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Remembering Infinity: Traveling Light

Don’t let yesterday’s suffering, worries, or regrets keep you from soaring among the stars!

Rise above the past.  Don’t let yesterday’s suffering, worries, or regrets keep you from soaring among the stars!

I think it’s interesting how our childhood experiences have such an impact on how we perceive and react to things so much later in life, don’t you? The state of our environment in those early years has so much to do with our perspectives, our temperament, and our ways of dealing and coping with life.

In a recent post I wrote about how “different” I felt from other kids growing up. One of the differences seemed to be that I was always quite sensitive to the feelings of others—as well as my own. If one of my classmates was angry, sad, or afraid of something, I immediately related myself to their situation and almost felt their emotions myself. If I saw someone who was ill or injured, I seemed to feel at least some of their depression or pain. And if I saw someone suffering from abuse or the loss of a loved one, I somehow felt I was experiencing their suffering or grief—whether they were a stranger or not.

Whenever I felt emotions of my own, I’ve always tended to feel those quite deeply too. Growing up rather unhappily as an only child in a dysfunctional family (until a new sibling arrived some years later), I would often wallow in my own miserable silence for hours—or sometimes even days. With few constructive examples available to help teach me otherwise, I eventually learned to develop and rely on my own inner strengths to carry me through such challenging times.

I never fully realized that these feelings were so much of a problem or made such a difference until quite recently, when I began my journey of spiritual discovery in earnest. After reading a number of articles from other “sensitive” people who shared similar experiences, many things finally began to make sense to me. Like me, many of these people not only naturally “picked up on” others’ emotions and state of mind, they actually felt them in some manner. I even found out that there is a term used to describe those who have such experiences—they are said to be “empathic”.

To some, this may not be such an important revelation, but it made a great deal of difference to me. I realized that many of the feelings or stresses I had felt for years may not have even been entirely my own! I suddenly understood that, with some diligent effort at changing my own habits, I could eventually learn to separate my own emotional “baggage” from that of the people around me. This new understanding and a newfound ability to resolve and release my own stresses has allowed me to find much greater personal freedom, a growing sense of self-acceptance, and much needed inner peace.

So if you find yourself suddenly feeling a growing sense of tension, anger, fear, or any other strong emotion for no apparent reason, it could very well be that you are “empathic”. And if that’s the case, it means that you can learn to lighten your emotional load too. All it really takes is an understanding of the dynamics, a willingness to identify the possible sources of disharmony in your life, and an intention to let go of the emotions that don’t really belong to you. In this way it becomes much, much easier to focus on and resolve the issues that really are yours!

It’s amazing to see how much emotional baggage we can wind up carrying through the years. Sadly, many never truly understand quite how much—and they are burdened with it their entire lives. I’ve decided that, when my time comes to depart this world for the next, I’ll be traveling light.

After all, how can one’s soul ever hope to soar among the stars when it’s held down by the weight of yesterday’s suffering, worries, and regrets?

Love Always,


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Remembering Infinity: Born to Fly!

One day, we too may be surprised to find that we were born to fly!

Like a caterpillar, one day, we too may be surprised to find that we were born to fly!

I‘ll never forget one of my grandmother’s favorite stories–one she would often tell us grandkids when we were small.  We’d usually be in the park or her rather overgrown backyard when she’d spy a wooly caterpillar on a bush or a butterfly flitting by.

“Oh,” she’d exclaim excitedly,”look at that!  How beautiful!”  Then she’d laugh to herself and say to us, “That reminds me of one of my favorite little stories.”

As we’d gather around to watch the little creature going about its business, she would begin.

“Once upon a time, there was a little caterpillar.  Every day, he’d wake up, creep out from under the shelter of his little home among the rosebuds, and begin munching away at the leaves.  Soon he’d be joined by several other caterpillars and they’d all enjoy each other’s company as they ate.  Weeks went by and, one by one, the plump and happy caterpillars would each spin a chrysalis to begin their transition into a butterfly.

Before too long, there were only two little caterpillars left.  One day, as the two chatted and ate, a beautiful butterfly floated by, gracefully fluttering its wings in the warm sunshine.  One of the caterpillars stopped eating and stared in awe at the glittering, brilliant flashes of color on its wings.

‘Wow…would you look at that?’ He stared in amazement.

His friend glanced up briefly and returned to his meal, unimpressed.  ‘That’s nice,’ he replied, ‘but you’ll never get me up in one of those things!'”

It was at this point that Grandma would always break out in laughter–and all of us would too, for we all well knew that the silly caterpillar was destined to one day spin his own chrysalis and become a butterfly himself!

As I’ve grown older, I’ve grown to appreciate Grandma’s caterpillar story even more–for it reminds me that, in order for us to truly grow, we must expand our thinking and open our minds and hearts to new possibilities and change.  One of the important things to remember about the nature of Life is that things will change, whether we want them to or not.  If we let our doubts, worries, or fears stop us from trying new things, we may never know how many of Life’s greatest adventures we might miss.  It is only through looking past our fears, opening ourselves to new opportunities, and embracing the idea of change that we may discover these experiences are actually wonderful!

So the next time you see a caterpillar or a butterfly, why not take a moment to appreciate the mystery and magic of Nature?  If you keep your mind open to all kinds of new and exciting ideas and energies, you may one day discover that your own metamorphosis has been just as miraculous as theirs!

With Love,


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Remembering Infinity: Vision for a New Earth

Why not envision a world where everything works in perfect harmony?

Why not envision a world where everything exists in perfect harmony?

Over the past few months, I’ve written quite a bit about nature and creation, as well as our individual and collective abilities to bring about positive change. I’ve also written about many of the things I intend to experience in the days, months, and years ahead. What I suppose I haven’t done is develop or share a clear picture of the kinds of “Earth Changes” I expect to see.

In the Light of new understanding, I’ve learned that to create the kind of future we wish to see, each of us must first fix our intentions firmly in mind. The more we’re able to envision it, invest feeling into it, and take whatever actions we can to help bring it into being, the sooner we’ll be able to actually experience it.

Unfortunately, far too many people still seem to be under the influence of archaic and fear-driven ways of thinking. They seem to have succumbed to those whose agenda calls for negativity, separation, and control. They insist that our future is troubled—and that change will only be brought about through a litany of catastrophic, “doom and gloom” events. While I certainly respect their Free Will choice to focus on such drama, that’s not the future I’m investing in. Not in my reality! To the contrary—I prefer to see our transition into the future as a remarkably smooth one.

In my vision for a New Earth, all of mankind has been gently, but firmly awakened to its own Divine Nature. People feel more and more connected to and guided by their own “Higher” senses of Purpose. They’ve started peacefully and gracefully becoming all they truly wish to be. As a butterfly emerges from the dark confines of its cocoon and stretches in the warm, spring sunshine, we too have begun to unfold ourselves—free and perfect expressions of Life itself.

With a speed that few would have ever thought possible, the fresh breeze of positive change has swept through our homes, communities, nations, and world. The true agendas of those who once ruled through violence, fear, manipulation, and power have been completely exposed for the world to see. Those responsible have resigned—or been peacefully removed from office. They’ve been replaced by incorruptible souls who’ve stepped forward to lead us with transparency, integrity, and honor.

The inalienable rights of all have been restored and are respected by all—for none wishes to bring harm or ill will upon any of his or her fellow beings. Through this enlightened renaissance, all have embraced a new paradigm—one in which everyone works together for the common good. We’ve cultivated a fresh, new environment where mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance are the new hallmarks for Humanity.

Suddenly free to express itself in its Divine Sovereignty, Humanity has flourished. With so many people suddenly “in tune” with the Universal Flow of creative energy, an expansive sense of Unity and the open exchange of ideas have inspired quantum leaps forward in the sciences, arts, and technology. These advancements have allowed us to quickly and easily overcome many of the challenges and limitations that have suppressed the Human Spirit for far too long.

In this vision, we live in harmony with ourselves, one another, and the Earth. Our advanced knowledge and abilities have allowed us to heal our minds and bodies, cleanse our lands and oceans, and purify our air and water. Finally able to tap into and utilize “free energy”, this non-polluting and unlimited source of power has revolutionized our transportation, industrial, and economic systems. True balance has been restored to Nature, our global climate is pleasant, and the seasons are mild. We now enjoy an abundance of health, food, and resources—for our entire population. No longer driven by the need to simply survive, accumulate wealth and power, or abide by self-imposed limitations, each individual is free to realize his or her own potential and explore our newly restored Earth.

As one, our focus has shifted back to the things that are truly important—our relationships, our planet, and our place and purpose within the Cosmos. On this New Earth, we have a renewed appreciation for all the beauty, bounty, and diversity of Life that surrounds us. We are held in awe at the transformation that has taken place, seemingly right before our very eyes—and we find ourselves filled with Joy, Love, and Gratitude for all that has transpired.

If that’s the kind of world you’d like to experience too, by all means embrace it!   We can all share it—and we do have the power to make it happen. All it takes is one thought, one moment, and one deed at a time. To use a favorite and oft-quoted aphorism, I would assert that “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

So are you still with me? Good.

Let’s do this!



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Remembering Infinity: Give Yourself A Break

Sometimes, a simple break might allow you to see an open gate that awaits–just around the corner! (Artwork credit: Lisa Burns)

Sometimes, a simple break might allow you to see an open gate that awaits–just around the corner!
(Artwork credit: Lisa Burns)

In quite a few of my blog posts, I write about the many opportunities we have to make choices in life—and I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that we have much more power in our choices than we realize.  In fact, while we may not always be able to choose the specific things that happen to us, we may certainly choose the way we feel about them and the manner in which we react to them—and that can often mean the difference between success and failure, no matter what the endeavor.

Many times you may be confronted with situations or circumstances where you might wish to make a change.  Perhaps you’re dealing with health issues, financial difficulties, or relationships that just don’t seem to be working.  It may seem as if you’ve done everything possible to resolve things—and they still don’t seem to be working out well.  Perhaps you’ve sought assistance from those qualified to help, redoubled your efforts to bring about the change you wish to see, or tried a variety of conventional remedies to correct the situation.  You may have even tried less common approaches, such as trying to change your own outlook or attracting more desirable circumstances through positive thinking, visualization, or prayer.

In these situations, there often comes a point where there’s a choice to be made.  Do you keep working on the issue, perhaps changing tactics, seeking new information, or committing even more energy to the effort?  Or do you shrug your shoulders, say “It is what it is”, give up on it, and let go?  Believe it or not, there’s a perfectly valid third option—one I wish I’d taken a bit more often over the years.  It’s called giving yourself a break.

In thinking back over the number of times I’ve butted my head against a proverbial brick wall or gotten upset and given up on something in utter disgust, I now realize that those challenges were just Nature trying to tell me something.  In many cases, it was trying to tell me, “Lighten up, it’s not that big a deal!”, “Just have some patience and wait—the time isn’t quite right for that”, or “Hell-oh-oh, you’re headed in the wrong direction entirely!”

Now, when I’m faced with a significant challenge and I don’t seem to be making any progress, I try to remember to take a break.  I sit back for a bit, take a breather, and try to understand the lesson this challenge may be trying to teach me.  Or I distract myself for awhile by doing something I really enjoy doing.  In taking a bit of a time-out, I often lower my stress level, allow creative intuition and inspiration to express themselves in surprising ways, and become more “in tune” with the Divine Universal Flow of things.  Sometimes when I do decide to go back and tackle my challenge again, I find I’ve been re-energized and am in a much better frame of mind.  Many times too, in setting a difficult problem aside for awhile, I suddenly discovered the solution was right there in front of me the entire time—I just couldn’t see it because I was so stubbornly focused in another direction!

So the next time you find yourself banging your head against a brick wall and trying to break through, try giving yourself a break instead.  If you’re like me, the step you take back might be the very thing you need to see a much easier way through—like the freakin’ gate that’s standing wide open, just around the corner!



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Remembering Infinity: Dare to Dream!

Just as an acorn’s shell creates the space needed for it to grow, our thoughts create the space for our dreams to grow.

Just as an acorn’s shell creates the space needed for it to grow, our thoughts create the space for our dreams to grow.

As I was on a walk the other day, enjoying the cool winter air and a brief pause in a series of welcome rainstorms, I discovered a fallen acorn at the foot of an old oak tree along my path.  I was so captivated by its polished husk that I knelt down to admire it for a moment and even took the accompanying photo.  As I thought about the acorn’s nature, it occurred to me how fortunate I am to have the opportunities and choices that I’ve had—and continue to have, simply by virtue of the fact that I’m a human being.

After all, an acorn has no choice but to become an oak tree—and it has no choice in where it grows.  It merely grows where it falls or is planted, or perhaps it may become a meal for a bird or a wild creature.  There are so many more possibilities for us, and for these I am eternally grateful.

As I studied this mighty oak in its infancy, I realized that, in time, it would become buried deep beneath a protective blanket of leaves and forest debris and find itself deep within the life-giving womb of Mother Earth.  There, this tiny expression of life—this idea, would begin to grow in the tiny space that was provided by its own shell.  It would stretch itself, stubbornly push past the sheltered confines of its coat, nourish itself from the rich soil that surrounds it, and slowly make its way from the darkness to the light.

In order for us to grow, we must be as the acorn.  We must push our way past our own comfortable confines.  We must extend our roots deep into the wisdom of our past, just as we stretch our limbs ever higher towards the open sky and brilliant Light of our future.  As we unfurl ourselves, branch by branch, leaf by leaf, and deed by deed, we create that which is the highest and truest expression of ourselves.  But our growth and shape isn’t merely decided by the “blueprint” of our DNA or the whims of wind and weather.  It is determined even more by our hopes, our wishes, and our dreams—for it is these expansive thoughts that create the space that is needed for our future to grow.

As I resumed my walk and left the acorn behind, resting upon its cradle of fallen leaves, I envisioned the grand oak it might one day become.  I also imagined the person I might one day become and smiled—for in releasing my thoughts and positive intentions for our common future, I hoped I had created the very space we’d need for both our dreams to flourish and grow.



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Remembering Infinity: Co-creating Our Future

Do we really create our own future and change our world by changing our own “energy” and thoughts?  Why yes, we do!

Do we really co-create our own future and change our world by changing our own “energy” and thoughts? Why yes, we do!

Over the past few years, one of the things that has fascinated me is the concept that we create (and collectively co-create) our own future through a process that some call the “Law of Attraction”. This simply means that we attract future situations and conditions to us through our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Hmmmm. I know. Some of you may think that sounds an awful lot like New Age “mumbo-jumbo”—and I can certainly understand why you may not be entirely convinced.

But let’s look at it this way. Every day when you get up, you think about what you need to do. There are personal needs, then work, school, and chores—or perhaps you’re on vacation and decide to relax and see some of the sights.  Once you’ve thought about these things and made plans, don’t you just do them?  Don’t the things you do and the decisions you make have a direct impact on what “happens” to you during your day?  You may certainly correct me if I’m wrong, but by thinking about and then acting upon your intentions, you create a significant part of your own future experience!   I know we don’t tend to think much about it, but we create our future, just like that—every day of the week.

This aspect of creation is generally accepted by most people of course but, believe it or not, it’s also a very limited way of thinking.  Most people wouldn’t argue the fact that we can create some aspects of our future through our Free Will choices and actions, but that’s exactly where their vision ends.

The more I study and learn about metaphysics, the more I find that we affect our world and our environment in very subtle ways—ways many of us can’t even begin to imagine or understand. In a previous post, “On Beads and Timelines”, I wrote about how we subtly shift ourselves through a variety of different timelines, thereby creating countless future possibilities through the personal choices we make. We also attract to us, on a quantum (sub-atomic) level, those very conditions we need to progress and grow spiritually—and I’m pleased to suggest that this may just be the beginning!

What I’ve been observing lately is that, as my attitude and personal energy changes in either a “positive” or “negative” way, this somehow affects the world around me in a similar manner. As I change myself from within, I eventually see these changes reflected externally—and these changes seem to be occurring more and more quickly as I gain confidence in the process. When I choose to be more calm and happy, for example, I notice those around me seem to be much more calm and happy. When I’m in such a state of mind, I experience much less drama, discord, and outright conflict. I also know that things are much more apt to go smoothly and well. Drawing from several years of similar experiences and observations, I’m certain that we not only affect one another energetically, we also change our immediate surroundings—and, in a cumulative and collective way, our entire world.

So as we begin this bright, shining New Year, I’ve already set my intentions to work with others and experience a world that is filled with Gratitude, Peace, and Love. Why not think about and begin consciously co-creating the future you wish to see in 2015—and beyond? All you have to do is begin with yourself. Like ripples on a pond, your energy will project outward—blending with the energy of others to create the change you would like to see.

There’s no better time to start than right now. There’s a fresh New Year at hand and the sky’s the limit! Wait…let me rephrase that. There’s a fresh New Year at hand and there are no limits!

May you and your loved ones enjoy countless blessings not just today and throughout the New Year, but always!



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