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Remembering Infinity: All Lives Matter

All are loved beyond measure--even the tiniest house finch.

All are loved beyond measure–even the tiniest house finch.

Several days ago, I had the privilege of rescuing a tiny young house finch whose feet and legs had become tightly bound together by several strands from her own nest. She had been flapping her wings in a desperate attempt to escape for quite some time and was hopelessly trapped, a dozen or so feet above the ground, under some solar panels where I work.

As soon as I heard about the bird’s predicament, I knew I had to help. I borrowed a tall ladder and soon found myself perched rather shakily at the top, sweating in near 100-degree heat. It was no easy task—trying to free her gently without causing her further injury.  Her little legs were crusted with dried blood and a part of one of her wings was rubbed raw by her struggles, but she fought bravely against her unforgiving bonds and me as well.

Working to free her, I was impressed by her incredible will to survive.  As I felt her frantic heart pounding wildly against my hand, I suddenly felt an intense Love and Compassion for this small, seemingly insignificant creature.  I was instantly and profoundly humbled, for she had reminded me that the gift of life should be cherished—in all its many forms.  It occurred to me that this is an important lesson many human beings must still not understand, for so many of us still continue to harm one another (and so many other of Nature’s creatures too).

While I carefully pulled the nest apart and gazed into this little bird’s frightened black eyes, I thought about the reasons so many humans seem to have such little respect for life. I came to realize that, in many ways, this callous disregard is just a dark shadow from some very old and clearly outdated ways of thinking and reacting. For thousands of years, mankind has somehow come to see itself as being completely separate from everything else. Like this little bird, from our earliest roots the drive to survive has taught us to be suspicious or even hostile to those who are not familiar to us.

In our troubled human history, it hasn’t been unusual at all to see new neighbors fear, compete with, and even kill one another—simply because they perceived themselves as being different from one another. Unfortunately, even those with close familial ties had (and still have) no guarantees. Those who’ve had disabilities, behaved differently, or somehow failed to meet “cultural standards” were often ridiculed, beaten, shunned from society, or even killed. In some situations, this habit of discrimination may have been seen as a way to limit the spread of illness or disease, but in far more cases these primitive fears and their resulting brutality were completely unnecessary and utterly baseless.

As shards of glass will scatter when a window pane is dropped upon a hard surface, humanity itself has become shattered. And, while the human population has grown, so it seems have our differences.  Tribes became clans, clans became villages, villages became cities, and cities became states and nations.  Instead of seeing our differences as beautiful and unique expressions of Creation and accepting them as such, we continued to cling to our old, familiar biases.  Today, people allow themselves to be eternally divided by their own beliefs and allegiances.  When we aren’t divided by national origin, language, or culture, then we’re divided by race, skin color, religious belief, or political philosophy. If these differences aren’t enough, we divide ourselves by age, physical appearance, sexual orientation, and gender.  We’re even judged and segregated by the kind of cars we drive, the brands of clothing we wear, the sports teams and celebrities we worship, and the type of “smart phones” or technology over which we obsess.  And the lists of things that separate us just goes on and on…

To make matters worse, recent tensions between some members of our community and the police have led to even greater divisiveness.  Resulting slogans of “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” seem only to have fanned the flames of conflict, as do claims that the phrase, “All Lives Matter” somehow disrespects or minimizes the feelings of those who are suffering from the violence on both sides of the issue.

Seriously, has it come to that? Have things gotten so bad that even those with the utmost respect for life are now vilified and attacked for their Compassion?

I would suggest that if we are to evolve as a species, we must stop looking at one another through the myopic lenses of ignorance, prejudice, and fear.  At some point we must begin seeing each other as fellow travelers, all sharing a life together on this beautiful Earth home of ours.

It’s now well past time for us to wake up!  It’s time for us to end this insanity! It’s time for us to see that generations of insecurity, competition, and conflict have left us all struggling to find common ground and the understanding that, when it all comes down to it, we are all one race.  Differences are wonderful, of course, for they make us each stand out from one another–just as the individual grains of sand appear different upon a tropical beach. But in the end, we are One Tribe.  One world.   One people.  One Spirit.

It took a chance encounter with a small bird for me to fully understand that all are important.  All are equal.  And all are loved beyond measure—even the tiniest house finch.

So please…let’s learn something from the struggle of this little feathered creature.  Let us remember that all life is precious and irreplaceable, all life is sacred, and all lives truly matter.

With Love,


PS:  In the end, I was finally able to free this little bird and take her to a local wildlife facility for treatment.  Several days later, I was disappointed to learn that she didn’t survive her difficult ordeal. While I am saddened by her loss, I’m profoundly grateful to her for reminding me how wonderful, fleeting, and precious life is. And I’ll continue to honor her gift every each and every day by appreciating the Life Spirit in all things—no matter how great or small they may be.

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Remembering Infinity: The Magic of Music

What would our world be like without the magic of music?

What would our world be like without the magic of music?

What is it about music that stirs the soul? With its varied beats, rhythms, and tempos, music allows human beings to share an emotion, a feeling, or even an energy with so many others. It’s expressive. It’s creative. It’s timeless—and it’s universal. Even those who are unable to hear it may still appreciate its movements, its mood, and its vibration.

Well -executed music isn’t just a smattering of symbols and lines on paper or a wanton riot of sounds blasting from a variety of instruments either—it’s a beautifully expressive reflection of the creative soul who composed it. It’s the flowing precision of notes, chords, and tones from a skilled symphony. It’s the harmonious blend of human voices lifted in song. It’s even the driving energy of a garage rock band. Music inspires us to be even greater than we are and it invites us enjoy the richness of every living moment!

When we hear old, familiar songs, music remembers. When we’re driven to tears by life, music soothes. When we close our eyes and feel the chills running through our bodies, music thrills. Music brings movies to life. It welcomes. It blesses. It heals. And it drives us to action. Music is the dancer, the companion, and the lover. Music tells the stories of our history, cultures, beliefs, and even our dreams.

Even Nature has her music. There is the roar of the ocean in a sea shell or the song of birds on the wing. Waterfalls, rain, and the rush of waves against the shore are the perfect accompaniments to a sunset. The flickering earthward plunge of lightning, as the Grand Conductor’s baton, summons forth a resounding crash of thunder. The hiss of damp wood and the whisper of sparks drifting skyward from a campfire serve as a fanfare to the stars. The rhythmic hoot of an owl, the sigh of the wind in the trees, and even the mournful voice of a wolf are nocturnes on a moonlit night. All these—and so many more sounds compose the songs of Life that we so love to experience.

So consider, if you will for a moment, all the music in your life and imagine what life might be without it. Then quietly give thanks for all the composers, performers, and sounds that add so much to our Life’s experience. Music is their gift—and there are few greater.

So to all who labor to bring forth the musical expressions of their souls, I say, bravo, Maestro!  I AM humbled by your artful works…and I thank you!



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Remembering Infinity: The Best Gift of All

When we give ourselves, we give others the very best gift of all!

When we give ourselves, we give others the very best gift of all!

A very nice young man I know recently stopped in passing to wish me and my family a wonderful Holiday Season. During our brief but uplifting moments together, we talked about our plans for the Holidays ahead. He confided that his family isn’t especially close and, although they aren’t well off (he actually used the word “poor” to describe their financial situation), he appreciated having the opportunity to get together with them and enjoy their company a few times each year.

It suddenly struck me how sad it is that so many people consider the Holidays as a time to give and receive expensive, material gifts. I realized that my friend had just given me the most perfect and lasting gift anyone could have. In his stopping to share in a few minutes of pleasant, heartfelt conversation, he gave me his friendship. His was a gift that couldn’t be bought, wrapped, or tied with a bow, yet it meant so much more than a mug, a box of candy, or any other material thing could have—and it didn’t cost him a dime!

I thought about the many other gifts we might give others, no matter how empty our checking accounts or wallets may be. These could be as simple as:

A kind smile,

A generous gift of our time,

A friendly wink,

A big hug,

Our caring attention,

A joyful laugh,

A simple meal,

Our understanding,

A gentle touch,

Our forgiveness,

An encouraging word; and,

Our love, just to name a few.

As this young man and I offered each other best wishes over a warm handshake and a friendly parting wave, I was deeply grateful for his gift. He reminded me that the greatest gift of all—and the one that anyone can afford to give, is the gift of ourselves. It’s a gift we can give, and give, and give, and give—over and over again, every day of the year!

I suppose it’s a good thing all those free, but wonderfully meaningful things can’t be left under the Christmas Tree. I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to wrap them!



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