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Remembering Infinity: The Treasure Hunt

The value of the riches that may be found on our spiritual “treasure hunt” will far exceed that of any and all worldly treasures.

The value of the riches that may be found on our spiritual “treasure hunt” will far exceed that of any and all worldly treasures.

Several weeks back, I received some inspiration through a comment from a reader (thanks, Matthew!) that led me to think of life and our spiritual evolution as a treasure hunt—and isn’t that just the perfect analogy for it?

A treasure hunt usually begins with an “awakening”, when someone stumbles across a mysterious clue of some kind. Perhaps they accidentally discover a faded map hidden in a picture frame, tucked away in an old trunk in a dusty attic, or buried in the yard of a neglected old home. The mysterious clue fills the finder with excitement and dreams of uncovering great wealth. They then embark on an amazing journey, fraught with myriad challenges and danger. Through it all, they are sustained by an undying faith that their search will prove worthwhile in the end.

Treasure hunts bring to mind visions of musty chests filled with silver coins, gold bullion, and precious gemstones. Sometimes the finds are ancient artifacts that reveal mystic secrets and long-hidden knowledge. I recall my own dreams of treasure as a young child, when my mom or dad would hide a few coins or a candy bar in our home and leave me a few hidden, cryptic clues that would lead me to the cache. I was also entertained by many books and movies, typically of the pirate or “Wild West” genre, that captivated me with their thrills, unexpected danger, and tales of woe and heartbreak.

It seems to me that our life journeys are much the same. We’re given a few clues that hint of the priceless riches that await us, we keep moving forward on our path toward the discovery of our own Spiritual Truth, and we overcome the many challenges that confront us along the way. In modern times, we may not always have to fend off hordes of marauders, bands of hostile guerrillas, or fierce competitors, but the stumbling blocks are there nonetheless—and they are just as formidable in their own right. Our quest is indeed difficult for, in many ways, we’re nudged along and bolstered only by our hopes, dreams, and a deep, personal faith that such a treasure truly exists.

Where our own incredible journeys are concerned, I wish to share my confidence that, not only do such treasures exist, their riches far exceed any visions one might have of any and all material wealth. Nothing can compare to the priceless knowledge and discoveries we collect along the twists and turns of our paths. Our clues may be shrouded in mystery and quite difficult to find, but to the true seekers they are there—and they will eventually be found. And if we work together, freely sharing our experiences and encouraging one another along the way, one day we’ll all lift that heavy, creaking lid and gaze in wonder upon our own hidden treasures.

I think too that one day we may be surprised to find that the riches we’ve sought for so long won’t be found the chest at the end of the trail after all. We may just discover that the ultimate treasure was the excitement and the experience of the hunt itself!



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Remembering Infinity: Oak Island Treasure

What is the treasure that was so well-hidden and protected on Oak Island?

What is the treasure that was so well-hidden and protected on Oak Island?

When I was a young boy, I remember curling up cozily on a spare bed in an upstairs storage area at my grandmother’s house.  I spent many a dreary, foggy afternoon there, reading.  To me, it actually seemed more a library than a storage area—for it had shelves and bookcases filled with books of all kinds and a large wooden drafting desk in the middle of the room.  There were stacks of dusty old magazines, several kinds of encyclopedia sets, and a large collection of Reader’s Digest magazines.

I recall reading an article in one of the digests about one of the longest treasure hunts in history.  It was focused upon the small, wooded Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada.  The search for treasure there has reportedly been going on for more than 200 years—and it still continues today.  The article told of what was, to some, a lifetime effort to recover what is thought to be a treasure of enormous wealth.  Indications are that a concrete-protected vault exists, buried more than 150 feet in what is now known as the “Money Pit”.  The vault is rumored to contain not just material treasures such as ancient coins, gold artifacts, and precious stones, but perhaps even articles of profound religious and spiritual significance.

Unfortunately for searchers, an ingenious and complex system of obstructions and traps awaited them. During their determined efforts to solve the island’s mystery and recover the treasure, excavated tunnels collapsed or filled with seawater—and six men have thus far lost their lives.

When I first read the article, I was intrigued by the possibilities.  What could have been of such value that it was buried so carefully?  Who could have had the knowledge to develop such an elaborate system of traps and obstacles so far in the past?  Was it pirates or wealthy royal exiles, as the article suggested—or something else entirely? Many nights thereafter, I fell asleep pondering the riddle.  What are the deep, dark secrets that Oak Island has kept concealed for so long and at such a high human cost?

Since then, as do many childhood memories, the mystery of Oak Island simply faded into the shrouded mists of time.  I grew up, made a life for myself, and, rather recently, began refocusing my interest on all things spiritual and metaphysical.  My earnest study led me through a maze of esoteric teachings from a variety of ancient religions, Theosophical philosophies, and the New Age movement.  Throughout my explorations, I’ve found that much of the Gnostic material involves or makes reference to the Rosicrucian Order, Templar Knights, Freemasons, and other “secret” societies.  What I find quite compelling too, are the connections between these organizations and the Founding Fathers of our country, the United States of America.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their inspired experiment in Liberty began at approximately the same time as the Oak Island mystery.

Be that as it may, one can scarcely imagine my surprise when, some four decades later, I stumbled across a television show on the History Channel called “The Curse of Oak Island”.  The show follows the modern-day efforts of two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, as they take over the search for Oak Island treasure.  As it turns out, they too discovered the mystery in the Reader’s Digest article when they were boys—just as I had.  Their story, now playing out for the whole world to see, quickly brought back all the intrigue I once felt as I pored through that little magazine so many years ago.

The part of this story that amazes me most is the synchronicity of it all—not just the search or treasure itself, but the possible connections it may have with hidden spiritual knowledge and its timing in relation to my own search for the same.  As I once asked myself, I must now ask the same question.  Is this simply a case of hidden pirate treasure, or is it really something of far greater value?  Some say that there are many repositories of ancient, spiritual knowledge that have been hidden away—purposely left behind so that one day someone might find them and utilize them for the benefit of all Mankind.  I think, perhaps, that Oak Island is one of these.

All I know is that I’m on the edge of my seat—hoping to finally learn the Truth of this centuries-old mystery.  I’d like to applaud the dedication of the Lagina brothers, Dan Blankenship, and the many others who have given so much to the search for what has been hidden for so long beneath Oak Island’s soil.  I can’t help but feel that it may play out to be far more incredible story than anyone could possibly imagine. There’s only one thing that’s certain—only time will tell!



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Remembering Infinity: Finding Our Way

How, and from where, do we receive true spiritual guidance?

How, and from where, do we receive true spiritual guidance?

The path to spiritual enlightenment tends to be a confusing one—for there are no maps or obvious road signs to point out the way. I suppose it’s like trying to make it to the top of a mountain and being lost in the forest below—where tall trees obscure the view, darkness often abides, and many blind trails weave through the heavy underbrush.

Whether the goal is the top of a mountain or spiritual enlightenment, we can always take comfort in the fact that, if we keep at it, we’ll eventually get there. But when we’re faced with a choice of directions on the spiritual path, which is the best way to turn? After all, it’s not like we can just stop at the nearest gas station and ask for directions. How, and from where, do we receive true spiritual guidance?  

I was raised as a Catholic and, in the Church’s doctrine, the way to “Heaven” always seemed quite clear. One must refrain from a multitude of sins, worship God and all “Higher Beings” (Jesus Christ and the many Saints, for example), and follow the Church’s myriad rules with respect to prayer, confession, mass, communion, and the like. While I have a profound appreciation and respect for these and other beliefs, very few of them seemed to ring true or resonate with my own sense of “inner knowing”.  It occurred to me that the authorities of every religion see theirs as the one, true way to enlightenment. With so many religions and so many different approaches, how is this possible—and which, if any, was the right one for me?

My paternal grandmother’s spiritual outlook was much more broad-minded, eclectic, and accepting. She appreciated the finer aspects of all religions and passionately studied anything related to spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness. My grandparents’ home was cluttered with stacks and stacks of books by Emmett Fox, Joel Goldsmith, Norman Vincent Peale, and many others. I remember my grandmother fondly, as she would often sit on the steps in the backyard near her favorite pink roses—her deeply lined hands resting on her apron-covered lap, eyes closed, peacefully meditating in the soft morning sun. Many times, when I was confused about something, I would ask her, “Grandma, what do you think I should do?” She would pat my hand lovingly, smile in that gentle, reassuring way of hers, and say, “What I think doesn’t really matter. It’s what you think that’s important. You already know all the answers deep inside you. All you have to do is look within to find them.”

“Um, OK, thanks, Grandma!” I’d reply. I had absolutely no idea what she really meant and I’d run off to play—often more confused than before. Then, after thinking about my dilemma for some time and reconsidering my options, I would, as she suggested, discover the right choice for me–one that would somehow be in alignment with both my heart and my head.  I haven’t thought much about it in the years since, but I now understand that my grandmother was simply teaching me how to find my own answers. She was teaching me how to be my own guide.

Sometimes when we feel lost, as I did then, the first thing we do is turn to others for direction. We may consult so-called “gurus”, healers, or spiritual leaders—those who, in our perception, have far greater knowledge than we do. We may also seek information and guidance through the abundance of religious or spiritual texts, books, videos, and Internet resources that are available today. Even friends, acquaintances, and family members may have a great deal of life experience and advice to offer—but the important thing to remember when seeking guidance from any source outside yourself is that their Truth does not have to be your Truth. Furthermore, their viewpoint isn’t necessarily any greater or better than your own—in fact, many times it’s just different.

In my limited experience—and, as my grandmother so wisely suggested, I’ve found that the best place to seek guidance has been within. While the chaos of the outside world tends to drown out the quiet wisdom of our own inner voice, it’s always there. Our own “Higher Self”, which some may refer to as one’s soul, conscience, or even “gut instinct”, will never fail us if we only trust it and allow it to guide us.  The voice may at times seem quite faint, but it’s always there if we listen for it.

I’ve also discovered that another invaluable resource for inner guidance is an understanding of and appreciation for synchronicity—that is, those seemingly coincidental events that catch our attention and somehow seem pertinent to the situation at hand. Many of these seem to have unexpected significance and subtly urge us in a particular direction. These mysterious, often helpful circumstances seem to occur more and more as I’ve opened myself to their existence—but I suppose that’s a topic for an entirely different post.

In the end, the choices we face and the decisions we make must be entirely our own. No one else can decide for us where, when, or how we should travel on the road to enlightenment. I’ve often heard that we’re always right where we’re supposed to be and doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing—and I believe it. Everyone’s path is different and each will eventually turn out to be the best one possible for their own individual growth. While we may stumble off the trail or become entangled in briars now and then, we all wind up making our way through these challenges somehow wiser, stronger, and better than we were before. We’ll all eventually get there—and when we do, I’m assured that the view will be quite spectacular.   So now, before setting off in any new direction, I check my inner compass first, last, and always–because I know it’ll never steer me wrong!



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Remembering Infinity: Hidden Beauty


Human Beings are like colorful stones–their hidden inner beauty is often only discovered after they have been tumbled and polished by life.

From the greatest to the smallest, every being, situation, and condition is a unique and perfect expression of Infinite Intelligence.  As Human Beings, we often tend to think of things in dualistic terms—that is, we often quickly judge things to be “good” or “bad” (with varying degrees in between) from our own limited perspective.  By being so quick to judge however, we limit ourselves to a much more narrow understanding of the circumstances and frequently overlook the hidden beauty or value that lies therein.

Take the experience of weather, for example.  If two people awaken in the morning and look outside to discover that it’s raining, they might have two different perspectives on the situation.  One might be grateful and happy.  “Good”, he or she might think, “it’s been dry and we really need the rain”.   “Darn,” the other might frown, “I was hoping to go swimming today and now my plans are ruined!”

It’s quite easy to understand both points of view—and both individuals are certainly entitled to their opinion.  There is, however, another way to look at things.  While one’s ego may tend to judge the rain solely in accord with its own wishes, a more understanding and balanced viewpoint might consider a much larger picture.  A more perceptive person may not only accept his or her “self-serving” feelings, but consciously expand them to appreciate the fleeting beauty of the storm, accept it as a necessary part of a much greater natural cycle, and be grateful for the experience—exactly as it is.

While we might habitually complain about “this” or “that”, can you imagine how dismal and boring our world would be if things were always the same?  With no winds or waves to shift the sands or stir the palm trees, even an idyllic tropical island would quickly lose its appeal .  A constant humidity would rob the sky of its billowing clouds and its fiery, glowing sunsets.  Finally, at a level temperature, both the beach and sea would seem hopelessly flat—neither having much to offer in contrast to the other.

As it is, Nature unfolds itself in perfect ways—each as glorious as the next in its radiant diversity.  Instead of lying dormant and still, natural forces engage each other in an artful and flowing dance.  They can’t help but surprise and delight us if we simply pause long enough to notice, observe, and embrace their infinite wonders.  With just a moments’ extra attention and a slight shift of perspective, we are suddenly capable of experiencing our world in new and mysterious ways.  Colors somehow seem brighter, sounds have more resonance, and we feel a much greater connection to and appreciation for our own eternal essence.

Just as the abrasive actions of a rock tumbler coax shine and brilliant color from the heart of an ordinary stone, so too do the trials and tribulations of life reveal the greatest character of a Human Being.  It is only through the experience and process of overcoming these difficulties that we are able to find an enduring grace within—and allow it to reflect back on our world.  One has only to look past the course outer shell of humankind to realize that its grandest potential lies just beneath the surface.

So let’s all work together to develop a new habit—one in which we seek and discover the beauty that is so cleverly hidden within the nature of all things!



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