time I think of them.  I’ve learned however, that each time I think about a perceived transgression, I can simply choose to forgive and let go again. In so doing, I know I’ll eventually train my mind to respond in an entirely different way.  My expectation is that, one day, I’ll be able to process an event once—and not have to revisit it again at all.

When it comes to our Spiritual Advancement, whether it’s considered individually or collectively, I’ve become a firm believer that Forgiveness and Unconditional Love are essential.  I’m convinced they’re the keys that unlock the Higher Realms of Spirit—and if we learn to use them well, we’ll all one day be able to set ourselves free from the ties that seem to limit and bind us so strongly to the past.



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Remembering Infinity: Working Through the Hurt

In those dark moments when you may feel abandoned and unloved, remember that you are loved!

In those dark moments when you may feel abandoned and unloved, remember that you are loved!

Of all the difficult emotions we experience in life, one of the ones I seem to deal with the most has been the feeling of rejection and hurt. As a child, I recall the sting I felt when I’d done something wrong and received a spanking as punishment—and the worst pain I felt wasn’t to my backside. It was more what I seemed to feel in my heart. Many times I didn’t fully understand what I’d done wrong and, at once, I felt hurt, saddened, and unloved. I’d cry, run to my room, then pout and stomp around for awhile—usually until I became distracted by something else and eventually forgot I was upset.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced similar feelings, in varying degrees, at one time or another. At older ages, we experience many of these same feelings too—perhaps when we’ve been turned down for a date, passed over for a promotion or job, or when we feel neglected or betrayed by our partner or spouse. In some of the more extreme cases, it may feel as if someone has “kicked us in the gut” or even “ripped out our heart”, but most often the circumstances simply leave a dull, hollow ache that seems to sit like a dense, heavy weight in the center of one’s chest.

Whenever we feel resentment or hurt, it’s quite easy to surrender to the accompanying anger and frustration. If we’re unable to deal with these overwhelming emotions in a positive way, we may lash out blindly or allow ourselves to spiral into despair. Sometimes, when we try to express ourselves and the way we feel, especially when we’re older, others expect us to hide our feelings or “just get over it”. Unfortunately, if we just ignore these emotions—especially if we keep experiencing many of the same hurts over and over, the stress we feel just seems to accumulate and become worse over time.

In recent years, I’ve found that, as I work through these challenging episodes, their impact seems less and the process of healing gradually becomes easier. While this process may not be the same for everyone, I’ve found the following steps to be generally quite helpful.

First, as soon as I begin to feel the “heat” of intense emotions rising, I make every effort to stay as calm and detached from them as possible. I try to imagine myself as a boat on the open sea, allowing the waves of adrenaline and distress to pass beneath me. Then I close my eyes and take several deep breaths as I envision the waves slowly dissipating. I consciously relax my body and mentally “let go” of any intensely charged emotions. These first brief moments often provide me with the space I need to remain calm and respond to the situation in a more balanced way. They also help to ensure that I don’t over-react and make things even worse.

Second, I try to take a moment to process things. If the situation is particularly stressful, I may separate myself entirely for a few minutes. I may go to a quiet room and sit down or take a brief walk to connect with nature. In either case, this brief period of separation allows me time to collect myself and gather my thoughts.

Next, I begin the healing process. If I’m feeling unloved and empty inside, it helps to close my eyes and try to feel love for myself. I envision the dark, empty space in my heart being filled with the golden Light of Universal Love, flowing and swirling in endlessly from Source. Sometimes I imagine my Higher Self as a being of pure, Divine Light, wrapping its arms around me in a warm, loving hug. If I’ve been rejected and have feelings of love that I’m somehow unable to otherwise express to someone else, I share that love with my Higher Self instead. This usually helps me to feel much better—for I know that I don’t need someone else’s love to heal me. I can always find the Love I need inside myself.

Once I’ve taken steps to settle down, I make every effort to face and address my emotions and the situation head-on. It helps to know that I don’t have to take on the challenge alone—for I may always seek guidance and support from family, friends, or other trusted sources.  I try to look at the situation as an important lesson in living and accept it—just as it is. I know I don’t have to dwell on it if I choose not to, and I decide how much attention and energy I’ll devote to reacting to or resolving it. Once I make that decision, I take whatever actions I feel are necessary to work things through. If I find that some things are beyond my control and I can’t fully resolve them, I simply do the best I can. Once I release any attachment to a specific outcome, I mentally “let go” of any remaining emotional stress (for more on that process, please see my post “Spirit Anchors”).  This allows me to move on confidently in the knowledge that I’ve done my very best.

Finally, I’ve found that, in many cases, it helps to just “sleep on it”. A good night’s rest often helps me put things in perspective and allows me to find fresh, new ways to approach challenges that I might have otherwise overlooked.  I also find that it’s much easier for me to find forgiveness—not only for others, but myself, in the dawn of a new day.

So if you’re ever feeling abandoned, empty, or unloved as I sometimes do, consider trying some of these ways to work things through.  And always remember that someone does love you unconditionally. God loves you—and I most certainly do too!



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Remembering Infinity: “Light” vs. “Dark”

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” Chinese Proverb

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”
Chinese Proverb

It’s often said that we are eternally making choices in an age-old battle of “Good vs. Evil”. Some perceive this ongoing conflict as the ultimate contest between the forces of “Light” (those who embody the qualities of good, positivity, and love) and those of the “Dark” (representing evil, negativity, and fear).

While there are countless examples of this theme in popular culture, the “Star Wars” saga, created by George Lucas, impresses me as being one of the best. Through this epic odyssey, the heroes, heroines, and their counterparts are locked in a mortal struggle in which one (the “Dark Side”), seeks absolute dominance while the other seeks only to be liberated from the “evil masters” and their minions.

One of the recurring lessons within these stories is that all of us, even those who ultimately stand for the good, have our darker sides. Conversely, even the most black-hearted villain has the potential for good hidden somewhere deep inside the darkest corner of his or her soul.

As a young boy, I was raised in an environment of occasional (if not frequent) conflict, both at home and in school. Several experiences with bullies and my father’s advice soon taught me that it’s important to stand up—not only for myself and the things I believe in, but also for those who aren’t able to stand up for themselves. I discovered that, by standing strong in my own Truth, like the embattled heroes in Star Wars, I could hold a small place for light to take hold. I’ve learned that, by refusing to lower myself to the level of fear, hatred, or control, I may often make it possible for the good in others to rise to the surface.

I remember reading a “Peanuts” comic once, one of many in a classic series created by the late Charles Schultz. In the strip, Charlie Brown encounters his friend Linus, who is holding a lit candle. When Charlie Brown asks Linus what he is doing, Linus says, “I’ve heard that it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” The comic continues with Charlie Brown’s comment that there will always be those who disagree—and ends with Linus’ irritable sister Lucy, shouting from a darkened room, “Stupid darkness!”

The saying that Linus quoted impressed me so much, even as a child, that I made a poster of it as a project in an elementary school art class. Even now, several decades later, I see even more relevance in its wisdom. There doesn’t have to be a battle between light and dark—or any other faction for that matter. There is no need to judge, fight, or argue with one another, for we are all one. By simply expressing the deepest Truth that lies within each of us and standing confidently in the knowledge that we are all unique, sovereign beings, we may find the strength to gracefully accept the differences in each other as unique expressions of that Truth.

Insofar as the “Light” and the “Dark” are concerned, both must be appreciated—for life requires both in an appropriate balance. Take day and night, for example. In a harmonious, eternal exchange, one smoothly flows into the other. Each has its own domain, yet each also strikes its own balance within the other—darkness becomes shadow during the day, and the light from countless celestial bodies casts its glow through the night. And isn’t it interesting how the most beautiful times of day—dawn and dusk, are the times when these opposites merge together, equally sharing the same space and time?



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Remembering Infinity: Finding Peace


Take time every day to sit quietly, experience the present moment, and just “be”.

In the frenzied rush of modern life, it’s become quite easy to lose touch with the things that are truly important—our families, our environment, and even ourselves.  From dawn to dusk and often far beyond, we are trapped on a “hamster wheel” of activity, mindlessly moving from one thankless task to the next—and getting nowhere fast.  While we don’t always realize it, the relentless expectations of contemporary society invade our thoughts and prod us into action nearly every moment of every day.

Before we know it, “busy-ness” becomes habit and we quickly lose the balance in our lives—along with patience, sleep, and sometimes even our own mental health.  With all our responsibilities and ambitions continuously robbing us of time, energy, and resources, it’s no wonder we seem to be losing touch with ourselves.  In this maelstrom of daily life, how is it possible to find peace?

The first step, of course, is that one must be awakened enough to see through the deceptions and delusions of our insatiable, “high-tech” consumer lifestyle.  We need to see the constant stream of information and stimuli we receive for what it is—a system that is intended to distract, manipulate, enslave, and exploit us.  It is only through this understanding that we may begin to exercise greater control over our own lives and well being.  This newfound clarity allows us to turn away, turn off, and walk away—even if it is only for a short time.

Next, we must make the conscious choice to reconnect with and rediscover our true, basic nature.  Anyone should be able to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to start—and there are nearly as many ways to accomplish this as there are people to do them.  To begin, find a quiet spot, away from any distractions or interruptions.  Sit comfortably, relax, and focus on your breathing.  Breathe slowly and naturally, gradually releasing more and more tension as you exhale.  As you inhale, envision yourself being filled with a pure white-golden energy that protects and sustains you.  Imagine yourself in a state of perfect calm, balance, and neutrality—and accept yourself exactly as you are at this very moment.  Allow yourself to experience your existence without judgment or thought.  Or, if you prefer, you might try observing nature.  Appreciate your surroundings and allow yourself to become one with them.  Imagine yourself as a cloud of energy that slowly merges with the world around you.  Meditate.  Pray.  Daydream.  Allow your mind to wander where it will—or just appreciate the stillness and truly feel what it is like to exist in a physical body.  Whatever your practice, the ultimate goal should be to sit quietly, experience the present moment, and just “be”.

At the end of your quiet time, consciously return your attention to your physical body.  Feel the new, calm energy that now flows through it and slowly open your eyes.  Take a moment to appreciate yourself and all that surrounds you, perhaps even offering a brief thought or prayer of thanks as you rise and return to your day.

As you begin to experience the serenity of these few special moments regularly each day, your intention to reconnect with your true self will soon allow more and more of it to come shining through.  Once you discover that true peace is found within, you will likely find yourself receiving a wealth of benefits.  Increased calm, clearer thinking, decreased stress, better health, and a greater sense of appreciation are all things you might experience with an investment of just a few minutes daily.

So if you haven’t already started, why not begin investing in yourself today?  With time being as valuable as it is, I can’t think of a better way to spend it—and without a doubt, you are definitely worth it!



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Remembering Infinity: Balance


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” Thomas Merton

Science has shown that, for a variety of reasons, the humble triangle is the strongest and most stable geometric shape of all. The equilateral triangle in particular (a triangle with all sides and angles being equal) represents perfect balance between all the elements of its shape. The spiritual version of a triangle, a “Trinity,” typically represents the harmonious union of two different aspects of self to create a third.

The true beauty of this wonderful arrangement becomes evident only when we consider the relationship of these elements and what is formed as a result. Take the two “polar” opposites of hot and cold, for example. As long as they are taken separately there is only duality—two diametrically opposed extremes on either end of a scale. Once they are brought together however, they temper and balance each another to form a third, new aspect—in this case, “warm”. The previously straight, flat line that kept us trapped between two opposing choices suddenly has depth—and a new, dynamic flow between all the elements becomes possible. Most would agree that in the new choice of temperatures, this new possibility is a highly desirable one—for without it we couldn’t enjoy warm blankets on a cold day, warm, sandy tropical beaches, or soft, warm cookies, fresh from the oven.

If we look carefully at the unspoiled grace and beauty of Nature, this “Trinity” concept of creative balance is demonstrated in countless ways. Between dark and light there is shadow. Positively- and negatively-charged particles interact to become neutral. In the blustery posturing of wind and weather, high- and low-pressure systems find their balance in calm. Throughout nature, the male and female of each species join to create new life—life that reflects the characteristics of both in equal measure.

Even our modern human world is rife with examples of duality and polarity—and within each dichotomy there exist a multitude of other possibilities and choices. Many would see these as problems to solve or challenges to overcome, but I prefer to think of these as opportunities—opportunities for learning and growth. In the rifts that exist between countries, philosophies, religions, sports factions, and even families, common ground and a potential solution may always be found. One has only to recognize them.

Perhaps the magic of the “Trinity” may be applied to our lives—and indeed, to our interactions with those around us. Is the simple process of finding this balance the key to our discovery of peace and happiness—both within and without? Consider this—between the “selfishness” of ego and our selfless desire to help others there must be a point of equilibrium where all aspects of self are served equally well. If we are able to find this perfect point of balance within ourselves, our families, and our world, how could this not serve to make all our life experiences better?

Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and author once wrote, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.”   Therefore, it is only through an appreciation of all aspects of something that we broaden our perspective and find greater symmetry. We also gain a much greater understanding of the “bigger picture” of life.

If we are to experience the Dance of Life in its fullest we must ever be mindful, not just of the music, the steps, or the partners—but the overall movement, flow, and emotion of all its elements together. It is only by appreciating them all, in perfect balance, as one, that our souls may truly find their greatest fulfillment and joy.



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