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An Evening With Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium)

Despite the evening’s uncomfortable heat, Theresa’s show was an unforgettable and fun experience!

Well, I can’t say enough how GREAT the show was! Despite some serious issues with the venue, Theresa was “spot-on” and I have a whole new respect for her and her work! The show was held in an outdoor concert-type venue at a the Thunder Valley Casino (a Native American-run casino). Unfortunately, the venue itself was quite poor (this made even worse by the weather). There was a crowd of about 5,000 folks at the sold-out show–and for the minimum ticket price of about $70.00, we were sitting on aluminum bleachers (about the most uncomfortable seating arrangements possible). Even the higher-priced ticket holders were seated on ordinary folding chairs!

My family and I arrived several hours early and had planned on relaxing a bit, having a drink and a leisurely dinner, then enjoying the show but, alas, that was not to be. The casino was huge and positively PACKED with people. It was polluted with second-hand cigarette smoke (you couldn’t avoid it–even outside), and there were hour-long waits just to get a table at one of only a few extremely over-priced restaurants on-site. Out of desperation, we stood in line for a half-hour in their “fast-food court”, couldn’t find a table, and half our party (including me) had to stand while eating our micro-waved personal pizzas.

Since we couldn’t find any place to have an “adult beverage” and sit or relax, we went outside (in nearly 100-degree heat) to stand in line and wait for the amphitheater to open. The wind coming off the parking lot was like a blast-furnace! After standing in the sun for nearly 45 minutes, they finally opened the gates and everyone filtered in. They had obviously over-booked the facility, because the bleachers were full–and people kept streaming in and squeezing in anywhere they could possibly fit. Fortunately, by the time we found seats, the sun had started to set and the bleachers were in the shade. Despite a (thankfully) cool breeze that kicked in, at least two people keeled over during the show and had to be taken away by ambulance.

When the show started (30 minutes AFTER the scheduled 7:30 start), Theresa finally made her appearance. She was HILARIOUS! Some parts of her show might not be appreciated by those who are offended by foul language–as she let out several “F-bombs” and a string of “sh&ts” in the first five minutes! By her own admission, she “cusses like a sailor”…but if one can find their way past that (or appreciates that kind of frankness as I do), the show is awesome! During the show, Theresa poked fun with some of the “spirits” who came through and their loved ones, complained good-naturedly about the California mosquitos (including one that “bit her on her a$$–even through her Spanx), and the nearly unbearable heat.  Theresa’s sparkling personality and uniquely high-pitched giggles had everyone charmed from the first moment she appeared.

Apparently, this was Theresa’s first group reading with such a large crowd–and my wife and I were wondering how on earth she would be able to channel with over 5,000 people (and their “spiritual entourages”) present. But she stepped down from the stage and worked her way around the aisles like the pro that she is. The audio was great and we could not only see Theresa and the camera crew making their way around in person (albeit at a distance)–we could also see her and the people for whom she was reading quite well on the large screens behind the stage. Despite her funny comments to the contrary (about her “a$$” appearing much too big on the wide screen), Theresa looked great in a simple, but elegant black dress and sparkling silver shoes.

Just as she does on her TV show, as she made her way around the crowd she’d feel drawn to one or two nearby folks, connect to and communicate with Spirit, convey many healing messages from those “on the other side”, and had many of those for whom she channeled (and much of the audience too) in tears. One man, who had apparently lost his son in an accident (and whose own life was spared in the same accident) had come to the show as a skeptic–and as one who obviously carried a great deal of guilt and anger. It was readily apparent however, that by the time Theresa and his son’s spirit were through with him, he was in an entirely new place. You could see his emotional reaction on the screen and almost feel his relief as Theresa gave him a big (and self-admitted “sweaty”) hug for his son’s spirit.  I was actually amazed at how she and these messages could connect with even those at the fringes of the crowd. I’m pretty sure that, by the end of the night, there wasn’t one person who hadn’t experienced at least one sniffle-inducing, throat-catching, or misty-eyed moment. In fact, I’m pretty sure my sister-in-law went through at least one package of disposable tissues!

There were quite a few other funny moments in the show that I really appreciated–and to me, they only reinforced that Theresa is the genuine article. She’s clearly a caring, loving person, with an amazing gift…and I’m so glad she’s chosen to share it. In one funny moment, someone made a comment about her fingernails. She mentioned how some people actually seem offended by them, then started rubbing and scratching one of the audience members’ back with them. She joked about how great they are for scratching peoples’ backs and expressed disappointment that no one was scratching hers. The audience erupted in laughter when a nearby gentleman eagerly stood up and, a bit too quickly, offered to do it.

Another hilarious moment happened when a kind lady noticed how Theresa seemed to be tiring a bit in the heat. She offered her seat to Theresa during the reading, but instead, Theresa settled herself down on this kind soul’s lap and joked about how comfortable it was. Then she asked the woman if the bottled water next to the seat was hers. When the woman replied that it was, Theresa unceremoniously helped herself and drank half of it. Then she made some more humorous comments–and nearly drained the rest of the bottle! While the actions may seem a bit “cheeky” to some, it all seemed perfectly natural and only helped endear her, almost as family, to the crowd.

Despite the distractions from the incredibly uncomfortable seating (and the frequent sound of plastic water bottles falling to the ground from the high bleachers), the show was WONDERFUL. Theresa’s quirky sense of humor and her heartfelt communications made the time go by quickly. While I may never again go to this venue, if I have another opportunity to see Theresa in person in a more intimate or comfortable setting, I’ll go in a heartbeat!

Theresa and Spirit–YOU ROCK!!!

Love Always,


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Remembering Infinity: What Time Is It?

Just like you, this moment is unique and special!

Just like you, this moment is unique and special!

ACK!! What time is it?? Am I late?

I’m sure you’ve all been there before. You find yourself in shock and near panic at the sudden, startling discovery that you’ve:

  • Overslept;
  • Lost all track of time;
  • Forgotten about an important appointment, meeting, or class; or,
  • All of the above.

Wide-eyed, with your heart racing madly and pounding its way through your chest, you dig through your pockets, purse, or backpack for a watch, phone, or sundial—anything to tell you how fast you’ll have to go to get where you’re supposed to be or how profusely you’ll have to apologize once you finally do get there. Unable to find a timepiece nearby, you dash away to find the nearest clock and scramble for a plausible excuse…

But wait!

This isn’t one of those times! You’re right here, reading these words. Your hair probably isn’t on fire. The sky most likely isn’t falling around you. And you apparently have nothing more important you need to be doing right this minute, or you wouldn’t be here. Right? So just relax.

What time is it?

Eh, who cares?

The time is NOW. Stop. Close your eyes and breathe. Fully embrace who and what you are in this remarkable and magnificent moment. Just like you, this moment is unique. It’s special. It will never be repeated again. So for this briefest moment in time, give yourself a mental “hug” and just be.

Now smile.


Because you’re appreciated and loved, that’s why!

Oh, and feel free to repeat as needed.  Any time…any time at all!



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Remembering Infinity: Who Am I, Really?

Life is a never-ending gift—full of mysteries to ponder and worlds to explore.

Life is a never-ending gift—full of mysteries to ponder and worlds to explore.

By all outward appearances, I seem to know who I am. I’m a regular guy and I lead what most would consider a pretty regular life. I go to work every day, return home to my family each night, and take care of some of the daily chores that need to be done around the house (but not all of them, as my wife will sometimes remind me). I probably have many of the same fears, hopes, dreams, and personal “hang-ups” that many others have. But when I look at myself in a mirror, I just have to wonder—is what I see truly all there is?

As far back as I can remember, perhaps even to my youngest memories of childhood, I’ve always felt as if I was not just the physical “me” I saw in a mirror. I’ve had this strange feeling that I was something much, much more. It always seemed that the biggest part of me was somehow kept hidden and locked away, somewhere just beyond my reach.

I’ve also always felt that I was here to do, participate in, or at the very least experience something of epic importance. This particular feeling always came with an odd sense of excitement—an anticipation for something upon which I could never really place my finger and something for which I have no logical explanation. It’s a feeling not unlike a child might experience on the evening before his or her birthday, Christmas, or the last day of school—just before the start of summer vacation. It’s like I’ve been expecting something really great to happen, but I’ve no idea what it is or when it’s supposed to occur!

In a way, I guess I’ve come to think of life itself as a never-ending gift. Each time I open a splendidly wrapped aspect of self and begin to understand it, I find another carefully wrapped package inside—another new mystery for me to ponder and explore.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know myself quite a bit better as a spiritual being—not just a mortal being in a rather average human body. I’ve also become more and more convinced that I’m a volunteer. I somehow know that I chose to be here at this particular time in Earth’s history—perhaps, as many others similarly believe, to participate in our planet’s ascension as it moves to higher realms of consciousness or a higher dimension.

Whatever the case may be, I deeply appreciate being in this place, at this time, and in this particular “self”. I can’t help but feel that I’m “on the beam” (as my grandmother used to say) and following the best path for my own spiritual evolution. I still don’t know exactly who or what I AM, I suppose—because I’m still very much a work in progress. But I somehow know that I AM getting there, moment by moment, step by step, and day by day. And, after all, isn’t that what this miraculous journey called life is all about?



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Remembering Infinity: Hidden History

Like precious treasure, Spiritual Truth has been hoarded and hidden from Mankind for far too long.

Like precious treasure, Spiritual Truth has been hoarded and hidden from Mankind for far too long.

One of my favorite topics of study, in addition to all things Spiritual, is history. I find the influences that past events, philosophies, and knowledge have had on our own times to be quite fascinating.

I suppose that my deep appreciation for history is at least partially due to the fact that my own family tree is a rather eclectic one (as I suppose I AM too, in many ways). Since the roots of my lineage may be traced back to nearly a dozen European countries, it’s quite easy for me to imagine that my own ancestors, if they didn’t actually participate in many of these events, may have at least witnessed some of them. It’s strange, but I sometimes seem to feel my own deep connection with certain periods in history—as if I may have experienced them myself, perhaps in a former life.

Of all the connections I’ve felt however, the one to medieval times—and to the Knights Templar, in particular, seems to be the most compelling. I find their history and philosophies to be unusually and inexplicably intriguing. On my own Spiritual quest, I often feel as if I’m winding my way through a maze of dark and dusty castle halls—where the most profound secrets of Life have been hidden. Along the way, I’ve been surprised to find that many of the ideas and teachings of the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, and the Masonic Order (Freemasons) not only make a great deal of sense, they resonate quite deeply with my own sense of Truth.

It’s been interesting for me to note that the doctrines of these and many other esoteric societies are “Christ-based”. That is, they recognize Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the Christ as a preeminent prophet and teacher. They also understand God to be an infinitely compassionate, forgiving, and loving Being. In many ways, their teachings support my view that we are God—and that God is us (just as God is everything else). Consequently, it follows that we should all be capable of making a deeply personal connection with “Him”—and indeed All That Is. This wonderfully organic viewpoint suggests that we don’t necessarily need a church, ritualistic dogma, or someone to save us from a “life of sin”, as so many organized religions have taught us. We are all appreciated, forgiven, and loved unconditionally—period.

I recently watched an episode of “America Unearthed” on The History Channel. The show made it abundantly clear, at least to me, that the knowledge these Gnostic organizations made every effort to protect is much closer to the Truth than so many others would have us believe. In “The Templar’s Deadliest Secret”, forensic geologist Scott Wolters helps uncover and disclose a trail of evidence that shows how those in power have, for centuries, fought to keep much of this sacred knowledge hidden—in order to preserve it for themselves.

Governments, churches, and the wealthy zealots who control them have wantonly suppressed, tortured, and even killed those who would speak out against them—and even those who might dare to believe differently. The multitude of “Holy” Wars, Inquisitions, and other acts of persecution these groups have waged upon Mankind clearly shows their intent to impose control at virtually any cost. In fact, you may note that today is Friday, the 13th—a day of bad luck, according to Western superstition. Perhaps this brutal abuse of power is one of the reasons why, for, on Friday, October 13, 1307, hundreds of the Knights Templar were said to have been imprisoned by King Philip IV of France. They were tortured, forced to falsely confess to crimes against the Church, and ultimately burned at the stake. In Light of those circumstances, I felt it highly appropriate that I post this today.

It now seems quite clear that many of our governments, organized religions, and privileged leaders have suppressed the Truth, re-written history, and presented their own versions of so-called “spiritual truth”, all in an effort to keep an unwitting population at a severe disadvantage. It is thus that most of Mankind has been kept perpetually in the dark, asleep, and unwittingly enslaved.

Those in lofty positions of power claim that they will “teach” us, “lead” us, and perhaps even “save” us, but is their truth what we truly believe? Our governments, corporations, and many religious organizations insist that they are philanthropic and self-effacing. If that’s truly the case, then why do they hold such obscene amounts of wealth—while so many others are left to live in blind ignorance, abject poverty, mounting debt, and eternal suffering?

It has taken me over fifty years to understand and catch limited glimpses of the Truth—the Truth that we, as a collective, have been kept in the dark for far too long. We’ve learned much from the experience and we may certainly be grateful for its lessons, but I suggest that it’s now time for us to know and understand the real Truth. We and our ancestors have paid a hefty price for it, after all—through millennia of persecution, pain, suffering, bloodshed, and human sacrifice.

So let’s all uncover the Truth together. Let’s begin learning to look inside ourselves, inside our own hearts for the Truth. Let’s establish our own personal, deeply intuitive connections to our Creator, our Earth, and all our Brother and Sister beings. With new understanding, we’ll finally be able to move forward in Peace, Forgiveness, Healing, and Love.

We’ve most certainly earned the right to that.



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Remembering Infinity: The “Cosmic Parfait”

Much as an ice cream parfait, Cosmic (or Universal) Consciousness is said to be separated into different layers.

Much as an ice cream parfait, Cosmic (or Universal) Consciousness is said to be separated into different layers.

Have you ever thought about the countless, amazing things that exist—just beyond the reach of our limited human senses? It’s proven fact that many such hidden worlds exist. X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, and radio wave technology provide us with glimpses of some of them every day—but these are just the beginning. In the infinite field of all possibility parallel universes, alternate realities, and multiple dimensions are said to occupy much the same space we do. But how is this possible?

Many esoteric schools of thought consider the existence of multiple dimensions—that is, layers of existence in which the occupants of each layer remain largely unaware of the others. Spiritually speaking, many believe these layers also represent steps along our evolutionary path. Each dimensional step upward represents an expansion of our experience, knowledge, and maturity—as well as our ability to perceive and comprehend the nature of the universe around us.

The Rosicrucians, for example, believe that there are seven Planes of Consciousness. As each individually conscious soul fragment (part of what we may think of as an individual person) reincarnates through lifetime after lifetime in each of these dimensions, its consciousness expands and it progresses. The planes are described as:






Demigod (Spirit); and,

God (Pure Spirit).

Put quite simply, a soul may have its first physical life experience as a very fundamental being with very limited awareness—a sentient being with a gas, liquid, or other very basic elemental or material body. This soul then advances through many experiences on the mineral, plant, and animal planes before it may incarnate as a human being. Finally, upon mastering the many lessons of humankind, the individual will eventually progress through higher realms as a being which some might refer to as a “Spirit Guide” or an “Ascended Master” (one who has attained much higher levels of spiritual knowledge—Jesus the Christ or the Buddha, for example). Once a soul has experienced everything it wishes and attains enlightenment, it returns to Source (what many may refer to or understand as “God”). In her groundbreaking work with clients under deep states of hypnosis, the late Dolores Cannon documented many communications with a Universal Subconscious or Super Consciousness that describes this same evolutionary process.

The layers of consciousness are described as being quite dense, dark, and most limited at the levels that are perceived to be the farthest away from Source*. As the soul evolves, each successive layer of existence becomes lighter, less dense, and less limited. In fact, many theories suggest that we, as eternal souls, once began our journey at the highest level where we once recognized ourselves as being One with Source. Wishing to experience all there was to experience however, we “separated” ourselves and took on necessary limitations in order to exist in these lower realms. This conscious choice provided us with the opportunity to feel separation, to learn, and to grow. In some religions, this separation is sometimes referred to as the “Fall of Man”, the “Fall from Grace”, or the “Original Sin”. Many also believe that many (if not all) of the human beings alive today are “old souls”—spiritual wanderers who have been working their way through these dimensions and back to Source for, quite literally, thousands of years. How’s that for a mind-bending idea?

To help better understand the concept, I like to envision these Planes of Consciousness as a dessert parfait with many different layers—all topped with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. Like a parfait, I imagine that each dimension or plane has its own unique characteristics and “flavor”. Of course, I love chocolate, but I’ve become tired of these dense, heavy, lower layers. Marked by their feelings of separation, survival, fear, and suffering, I’m envisioning and intending the next layers I experience to be much higher—with an abundance of Peace, Unity, Harmony, and Love. After all, what could possibly be better than the ethereal sweetness of that whipped cream on top? Or that beautiful cherry? I realize I may still have to put up with a few nuts along the way, but I suppose they’ll just add a little “texture” to the experience!

Hmmmm. It just so happens that there’s an ice cream parlor down the street and I’m strangely and suddenly in the mood for a decadent, frozen dessert. Huh. Yeah, like that’s anything new. Now where’d I put those darned car keys?



* While we may perceive these “darker” or “lower” levels to be further away and more separate from Source, it’s important to remember that all is Sourceincluding these. The separation and distance we feel is merely an illusion (as I discussed in my prior post, “The Illusion”).

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Remembering Infinity: If You Don’t Mind…

Age (and every other limitation you can think of) is a case of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it just doesn’t matter!

Age (and every other limitation you can think of) is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it just doesn’t matter!

There’s a familiar philosophical saying that states, “Where attention goes, energy flows”. A similar quote by noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung states, “What you resist, persists.” To me, these perceptive sayings are two similar ways of saying the same thing—they simply mean that the more we focus on something, the stronger it grows and the longer it will remain in our consciousness. Whether they’re aches and pains, negative thoughts, or allergies and illness, the more thought and attention we give them, the greater will be their affect upon us.

I’m sure you’ve all had those days—the ones where you get up in the morning and you just feel “off” somehow? You may have even gone to bed early and slept well, but when it came to getting up you just weren’t feeling the enthusiasm you needed to actually get up and carry on with the day. Sometimes, you might succumb to the feeling, shut off the alarm, call in sick to work, and pull the covers back over your head. Other days you might just shake it off, get up, and get on with it—often finding that your weariness was just a temporary feeling.

So what made the difference between these two reactions to a less-than-stellar start to the day? You did! In the latter reaction, you looked past a limiting, negative feeling and chose to focus on the possibility that you could experience something better instead. By making the conscious choice to get up and embrace the day despite your initial feelings, you set your intent to look past these limitations and experience the day in a new and positive way.

There are lots of other times when this strategy is helpful as well. When things suddenly go wrong during the day, when we feel illness or pain, or when we’re feeling afraid, frustrated, and angry, we’re often tempted to surrender to the influence of these negative “triggers”. At such times it’s important to realize that we do have a choice. We can allow them to overcome us—or not. If we acknowledge them, accept them, appreciate them, and let them go, we may then consciously choose to look past them and focus instead on the things, already inside us, that we would rather acknowledge and bring forward—things like health, strength, calm, and comfort. When we make the right choice, often before we even realize it, the unpleasant thoughts or feelings will have passed and we’ll be right back on track.

I think of this principle often, but I can almost guarantee I’ll be reminded of it every year on my—or someone else’s birthday. Those are the occasions when some have a tendency to bemoan life and complain about getting another year older. Me? Nah. I don’t think so! I choose to embrace the day. I’m grateful to have experienced another 365 days of life on this wonderful earth of ours—and I’m looking forward to experiencing as many more as I possibly can before I move on to the next mysterious adventure that awaits.

As I frequently tell my family and anyone else who will listen, age (and every other limitation you can think of) is just a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it just doesn’t matter!



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Remembering Infinity: The Drama Train

This Drama Train is pulling out of the station—will you be joining them for the trip?

This Drama Train is pulling out of the station—will you be joining them for the trip?

All aboooaaard!

I can see the conductor now, leaning out the doorway of one of the passenger cars as he scans the crowded platform below.  His head shakes in amazement and his lips are twisted in a sardonic grin.  He can’t believe so many people are still falling for it—but as long as he keeps getting a paycheck, he’ll be happy to herd them all onto the train like so many unsuspecting cattle.  Hundreds, thousands, even millions of people are pushing and shoving one another in a frenzied rush to join all the others—as if this was the last train out of town before disaster strikes!

But this train isn’t really going anywhere and the disaster they’re all fleeing is really just a cruel figment of someone’s imagination. Not one of them realizes it, but they’re all clamoring to climb on board for an ill-fated trip on the Drama Train.

We see its mad rush every day—in our personal relationships or in our day-to-day interactions with people at school, work, or elsewhere.  And we certainly see it on so-called social media and television.  Everyone has their latest fears, worries, troubles, or gossip to spread, for misery does indeed love company!

Isn’t it amazing to see how everyone seems to be under such incredible pressure to be somewhere, be somebody they’re really not, or do something, anything, in fact, because there aren’t enough hours in the day—or so they say?   We’re so pressured to achieve something that every minute has to be occupied.  We’re constantly prodded into spending the last of our hard-earned dollars or going into debt to buy what we’re told are the latest “must-have” in personal adornments, techno-baubles, and distracto-gadgets.

Some may be thinking, “But what about all those wonderful hours we spend relaxing in front of the TV?  After all, we can kick back and be entertained—right in the comfort of our very own homes.  Surely that’s time well spent!”  Hmmm.  If one can honestly call a multitude of cleverly disguised, manipulative sales pitches interspersed with shows that put down, divide, frustrate, and promote conflict as being worthwhile, then I suppose that’s right.  But between the news, with its focus on violence, crime, disaster, poverty, illness, partisanship, lack, and fear, violent sports contests, and “reality” competition shows where people habitually snipe, snub, and backstab one another—all for the sake of self-gratification, celebrity status, “bragging rights”, or outright monetary gain, I’d say that they’re all just taking another ride on the Drama Train.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t see the train for what it is—a one-way trip to global and self-destruction.  If you’ve ever seen one of those old western films where the train plunges off a collapsed bridge and into the chasm below, then you’ve seen exactly where this train is headed.  And no matter which way you turn, you’ll find these trains and their stations everywhere.  They’re just waiting for everyone to clamber on.  But don’t worry—the ride’s absolutely free and there are always plenty of seats!

The good news is that people are finally waking up. More and more are realizing that they’ve been controlled, fooled, tricked, and even hypnotized into believing that they need to be going wherever the Drama Train goes.  They’ve been trained to fear the unknown and expect the worst.  They’ve learned that they must fight against everything and compete against everyone if they are to ever achieve the success they want or the things they’ve been told they need.  And most of all, they’ve been conditioned to just be “one of the crowd”—that they need to fit in and conform, at all costs.  After all, there’s safety in numbers, isn’t there? And if everyone else is doing it, then it must be the right thing to do.

So please, hop aboard if you’re so inclined!  Everyone is free to make their own choices and whichever choice you make will be the right one for you.  And if you find yourself already on the train and having second thoughts about it, then no worries—just get off! But if you do decide to get back on later, I can guarantee there’ll be plenty of opportunities to do so—and I won’t judge you, either way.

As for me, I’d much rather walk.  It’s much slower to be sure, but there’re lots of sights to see and interesting experiences to have along the way.  And I won’t have to be concerned with crowds, deadlines, or collapsing bridges.  No, this is one train that’s clearly not for me.

Uh, oh.  Looks like this train’s about to leave. The conductor’s checking his list and it looks like he’s not too happy with the fact that there are still some empty seats.  If you’re going, you’d best get aboard now!




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