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Meme featuring the “Q” quote, “Stay the course. WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All!”


In the first post of this multi-part blog series, I made the very bold suggestion that the question, “Who is Q?” could prove to be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself in this life.  Today, with even more conviction, I stand by that statement.

I know what you must certainly be thinking.

Seriously?  How could a “conspiracy theory” really be that important?  I can think of lots of questions that are much more important!  Questions like, “Will you marry me?” “Where’d I come from, Mom—no, really?” And there’s the really big question everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime, “Where did that one stupid sock go?” While I’m thinking about it, let’s not forget the inevitable follow-up to that question, “How on earth did that get there?”

Missing socks and mysterious reappearances aside, the question of Q becomes of vital importance when one looks at the much larger picture.  If one thinks of it from the “40,000 foot view” (as Q likes to put it) or even the 80,000 foot view (as I’ll eventually lead you), this question can literally change everything in and about your own world.

There’s little doubt that even the simple act of questioning Q has already had a significant effect.  If you’ve followed this series of posts alone, you’ve likely explored and considered not only Q, but the concepts of:

            4-Chan and Anons

            Secret societies, S@t@nism, and Deep State

            Corrupted public officials, institutions, and mainstream media

            Coded language and communications

            Duality and spiritual warfare

            Censorship, mental programming, and control

            Positive messaging, “White Hats”, and peaceful change

            “The Great Awakening”, Unity, and our Collective Consciousness

If at least one of these ideas is new to you, then congratulations—you’ve probably expanded your own mind a bit, even if you don’t agree with or believe everything I’ve written.  For some of you, all of this may seem a bit “out there.”  I get it.  We’re not used to being able to look at these kinds of things without being ridiculed, harassed, or being referred to as “tin-foil hat wearing nut jobs.”  When you look all at this from a much broader perspective however, these dismissals are actually a part of the control narrative.  We’re not allowed to consider anything that might possibly contradict the Deep State, spoon-fed narratives.  We’re not allowed to “think outside the boxes” that Deep State so generously gives us.  After all, by doing so, we just might discover something that’s much closer to the truth—if not actually the Truth itself.

For anyone who has been at all curious about how these concepts apply to our current human experience (and perhaps even beyond) this may be just the beginning of your own search for Truth.  I realize many of you may be new to many of the ideas I’ve previously discussed in my blog, but I would argue that we literally have the power to change our reality.  That’s why the Deep State has worked so hard to control and limit humanity for such a long time.  They don’t want us to know that we are just as powerful as they are—in fact, we are the vast majority and we are actually much more powerful than they are!

Think about the many ways we’re limited.  In government, for example, we’re largely forced to choose between two carefully manipulated and often diametrically opposed parties.  In either case however, we’ve given our energy and executive power to someone else so they can act “on our behalf”.  But do they—really?

In many organized religions, we’re led to believe that we’re deeply flawed, weak, and unworthy of a Divinity that is somehow very separate from us—or that we must be “saved” from eternal damnation by other beings that are far superior to us.  In your heart, do you really and truly feel this is true?

In sharp contrast to the images presented by these self-proclaimed “authorities”, we often learn that there is a very large “double standard” at play.  We see, more and more frequently, that those whom we’ve trusted were probably never worthy of our trust at all.  Politicians, priests, sports coaches, and even teachers (just to name a few) have frequently abused their power to take advantage of and even victimize others.

But the manipulations certainly don’t end there.  Our scientific, health care, educational, and corporate institutions have collectively tricked us into believing in the inevitability of illness, inferiority, and lack.  They feed upon these insecurities to sell us far more products and services than we ever truly need.  Think about the constant struggles we modern humans have—all to achieve an “acceptable” standard of living.  We’re driven to consume, consume, consume—and to hell with the consequences that we and our environment must bear.

We’re driven by an artificial need to buy the latest and greatest technology, the nicest homes and furnishings, the highest rated luxury cars, and the largest televisions we can possibly afford.  We willingly go into debt for an education that we may—or may not even need.  We’re told that our taxes are needed to pay for many things—national defense, roads and infrastructure, public safety, public health, as well as countless welfare and entitlement services.  And as if that weren’t enough, we have to pay dearly for everything else—health care, medications, Internet service, electricity, insurance, gasoline, food, and even water.

I just have to ask the simple question…why are all these costs so extreme?  Why does our military need to spend $10,000.00 on a toilet seat when the rest of us can buy one at a local home improvement store for around 15 bucks?  Why are health care and even life-saving medications so ridiculously expensive?  How can health care for a “healthy” family cost as much or more than their monthly mortgage payment?  Is this truly so that a corrupt few can line their pockets with our money?

It’s important for us to see that, within all this Deep State manipulation, there are built-in opportunities for massive levels of corruption, fraud, and waste.  It is through these that we’ve been driven into a state of eternal debt.  We’re also being relentlessly driven into helpless conditions of stress, addiction, and illness.  Everywhere we turn, we’re confronted with coordinated Deep State messages of division, hatred, and fear.  And we’re only too happy to buy into their “problem-reaction-solution” paradigm.  The fact is, we’ve all been blindly led into a system that has subtly but literally enslaved us—and it’s done so without our even realizing it.

What if we could change all that?

What if we could expose the full extent of this extreme corruption and control—and unmask all who took advantage of our innocence and trust for their own selfish gains?

What if we could start all over again—and essentially “re-boot” all these unsustainable and inhumane systems?

Finally, what if we could transform these systems into something that is transparent, fair, and to the benefit of all—not just an elite few?

This is actually what’s possible and this is what Q is asking us to do.

The transformation process must begin, not at the “top”, where we’ve been told all the power lies.  It must begin instead with us—each and every one.  We have the power.  We have the individual and collective power to change our world and everything in it—and every one of us is a vital part of this change.  We can begin by simply recognizing this power and standing in it.  We become unstoppable once we learn this—and once we begin to stand together as one.

Do you now see and understand how important these questions are?

If so and you agree, I ask you to stand with me and many others as we work together to build a brighter future.  I’ve said it before—and I’ll keep saying it as long as it’s necessary.

Stand strong, Patriots.

We not only can do this, we are doing it.  Together.

Love Always,


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Meme featuring a frequent “Q” quote, “Dark to Light”, posted on the Internet.


Since the first “Q” messages were posted on October 28, 2017, there have been nearly 1,900 of them accredited to that source to date.  I’ve followed them from very nearly the beginning and, based upon my own independent exploration of related subjects over the last few years (beginning in earnest around 2012), I’ve found the information in and of itself to be quite compelling.

To distill the Q assertions into one easy-to-swallow “red pill”, they are simply this.  Our world is ultimately controlled, governed, and exploited by a thoroughly corrupted, elite, and evil “Deep State” organization.  Many of its highest echelons are heavily involved in Satanic practices, as well as the perhaps “lesser” activities of human trafficking, financial manipulation, and the proliferation of illegal drugs and crime.  Lower level subordinates (who often occupy high positions in modern society) are often forced to cooperate through blackmail, coercion, or threats to their safety and families.  The remainder (members of a largely unaware public) are simply manipulated into complacency through distraction, addiction, or the manipulation of public opinion through the mainstream media and so-called “popular culture”, as well as many of our most trusted institutions.

The darkness of this “Deep State” has thoroughly infested our cultures, institutions, corporations, homes, and even our own individual psyches.  Evidence of its vile existence is everywhere—and for those who have finally awakened to its presence and have eyes to see, its existence can no longer be denied.  While much of the battle against it now seems to be waged in the highly charged political environment of the United States, it is indeed global—and it’s a very deeply entrenched illness.  It’s highly sophisticated, multi-layered, and it directly affects all of us and our world.

While the idea of an unopposed “Deep State” may be frightening to or rejected as “fantasy” by many, the good news is that most of humanity is finally awakening to it.  People are finally starting to see through the veil of lies, disinformation, and persuasion that has hidden its existence for so long.  The vast majority of people in trusted positions such as our governments, military, police, and other public services are honest, hard-working citizens.  A much smaller number of these are fully aware of what was—and is currently transpiring.  Like Q, they hold themselves to the highest ideals and standards.  Like the rest of us, the cards had been heavily stacked against them and they had to remain silent or suffer severe consequences.  But now, the energetic tide has turned.  Many are finally able to speak out.  Many are joining together to oppose the Deep State.  They are True Patriots and will never surrender.  Q asks us to trust them, just as we must ultimately trust ourselves and each other.  To quote two often quoted Q phrases, “Trust the Plan” and “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Another very important point to remember is that the apparent chaos and violent resistance we’re witnessing today is merely a symptom.  It’s a very clear sign that this desperate and rapidly dying evil has lost control.  The obvious increase in hateful rhetoric, divisiveness, and even violence has only become necessary because the “Deep State” status quo has become not only challenged, but gravely threatened.  It’s a sign that this despicable darkness is now having to openly fight for its very survival.  It’s essential for us to understand that, at its core, this isn’t just a struggle between “right” or “left”, “Republican” or “Democrat”, or even “Conservative” or “Liberal”.  The corruption lies at all levels and on both sides of our institutions world-wide.  “Deep State” is pitting all sides against one anotheras it has always done, in order to sustain itself.

Make no mistake about it, this is most certainly a spiritual battle as well.  From a psychological and metaphysical viewpoint, much of the conflict we’re seeing is merely a reflection of what has always been present, but deeply hidden within the collective consciousness of Humanity—and indeed ourselves.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring Darkness to Light, look closely at the things we’re being shown, and perhaps choose to resolveor even heal them.  Although the Deep State has made every effort to hide it from us (they prefer to keep the knowledge of this to themselves), we actually have tremendous power.  We not only have the choice between “Good” and “Evil”, we have infinite choice!  As long as we remain locked in a paradigm of choosing between two opposing factions (“right” or “left”, etc.), we remain locked in their contrived matrix of “Duality”.

If that’s the case then, how do we free ourselves?

Perhaps we can recognize the value of ALL CHOICES and simply choose to support only those thoughts, words, and actions that we feel are best in any given moment.

With that said, let me get back to the topic at hand—Q.  The recent and obviously well-coordinated mainstream media assault on the Q Movement is clearly one that attempts to paint all involved as “deranged and dangerous conspiracy theorists”.  Quite to the contrary of these claims, I have found Q supporters to be overwhelmingly articulate, sensible, and fiercely loyal to the ideals of “Liberty and Justice for All” (to borrow a phrase)—and not just for the benefit of a “chosen” or elite few.  Their sense of “Patriotism” isn’t simply reserved for or directed to the United States alone, it’s intended to support complete Freedom for Humanity.

The mainstream media claims against the Q Movement are not only patently false, they have only strengthened my own resolve to seek and find the Ultimate Truth.  In fact, when one considers the motivation of mainstream media (i.e., “Fake News”) to continue pressing its own “Deep State” message, this assault not only lends credence to the legitimacy of Q, it signals what must certainly be their extreme state of desperation.  It seems unlikely that the “Deep State” would intentionally bring this information source to broad public attention and risk such serious backlash if it wasn’t absolutely desperate.

If you would like to explore the topic further, I highly recommend the following:

1)  Watch the following brief (14-minute) video entitled, “Q—The Plan To Save The World”.  It provides an excellent summary of the purpose and motivation behind the Q movement.

There is an alternate version here (just in case the first site has been removed or is not available for some reason):

2)  Visit the QAnon page, upon which all accredited Q posts have been archived:

3)  Finally, as I encouraged earlier, please: Question. Research. Decide for yourself.

For now, I’ll leave you with these four posts.  In a few days, I’ll follow up with some more thoughts about the Q Movement–as well as some thoughts about the “Universal” nature of this most interesting “adventure.”  See you then!

Love Always,


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Remembering Infinity: Taking Back Our Power

We are, as wildflowers in a field, beautiful, unique, and sovereign aspects of All That Is.

We are, as wildflowers in a field, beautiful, unique, and sovereign aspects of All That Is.

A post from another blog, “Behind the White Coat” by Victo Dolore, got me thinking about authority—and how so many of us have learned to give so much of our power away to others.  In her blog post entitled “Big Butts”, Dr. Dolore considers the natural characteristics of our human bodies that many perceive to be flaws and asks the question, “Who gets to decide what is pretty and what isn’t?”

It immediately occurred to me that we’ve allowed society, industry, government, and so many others to make those kinds of decisions for us. Their nearly impossible standards of “perfection” always leave us wanting—and willing to pay quite handsomely for more.  Unfortunately, we’ve all been taught that we’re less than perfect.  We’re constantly and subtly being told that we’re sub-par—that, no matter how hard we may try, we’ll never quite be good enough.  We must always look to someone else to love us, heal us, protect us, “save” us, and even judge or approve of us.  I don’t remember giving my “vote” away to anyone else.  How is it that someone else gets to decide for me what’s beautiful, what’s necessary, or even what’s morally right?

As I thought about the issue, I realized that the roots of my own behavior patterns, quite naturally, began when I was a child—at a time when my parents, teachers, and other “authorities” knew a great deal more about life and living than I did.  At that time, I had no choice but to accept their viewpoints and submit to their wills.  If I didn’t, I either wouldn’t get the things I wanted (usually food, toys, or love and attention) or I’d suffer some form of punishment and disapproval instead.

I became so accustomed to pleasing others that this behavioral pattern became the template for my success.  In our judgmental, hierarchal, and close-minded society I quickly learned that, where my personal advancement or acceptance was concerned, conformity was everything.  At home and school, in church, and eventually in the workplace, this lesson was only reinforced.  I learned, little by little, that I often needed to sacrifice my individuality, curiosity, and even personal values for the sake of a class grade, a relationship, my immortal salvation, or a paycheck.  Sad as it is to say, every time I allowed my consent, my voice, or personal power of choice to slip away, there was some person, some institution, or some other “authority” there who was ready, able, and more than willing to take it.

While I greatly understand and appreciate the need for human beings—and indeed, all God’s creatures to respect, accept, and work cooperatively with one another, none is above any other and all are entitled to their own Free Will choices and voice.  I’ve discovered that each is a unique wonderful expression of our Divine Creator and that each should be free to express itself as such (so long as it doesn’t harm or violate the Free Will choices of another).

I don’t know about you or anyone else, but I’m through letting others speak and act for me.  I’ve had more than enough of letting someone else decide what’s “best” for me.  Only I get to do that. I AM a sovereign being in my own right and I AM the only master of my destiny.  We are already powerful, resilient, and sovereign beings—we’re just not allowed to remember this because those in power wish to selfishly keep that knowledge for themselves.

So who gets to decide what anything is? I do. You do. We each and all do. I hereby cancel any and all “proxy votes” I may have unwittingly surrendered and I’m now standing tall in the brilliant Light of Truth—the Truth that we are, as One, beautiful, unique, and sovereign aspects of All That Is.

Oh…and while some may try, don’t let anyone convince you that you’re anything less!



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Remembering Infinity: Co-creating Our Future

Do we really create our own future and change our world by changing our own “energy” and thoughts?  Why yes, we do!

Do we really co-create our own future and change our world by changing our own “energy” and thoughts? Why yes, we do!

Over the past few years, one of the things that has fascinated me is the concept that we create (and collectively co-create) our own future through a process that some call the “Law of Attraction”. This simply means that we attract future situations and conditions to us through our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Hmmmm. I know. Some of you may think that sounds an awful lot like New Age “mumbo-jumbo”—and I can certainly understand why you may not be entirely convinced.

But let’s look at it this way. Every day when you get up, you think about what you need to do. There are personal needs, then work, school, and chores—or perhaps you’re on vacation and decide to relax and see some of the sights.  Once you’ve thought about these things and made plans, don’t you just do them?  Don’t the things you do and the decisions you make have a direct impact on what “happens” to you during your day?  You may certainly correct me if I’m wrong, but by thinking about and then acting upon your intentions, you create a significant part of your own future experience!   I know we don’t tend to think much about it, but we create our future, just like that—every day of the week.

This aspect of creation is generally accepted by most people of course but, believe it or not, it’s also a very limited way of thinking.  Most people wouldn’t argue the fact that we can create some aspects of our future through our Free Will choices and actions, but that’s exactly where their vision ends.

The more I study and learn about metaphysics, the more I find that we affect our world and our environment in very subtle ways—ways many of us can’t even begin to imagine or understand. In a previous post, “On Beads and Timelines”, I wrote about how we subtly shift ourselves through a variety of different timelines, thereby creating countless future possibilities through the personal choices we make. We also attract to us, on a quantum (sub-atomic) level, those very conditions we need to progress and grow spiritually—and I’m pleased to suggest that this may just be the beginning!

What I’ve been observing lately is that, as my attitude and personal energy changes in either a “positive” or “negative” way, this somehow affects the world around me in a similar manner. As I change myself from within, I eventually see these changes reflected externally—and these changes seem to be occurring more and more quickly as I gain confidence in the process. When I choose to be more calm and happy, for example, I notice those around me seem to be much more calm and happy. When I’m in such a state of mind, I experience much less drama, discord, and outright conflict. I also know that things are much more apt to go smoothly and well. Drawing from several years of similar experiences and observations, I’m certain that we not only affect one another energetically, we also change our immediate surroundings—and, in a cumulative and collective way, our entire world.

So as we begin this bright, shining New Year, I’ve already set my intentions to work with others and experience a world that is filled with Gratitude, Peace, and Love. Why not think about and begin consciously co-creating the future you wish to see in 2015—and beyond? All you have to do is begin with yourself. Like ripples on a pond, your energy will project outward—blending with the energy of others to create the change you would like to see.

There’s no better time to start than right now. There’s a fresh New Year at hand and the sky’s the limit! Wait…let me rephrase that. There’s a fresh New Year at hand and there are no limits!

May you and your loved ones enjoy countless blessings not just today and throughout the New Year, but always!



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Remembering Infinity: If You Don’t Mind…

Age (and every other limitation you can think of) is a case of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it just doesn’t matter!

Age (and every other limitation you can think of) is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it just doesn’t matter!

There’s a familiar philosophical saying that states, “Where attention goes, energy flows”. A similar quote by noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung states, “What you resist, persists.” To me, these perceptive sayings are two similar ways of saying the same thing—they simply mean that the more we focus on something, the stronger it grows and the longer it will remain in our consciousness. Whether they’re aches and pains, negative thoughts, or allergies and illness, the more thought and attention we give them, the greater will be their affect upon us.

I’m sure you’ve all had those days—the ones where you get up in the morning and you just feel “off” somehow? You may have even gone to bed early and slept well, but when it came to getting up you just weren’t feeling the enthusiasm you needed to actually get up and carry on with the day. Sometimes, you might succumb to the feeling, shut off the alarm, call in sick to work, and pull the covers back over your head. Other days you might just shake it off, get up, and get on with it—often finding that your weariness was just a temporary feeling.

So what made the difference between these two reactions to a less-than-stellar start to the day? You did! In the latter reaction, you looked past a limiting, negative feeling and chose to focus on the possibility that you could experience something better instead. By making the conscious choice to get up and embrace the day despite your initial feelings, you set your intent to look past these limitations and experience the day in a new and positive way.

There are lots of other times when this strategy is helpful as well. When things suddenly go wrong during the day, when we feel illness or pain, or when we’re feeling afraid, frustrated, and angry, we’re often tempted to surrender to the influence of these negative “triggers”. At such times it’s important to realize that we do have a choice. We can allow them to overcome us—or not. If we acknowledge them, accept them, appreciate them, and let them go, we may then consciously choose to look past them and focus instead on the things, already inside us, that we would rather acknowledge and bring forward—things like health, strength, calm, and comfort. When we make the right choice, often before we even realize it, the unpleasant thoughts or feelings will have passed and we’ll be right back on track.

I think of this principle often, but I can almost guarantee I’ll be reminded of it every year on my—or someone else’s birthday. Those are the occasions when some have a tendency to bemoan life and complain about getting another year older. Me? Nah. I don’t think so! I choose to embrace the day. I’m grateful to have experienced another 365 days of life on this wonderful earth of ours—and I’m looking forward to experiencing as many more as I possibly can before I move on to the next mysterious adventure that awaits.

As I frequently tell my family and anyone else who will listen, age (and every other limitation you can think of) is just a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it just doesn’t matter!



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Remembering Infinity: Setting Your Intentions

A driver signals his or her intention to drive when he or she puts the car in gear.

A driver signals his or her intention to drive when he or she puts the car in gear.

There’s an old saying that states, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  I’m not quite sure how to interpret that, other than to consider that some attempts to do well for others aren’t successful or backfire—and as an unintended consequence, do more harm than good.  But seriously, is that quote meant to discourage us from trying to do good things?  Or is it merely trying to make us think twice before we “set” our intentions on something?  I certainly hope it’s the latter.

Intentions are powerful things.  In fact, setting one’s intention is probably the most powerful thing one can do, short of actually taking action.  I liken this to putting one’s car into gear before releasing the brake—it’s a conscious, focused action that lets your car know that you’ve decided to go somewhere and you’re ready to go.  At this point, the only thing that’s stopping you from acting on your desire is you. Once you take your foot off the brake, the intended action is free to take on a life of its own.  Just like our driver, once you set your intentions in motion, it’s usually best to have your hands on the wheel, your foot near the brake, and your wits about you—just in case the situation starts to take you someplace you’d rather not go.

But intention is much more than simply preparing you to go somewhere.  It also signals the Universe that you’ve made a mindful decision, you’re ready to accept responsibility for that decision, and you’re fully prepared to act upon it.  I’ve found that intention also adds power to a choice.  If one waffles about before making a lukewarm decision to do something, then finally moves forward in a half-hearted attempt to accomplish it, the results are likely to be far less impactful than someone who says, “By God, I’m going to do this—even if it kills me!” I think even you can feel the energy difference between those two approaches, simply by reading the words.

I’ve been learning to use the power of intention more and more each day—even when I’m not planning to take any immediate or specific action.  When I see something that I previously might have considered to be outside my “sphere of influence”, say a bombing in another country that’s halfway across the globe, I’ll mentally set my intention to live in a world of Peace and Harmony.  Or if I see a situation where deceit or corruption is evident, I set my intention to live in a world where Truth and Justice prevail.

At the minimum, by doing these things, I’m making it quite clear to myself and Universe what my Free Will choices are.  I’m also preparing myself spiritually and mentally, so that if I’m ever given an opportunity to act upon these choices, I will—and when I do, I’ll have the full force of my intentions behind me.  And that, in my opinion, is a winning combination!



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Remembering Infinity: Time to Wake Up!


The world is changing and it’s time to wake up!

Good morning! In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is changing and it’s time to wake up!  So yawn, stretch, and do what you need to do to get ready, ’cause there are lots of exciting things to see and do once we open our eyes to the Light and the Truth of an entirely new day.

For thousands of years, mankind has been asleep (and most of us right along with it). As a species, we have been allowing our lower emotions like fear, anger, lust, and greed control our beliefs and actions. Our governments, religions, educational systems, and scientific community have capitalized on these emotions by teaching us that we are all separate, different, and apart from one another—and they have been cashing in on these feelings of separation the entire time. They have judged us, trivialized us, classified us, and divided us into separate races, nations, species, individuals, and even sports teams. As long as we allow these feelings of division to prevail, we will have little choice but to literally “buy into” their expanding control systems of drama, fear, competition, disagreement, conflict—and even war.

Unfortunately, our cultures and societies have grown into a massive machine—one that exploits us and keeps us under control, in the dark, and separated from that which is truly important. In fact, we can see many people moving about in our world today, almost appearing as zombies. They are tuned out to real life and addicted to a digitally-enhanced technological “reality”. When their heads aren’t looking down at screens or plugged with earphones, they’re completely distracted by video games, sports, world “news”, or the latest celebrity drama. And even when they’re not so engaged, they’re either spending every last cent they earn on the “latest and greatest” name-brand product—or working a 60-hour week in order to support the many habits of their artificial and insatiable consumer lifestyle.

Through control of the information, knowledge, and resources we receive, our institutions have created a culture of lack and dependence—where a vast majority of the 7 billion plus people in the world depend upon others for their food, health care, education, financial security, safety, and overall well-being. We’ve even been taught by our various religions that we must depend upon them for our spiritual “salvation”. If we don’t accept their particular brand of truth (and contribute generously to their causes), we’re often told that we’ll be cast into the fires of Hell when we part this world.

To make matters worse, we’re literally bombarded with a constant stream of negativity. “Mainstream Media”, controlled by its corporate affiliations and interests, tells only one side of the story—and it’s nearly all “bad” news. We’re constantly fed with images and words of war, consumerism, illness, disease, poverty, crime, disorder, disaster, and chaos. Advertisements continuously remind us that we are somehow less than perfect—that we need their plastic surgery, medications, sexual enhancement products, or dietary supplements to assure our beauty, health, and well-being.

The Truth is, we’ve all been hoodwinked. We’ve been bamboozled, brainwashed, programmed, tricked, hijacked, held hostage, and even enslaved. Society has manipulated us into focusing all our time and attention on negative and truly trivial things—the very things that feed their corporate, industrial, and institutional machinery. It’s sad to say, but we’ve actually allowed it to happen. We’ve been affected, distracted, and hypnotized by every bit of information or shiny new “bauble” that’s been dangled in front of us.

As bad as this all may sound, there actually is good news. You’ll never hear it from any of these dubious entities, but we are the ones who are ultimately in charge of our own destiny. Once we’ve been awakened to their hidden agendas, we can decide whether or not to support them or even believe what they tell us. We can decide to be more awake and aware of all this negative “programming” and tune out the things that no longer serve us.

We have all been given the wonderful gift of Free Will by our Creator and are able to make our own choices. We can decide right now, at this very moment, that we are responsible for ourselves and our own future. We can decide right now that we can begin to change our attitudes and habits to reflect a more positive world view—one that addresses more of the things we wish to see in our future. Things like peace, health, appreciation, cooperation, and abundance. Finally, we can decide right now to focus more and more attention on the things that are truly important—things like family, personal relationships, personal growth, learning, and re-connecting ourselves to and exploring the endless wonders of the real world around us.

So with that said, I’ll ask you this. Now that you’re awake, are you going to get up and help make a change for the better—or are you just going to hit the “Snooze” button and go back to sleep?



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