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Meme featuring the “Q” quote, “Stay the course. WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All!”


In the first post of this multi-part blog series, I made the very bold suggestion that the question, “Who is Q?” could prove to be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself in this life.  Today, with even more conviction, I stand by that statement.

I know what you must certainly be thinking.

Seriously?  How could a “conspiracy theory” really be that important?  I can think of lots of questions that are much more important!  Questions like, “Will you marry me?” “Where’d I come from, Mom—no, really?” And there’s the really big question everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime, “Where did that one stupid sock go?” While I’m thinking about it, let’s not forget the inevitable follow-up to that question, “How on earth did that get there?”

Missing socks and mysterious reappearances aside, the question of Q becomes of vital importance when one looks at the much larger picture.  If one thinks of it from the “40,000 foot view” (as Q likes to put it) or even the 80,000 foot view (as I’ll eventually lead you), this question can literally change everything in and about your own world.

There’s little doubt that even the simple act of questioning Q has already had a significant effect.  If you’ve followed this series of posts alone, you’ve likely explored and considered not only Q, but the concepts of:

            4-Chan and Anons

            Secret societies, S@t@nism, and Deep State

            Corrupted public officials, institutions, and mainstream media

            Coded language and communications

            Duality and spiritual warfare

            Censorship, mental programming, and control

            Positive messaging, “White Hats”, and peaceful change

            “The Great Awakening”, Unity, and our Collective Consciousness

If at least one of these ideas is new to you, then congratulations—you’ve probably expanded your own mind a bit, even if you don’t agree with or believe everything I’ve written.  For some of you, all of this may seem a bit “out there.”  I get it.  We’re not used to being able to look at these kinds of things without being ridiculed, harassed, or being referred to as “tin-foil hat wearing nut jobs.”  When you look all at this from a much broader perspective however, these dismissals are actually a part of the control narrative.  We’re not allowed to consider anything that might possibly contradict the Deep State, spoon-fed narratives.  We’re not allowed to “think outside the boxes” that Deep State so generously gives us.  After all, by doing so, we just might discover something that’s much closer to the truth—if not actually the Truth itself.

For anyone who has been at all curious about how these concepts apply to our current human experience (and perhaps even beyond) this may be just the beginning of your own search for Truth.  I realize many of you may be new to many of the ideas I’ve previously discussed in my blog, but I would argue that we literally have the power to change our reality.  That’s why the Deep State has worked so hard to control and limit humanity for such a long time.  They don’t want us to know that we are just as powerful as they are—in fact, we are the vast majority and we are actually much more powerful than they are!

Think about the many ways we’re limited.  In government, for example, we’re largely forced to choose between two carefully manipulated and often diametrically opposed parties.  In either case however, we’ve given our energy and executive power to someone else so they can act “on our behalf”.  But do they—really?

In many organized religions, we’re led to believe that we’re deeply flawed, weak, and unworthy of a Divinity that is somehow very separate from us—or that we must be “saved” from eternal damnation by other beings that are far superior to us.  In your heart, do you really and truly feel this is true?

In sharp contrast to the images presented by these self-proclaimed “authorities”, we often learn that there is a very large “double standard” at play.  We see, more and more frequently, that those whom we’ve trusted were probably never worthy of our trust at all.  Politicians, priests, sports coaches, and even teachers (just to name a few) have frequently abused their power to take advantage of and even victimize others.

But the manipulations certainly don’t end there.  Our scientific, health care, educational, and corporate institutions have collectively tricked us into believing in the inevitability of illness, inferiority, and lack.  They feed upon these insecurities to sell us far more products and services than we ever truly need.  Think about the constant struggles we modern humans have—all to achieve an “acceptable” standard of living.  We’re driven to consume, consume, consume—and to hell with the consequences that we and our environment must bear.

We’re driven by an artificial need to buy the latest and greatest technology, the nicest homes and furnishings, the highest rated luxury cars, and the largest televisions we can possibly afford.  We willingly go into debt for an education that we may—or may not even need.  We’re told that our taxes are needed to pay for many things—national defense, roads and infrastructure, public safety, public health, as well as countless welfare and entitlement services.  And as if that weren’t enough, we have to pay dearly for everything else—health care, medications, Internet service, electricity, insurance, gasoline, food, and even water.

I just have to ask the simple question…why are all these costs so extreme?  Why does our military need to spend $10,000.00 on a toilet seat when the rest of us can buy one at a local home improvement store for around 15 bucks?  Why are health care and even life-saving medications so ridiculously expensive?  How can health care for a “healthy” family cost as much or more than their monthly mortgage payment?  Is this truly so that a corrupt few can line their pockets with our money?

It’s important for us to see that, within all this Deep State manipulation, there are built-in opportunities for massive levels of corruption, fraud, and waste.  It is through these that we’ve been driven into a state of eternal debt.  We’re also being relentlessly driven into helpless conditions of stress, addiction, and illness.  Everywhere we turn, we’re confronted with coordinated Deep State messages of division, hatred, and fear.  And we’re only too happy to buy into their “problem-reaction-solution” paradigm.  The fact is, we’ve all been blindly led into a system that has subtly but literally enslaved us—and it’s done so without our even realizing it.

What if we could change all that?

What if we could expose the full extent of this extreme corruption and control—and unmask all who took advantage of our innocence and trust for their own selfish gains?

What if we could start all over again—and essentially “re-boot” all these unsustainable and inhumane systems?

Finally, what if we could transform these systems into something that is transparent, fair, and to the benefit of all—not just an elite few?

This is actually what’s possible and this is what Q is asking us to do.

The transformation process must begin, not at the “top”, where we’ve been told all the power lies.  It must begin instead with us—each and every one.  We have the power.  We have the individual and collective power to change our world and everything in it—and every one of us is a vital part of this change.  We can begin by simply recognizing this power and standing in it.  We become unstoppable once we learn this—and once we begin to stand together as one.

Do you now see and understand how important these questions are?

If so and you agree, I ask you to stand with me and many others as we work together to build a brighter future.  I’ve said it before—and I’ll keep saying it as long as it’s necessary.

Stand strong, Patriots.

We not only can do this, we are doing it.  Together.

Love Always,


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Meme featuring a frequent “Q” quote, “Dark to Light”, posted on the Internet.


Since the first “Q” messages were posted on October 28, 2017, there have been nearly 1,900 of them accredited to that source to date.  I’ve followed them from very nearly the beginning and, based upon my own independent exploration of related subjects over the last few years (beginning in earnest around 2012), I’ve found the information in and of itself to be quite compelling.

To distill the Q assertions into one easy-to-swallow “red pill”, they are simply this.  Our world is ultimately controlled, governed, and exploited by a thoroughly corrupted, elite, and evil “Deep State” organization.  Many of its highest echelons are heavily involved in Satanic practices, as well as the perhaps “lesser” activities of human trafficking, financial manipulation, and the proliferation of illegal drugs and crime.  Lower level subordinates (who often occupy high positions in modern society) are often forced to cooperate through blackmail, coercion, or threats to their safety and families.  The remainder (members of a largely unaware public) are simply manipulated into complacency through distraction, addiction, or the manipulation of public opinion through the mainstream media and so-called “popular culture”, as well as many of our most trusted institutions.

The darkness of this “Deep State” has thoroughly infested our cultures, institutions, corporations, homes, and even our own individual psyches.  Evidence of its vile existence is everywhere—and for those who have finally awakened to its presence and have eyes to see, its existence can no longer be denied.  While much of the battle against it now seems to be waged in the highly charged political environment of the United States, it is indeed global—and it’s a very deeply entrenched illness.  It’s highly sophisticated, multi-layered, and it directly affects all of us and our world.

While the idea of an unopposed “Deep State” may be frightening to or rejected as “fantasy” by many, the good news is that most of humanity is finally awakening to it.  People are finally starting to see through the veil of lies, disinformation, and persuasion that has hidden its existence for so long.  The vast majority of people in trusted positions such as our governments, military, police, and other public services are honest, hard-working citizens.  A much smaller number of these are fully aware of what was—and is currently transpiring.  Like Q, they hold themselves to the highest ideals and standards.  Like the rest of us, the cards had been heavily stacked against them and they had to remain silent or suffer severe consequences.  But now, the energetic tide has turned.  Many are finally able to speak out.  Many are joining together to oppose the Deep State.  They are True Patriots and will never surrender.  Q asks us to trust them, just as we must ultimately trust ourselves and each other.  To quote two often quoted Q phrases, “Trust the Plan” and “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

Another very important point to remember is that the apparent chaos and violent resistance we’re witnessing today is merely a symptom.  It’s a very clear sign that this desperate and rapidly dying evil has lost control.  The obvious increase in hateful rhetoric, divisiveness, and even violence has only become necessary because the “Deep State” status quo has become not only challenged, but gravely threatened.  It’s a sign that this despicable darkness is now having to openly fight for its very survival.  It’s essential for us to understand that, at its core, this isn’t just a struggle between “right” or “left”, “Republican” or “Democrat”, or even “Conservative” or “Liberal”.  The corruption lies at all levels and on both sides of our institutions world-wide.  “Deep State” is pitting all sides against one anotheras it has always done, in order to sustain itself.

Make no mistake about it, this is most certainly a spiritual battle as well.  From a psychological and metaphysical viewpoint, much of the conflict we’re seeing is merely a reflection of what has always been present, but deeply hidden within the collective consciousness of Humanity—and indeed ourselves.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring Darkness to Light, look closely at the things we’re being shown, and perhaps choose to resolveor even heal them.  Although the Deep State has made every effort to hide it from us (they prefer to keep the knowledge of this to themselves), we actually have tremendous power.  We not only have the choice between “Good” and “Evil”, we have infinite choice!  As long as we remain locked in a paradigm of choosing between two opposing factions (“right” or “left”, etc.), we remain locked in their contrived matrix of “Duality”.

If that’s the case then, how do we free ourselves?

Perhaps we can recognize the value of ALL CHOICES and simply choose to support only those thoughts, words, and actions that we feel are best in any given moment.

With that said, let me get back to the topic at hand—Q.  The recent and obviously well-coordinated mainstream media assault on the Q Movement is clearly one that attempts to paint all involved as “deranged and dangerous conspiracy theorists”.  Quite to the contrary of these claims, I have found Q supporters to be overwhelmingly articulate, sensible, and fiercely loyal to the ideals of “Liberty and Justice for All” (to borrow a phrase)—and not just for the benefit of a “chosen” or elite few.  Their sense of “Patriotism” isn’t simply reserved for or directed to the United States alone, it’s intended to support complete Freedom for Humanity.

The mainstream media claims against the Q Movement are not only patently false, they have only strengthened my own resolve to seek and find the Ultimate Truth.  In fact, when one considers the motivation of mainstream media (i.e., “Fake News”) to continue pressing its own “Deep State” message, this assault not only lends credence to the legitimacy of Q, it signals what must certainly be their extreme state of desperation.  It seems unlikely that the “Deep State” would intentionally bring this information source to broad public attention and risk such serious backlash if it wasn’t absolutely desperate.

If you would like to explore the topic further, I highly recommend the following:

1)  Watch the following brief (14-minute) video entitled, “Q—The Plan To Save The World”.  It provides an excellent summary of the purpose and motivation behind the Q movement.

There is an alternate version here (just in case the first site has been removed or is not available for some reason):

2)  Visit the QAnon page, upon which all accredited Q posts have been archived:

3)  Finally, as I encouraged earlier, please: Question. Research. Decide for yourself.

For now, I’ll leave you with these four posts.  In a few days, I’ll follow up with some more thoughts about the Q Movement–as well as some thoughts about the “Universal” nature of this most interesting “adventure.”  See you then!

Love Always,


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Another meme from social media which asks a very important question.


Before I get too far into things, I suppose I should explain how I “stumbled” across the “Q” phenomenon in the first place. As many of my subscribers may have noticed, I took a bit of a break from my blog and was just living life like everyone else.  I went to work every day, paid bills, busied myself with family concerns, and went about my everyday business.

In my spare time, however, I continued exploring the deeper, “esoteric” mysteries of life.  I read scores of books and articles, watched hundreds of videos, and had countless discussions with like-minded people online.  One of the main purposes of this effort, I would eventually discover, was to open my mind to even greater possibilities.  My research served to stretch my conscious awareness of things around me, expand my consciousness, and sharpen my own discernment abilities (that is, to help me better develop my own sense of intuition and inner guidance).

In the first week of November 2017, I became aware of some discussions that had been unfolding on an Internet discussion board called 4-Chan.  The platform was an online community wherein people (known as “Anons”) could join and anonymously post comments, discuss matters of all kinds, and share almost anything without restriction.  When I first joined, one of the topics of interest was the recent “drop” of several cryptic posts by an Anon who identified him or herself as “Q Clearance Patriot”, or “Q”.  For context, the term “Q Clearance” refers to a very high level of security clearance within the US government.

This series of dedicated discussions was referred to as “The Calm Before The Storm” (or “TCBTS”).  The ongoing conversation focused primarily on the alleged wrongdoings of former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and former president Barack Hussein Obama, as well as the existence and operation of a shadowy and vile “Deep State” (or global “shadow government”).  The discussion board name referenced a cryptic statement President Trump made on October 6, 2017 when he hosted a dinner for US military leaders and their spouses at the White House.  While the group was gathered for photographs under a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln, President Trump asked media representatives, “Do you guys know what this represents?”  He then stated, in part, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”  After his statement, when photographers asked what he meant by “the storm”, the President vaguely replied, “You’ll find out.”

Here is a short video clip of his statement:

Just now, as I was typing this blog post, I wondered about what significance there could be (if any) to the fact that this group had posed under the Lincoln portrait.  I recalled Lincoln once referred to a coming storm as well—and it was this quote that had once been reportedly found during a clean-up of Air Force One, presumably hand-written on a slip of paper by President John F. Kennedy.  It was one of Kennedy’s favorite quotes and it was also part of a speech he made on October 22, 1960, while he was still a candidate for the Presidency.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that, by some strange twist of fate, President Kennedy’s Secretary (the one who found this slip of paper) was named Evelyn Lincoln.

Seriously, how ironic is that?

The quote read, “I know there is a God, and that He hates injustice and slavery. I see the storm coming, and I know that his hand is in it. If He has a place and work for me – and I think He has – I believe I am ready.” Lincoln is credited for saying these words in the book, “The Life of Abraham Lincoln”, written by Joseph Gilbert Holland and published in 1886.

This quote has special meaning for me as well, because I found it (rather coincidentally, I might add) in a similarly hand-written note on the last page of a book I inherited from my paternal grandmother.  The book was entitled, “A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon”, and it was written by Ruth Montgomery and published in 1965.  The book tells the story of then-famous psychic, Jeane Dixon, who foresaw Kennedy’s assassination several days before it actually occurred.  Interestingly, there are several other references to President Lincoln in the book, including several instances where Lincoln participated in a séance or was counseled by psychic Nettie Colburn at the urging of his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

But I digress.  For the Anons in this discussion, the meaning of President Trump’s “storm” reference seemed abundantly clear.  They concluded that it was his veiled way of putting the “Deep State” and its operatives on notice.  They felt it was his covert way of informing them that he and an alliance of “white hats” (or “good guys”) would soon be coming after them in a concerted campaign to ensure that they would be held accountable for their actions and that justice would be served.

Since I had long held an interest in cosmology, metaphysics, and related topics, much of my research naturally touched on the workings of many occult and esoteric organizations.  Groups such as the Essenes, Ancient Mystery Schools, Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones Society, Freemasons, and the “Illuminati” were frequently referenced in these studies. Therefore, I wasn’t at all surprised to see many, many apparent connections between the concept of a “Deep State” and some of the “darker” of these so-called secret societies.  In fact, from a much broader spiritual perspective, the idea that Satanism could be intertwined with a corrupt and controlling “Deep State” actually made perfect sense.  It also became quite clear to me that this wasn’t just an issue we’d been dealing with for decades or generations, it was one that had actually been plaguing humanity for millennia.

The ‘”TCBTS” discussions piqued my interest and I spent as much time as I could “lurking” on the board (that is, reading or following along and only rarely posting).  I learned that Q had recently posted a number of times and presented intriguing questions that sparked Anons into a flurry of activity.  They wanted not only to discover the truth by researching and answering these questions, they desperately wanted to verify whether or not Q was who he (or she) claimed to be—a legitimate US government insider.

For several months, I watched as Anons analyzed Q’s posts, asked logical questions, shared information from their own intensive research, and worked together to find answers.  It quickly became obvious that many of those carrying out the research were serious and dedicated people from all walks of life.  Their logical and knowledgeable posts indicated they were well-educated, had a wealth of experience from prior military or government service, and a knack for analyzing data.  Others however, were not nearly as well meaning or informed.

Through all the 4Chan interactions there seemed to be an increasing number of troublemakers who were obviously intent upon interfering with the investigative process.  These anonymous posters issued endless streams of visual and verbal garbage that included hate speech, pornography, and extremely inflammatory and divisive material.  Perhaps not so strangely, Anons noted that the most prolific attacks always seemed to come whenever Satanism or Satanic practices, references to “Walt Disney” and his works, or child sexual abuse were discussed.  This concerted interference made it quite difficult for newcomers to follow the legitimate investigative process—and many of the newcomers simply gave up.  The more serious of the Anons referred to these disruptors as “trolls” or “shills” and surmised that some of them had most assuredly been paid (presumably by the corrupted “Deep State”) to obstruct their grassroots discovery effort.

Despite the many questions to which Anons found answers, there were many more that remained.  The most important of these seemed to be:

      Who was Q? And,

      Why would a government official post cryptic messages on a “fringe”, unregulated discussion board?

Those were my questions too—and it wasn’t too long before we seemed to have at least some of the answers.

I’ll post more tomorrow.


Who–or What, Is Q?

Just one of many “Q”-related memes circulating the Internet and social media today.


Those of you who have been following me for any time (indeed, if any of you are still around after my long absence) know that I usually delve into many of the “big” questions. You know, the ones like:

      What is the true nature of life?

      Who are we?

      Why are we here?

      Is there something more for us to experience after we die?

Well, I have another question for you.

      Who–or what is “QAnon”?

Believe it or not, this question could prove to be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself in this lifetime!

Why?  You might ask.

I’ll eventually lead you to the answer, but for now, let me ask a few more questions.

       Do you believe our physical reality is all there is, or is there something more to it?

      Could our reality be some sort of “illusion” or “game” that our soul is playing?

      Could our reality be part of a much bigger picture—one that helps determine our future?

In this open-ended series of blog posts, we’ll take a closer look at the “Q” phenomenon.  My goal is to help you, and perhaps others, to make more sense of this movement and gain greater insight as to how it may relate to our present human experience—and perhaps even beyond.

As we go, I’ll ask you to try and keep an open mind.  If the information resonates with you, great!  If it doesn’t, that’s perfectly OK too.  I’ve written about “discernment” before and a part of that is taking what’s of value from something and disregarding the rest.  Through it all, I’d encourage you to question, research, then ultimately decide for yourself.

It may be a rather bumpy ride, so to quote “Q” directly, “Buckle up.”

Interested?  Then stay with me.  I’ll post more tomorrow.


An Evening With Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium)

Despite the evening’s uncomfortable heat, Theresa’s show was an unforgettable and fun experience!

Well, I can’t say enough how GREAT the show was! Despite some serious issues with the venue, Theresa was “spot-on” and I have a whole new respect for her and her work! The show was held in an outdoor concert-type venue at a the Thunder Valley Casino (a Native American-run casino). Unfortunately, the venue itself was quite poor (this made even worse by the weather). There was a crowd of about 5,000 folks at the sold-out show–and for the minimum ticket price of about $70.00, we were sitting on aluminum bleachers (about the most uncomfortable seating arrangements possible). Even the higher-priced ticket holders were seated on ordinary folding chairs!

My family and I arrived several hours early and had planned on relaxing a bit, having a drink and a leisurely dinner, then enjoying the show but, alas, that was not to be. The casino was huge and positively PACKED with people. It was polluted with second-hand cigarette smoke (you couldn’t avoid it–even outside), and there were hour-long waits just to get a table at one of only a few extremely over-priced restaurants on-site. Out of desperation, we stood in line for a half-hour in their “fast-food court”, couldn’t find a table, and half our party (including me) had to stand while eating our micro-waved personal pizzas.

Since we couldn’t find any place to have an “adult beverage” and sit or relax, we went outside (in nearly 100-degree heat) to stand in line and wait for the amphitheater to open. The wind coming off the parking lot was like a blast-furnace! After standing in the sun for nearly 45 minutes, they finally opened the gates and everyone filtered in. They had obviously over-booked the facility, because the bleachers were full–and people kept streaming in and squeezing in anywhere they could possibly fit. Fortunately, by the time we found seats, the sun had started to set and the bleachers were in the shade. Despite a (thankfully) cool breeze that kicked in, at least two people keeled over during the show and had to be taken away by ambulance.

When the show started (30 minutes AFTER the scheduled 7:30 start), Theresa finally made her appearance. She was HILARIOUS! Some parts of her show might not be appreciated by those who are offended by foul language–as she let out several “F-bombs” and a string of “sh&ts” in the first five minutes! By her own admission, she “cusses like a sailor”…but if one can find their way past that (or appreciates that kind of frankness as I do), the show is awesome! During the show, Theresa poked fun with some of the “spirits” who came through and their loved ones, complained good-naturedly about the California mosquitos (including one that “bit her on her a$$–even through her Spanx), and the nearly unbearable heat.  Theresa’s sparkling personality and uniquely high-pitched giggles had everyone charmed from the first moment she appeared.

Apparently, this was Theresa’s first group reading with such a large crowd–and my wife and I were wondering how on earth she would be able to channel with over 5,000 people (and their “spiritual entourages”) present. But she stepped down from the stage and worked her way around the aisles like the pro that she is. The audio was great and we could not only see Theresa and the camera crew making their way around in person (albeit at a distance)–we could also see her and the people for whom she was reading quite well on the large screens behind the stage. Despite her funny comments to the contrary (about her “a$$” appearing much too big on the wide screen), Theresa looked great in a simple, but elegant black dress and sparkling silver shoes.

Just as she does on her TV show, as she made her way around the crowd she’d feel drawn to one or two nearby folks, connect to and communicate with Spirit, convey many healing messages from those “on the other side”, and had many of those for whom she channeled (and much of the audience too) in tears. One man, who had apparently lost his son in an accident (and whose own life was spared in the same accident) had come to the show as a skeptic–and as one who obviously carried a great deal of guilt and anger. It was readily apparent however, that by the time Theresa and his son’s spirit were through with him, he was in an entirely new place. You could see his emotional reaction on the screen and almost feel his relief as Theresa gave him a big (and self-admitted “sweaty”) hug for his son’s spirit.  I was actually amazed at how she and these messages could connect with even those at the fringes of the crowd. I’m pretty sure that, by the end of the night, there wasn’t one person who hadn’t experienced at least one sniffle-inducing, throat-catching, or misty-eyed moment. In fact, I’m pretty sure my sister-in-law went through at least one package of disposable tissues!

There were quite a few other funny moments in the show that I really appreciated–and to me, they only reinforced that Theresa is the genuine article. She’s clearly a caring, loving person, with an amazing gift…and I’m so glad she’s chosen to share it. In one funny moment, someone made a comment about her fingernails. She mentioned how some people actually seem offended by them, then started rubbing and scratching one of the audience members’ back with them. She joked about how great they are for scratching peoples’ backs and expressed disappointment that no one was scratching hers. The audience erupted in laughter when a nearby gentleman eagerly stood up and, a bit too quickly, offered to do it.

Another hilarious moment happened when a kind lady noticed how Theresa seemed to be tiring a bit in the heat. She offered her seat to Theresa during the reading, but instead, Theresa settled herself down on this kind soul’s lap and joked about how comfortable it was. Then she asked the woman if the bottled water next to the seat was hers. When the woman replied that it was, Theresa unceremoniously helped herself and drank half of it. Then she made some more humorous comments–and nearly drained the rest of the bottle! While the actions may seem a bit “cheeky” to some, it all seemed perfectly natural and only helped endear her, almost as family, to the crowd.

Despite the distractions from the incredibly uncomfortable seating (and the frequent sound of plastic water bottles falling to the ground from the high bleachers), the show was WONDERFUL. Theresa’s quirky sense of humor and her heartfelt communications made the time go by quickly. While I may never again go to this venue, if I have another opportunity to see Theresa in person in a more intimate or comfortable setting, I’ll go in a heartbeat!

Theresa and Spirit–YOU ROCK!!!

Love Always,


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Remembering Infinity: Hidden History

Like precious treasure, Spiritual Truth has been hoarded and hidden from Mankind for far too long.

Like precious treasure, Spiritual Truth has been hoarded and hidden from Mankind for far too long.

One of my favorite topics of study, in addition to all things Spiritual, is history. I find the influences that past events, philosophies, and knowledge have had on our own times to be quite fascinating.

I suppose that my deep appreciation for history is at least partially due to the fact that my own family tree is a rather eclectic one (as I suppose I AM too, in many ways). Since the roots of my lineage may be traced back to nearly a dozen European countries, it’s quite easy for me to imagine that my own ancestors, if they didn’t actually participate in many of these events, may have at least witnessed some of them. It’s strange, but I sometimes seem to feel my own deep connection with certain periods in history—as if I may have experienced them myself, perhaps in a former life.

Of all the connections I’ve felt however, the one to medieval times—and to the Knights Templar, in particular, seems to be the most compelling. I find their history and philosophies to be unusually and inexplicably intriguing. On my own Spiritual quest, I often feel as if I’m winding my way through a maze of dark and dusty castle halls—where the most profound secrets of Life have been hidden. Along the way, I’ve been surprised to find that many of the ideas and teachings of the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, and the Masonic Order (Freemasons) not only make a great deal of sense, they resonate quite deeply with my own sense of Truth.

It’s been interesting for me to note that the doctrines of these and many other esoteric societies are “Christ-based”. That is, they recognize Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the Christ as a preeminent prophet and teacher. They also understand God to be an infinitely compassionate, forgiving, and loving Being. In many ways, their teachings support my view that we are God—and that God is us (just as God is everything else). Consequently, it follows that we should all be capable of making a deeply personal connection with “Him”—and indeed All That Is. This wonderfully organic viewpoint suggests that we don’t necessarily need a church, ritualistic dogma, or someone to save us from a “life of sin”, as so many organized religions have taught us. We are all appreciated, forgiven, and loved unconditionally—period.

I recently watched an episode of “America Unearthed” on The History Channel. The show made it abundantly clear, at least to me, that the knowledge these Gnostic organizations made every effort to protect is much closer to the Truth than so many others would have us believe. In “The Templar’s Deadliest Secret”, forensic geologist Scott Wolters helps uncover and disclose a trail of evidence that shows how those in power have, for centuries, fought to keep much of this sacred knowledge hidden—in order to preserve it for themselves.

Governments, churches, and the wealthy zealots who control them have wantonly suppressed, tortured, and even killed those who would speak out against them—and even those who might dare to believe differently. The multitude of “Holy” Wars, Inquisitions, and other acts of persecution these groups have waged upon Mankind clearly shows their intent to impose control at virtually any cost. In fact, you may note that today is Friday, the 13th—a day of bad luck, according to Western superstition. Perhaps this brutal abuse of power is one of the reasons why, for, on Friday, October 13, 1307, hundreds of the Knights Templar were said to have been imprisoned by King Philip IV of France. They were tortured, forced to falsely confess to crimes against the Church, and ultimately burned at the stake. In Light of those circumstances, I felt it highly appropriate that I post this today.

It now seems quite clear that many of our governments, organized religions, and privileged leaders have suppressed the Truth, re-written history, and presented their own versions of so-called “spiritual truth”, all in an effort to keep an unwitting population at a severe disadvantage. It is thus that most of Mankind has been kept perpetually in the dark, asleep, and unwittingly enslaved.

Those in lofty positions of power claim that they will “teach” us, “lead” us, and perhaps even “save” us, but is their truth what we truly believe? Our governments, corporations, and many religious organizations insist that they are philanthropic and self-effacing. If that’s truly the case, then why do they hold such obscene amounts of wealth—while so many others are left to live in blind ignorance, abject poverty, mounting debt, and eternal suffering?

It has taken me over fifty years to understand and catch limited glimpses of the Truth—the Truth that we, as a collective, have been kept in the dark for far too long. We’ve learned much from the experience and we may certainly be grateful for its lessons, but I suggest that it’s now time for us to know and understand the real Truth. We and our ancestors have paid a hefty price for it, after all—through millennia of persecution, pain, suffering, bloodshed, and human sacrifice.

So let’s all uncover the Truth together. Let’s begin learning to look inside ourselves, inside our own hearts for the Truth. Let’s establish our own personal, deeply intuitive connections to our Creator, our Earth, and all our Brother and Sister beings. With new understanding, we’ll finally be able to move forward in Peace, Forgiveness, Healing, and Love.

We’ve most certainly earned the right to that.



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Remembering Infinity: I AM. Are you?

Everything—All That Is, is God!

Everything—All That Is, is God!

I AM. Are You?

Many of the esoteric New Thought teachings from over a century ago speak about the “I AM Presence” and its importance in our spiritual understanding. In their expansive works, pioneering but controversial figures such as Madame Blavatsky, Guy Ballard, and William Walker Atkinson speak of the “Mighty I AM Presence”—that is, the individualized Presence of God that has been physically manifest in the form of every human being.

I know. Huh?   It took awhile before I could wrap my head around and fully accept the idea, but it simply means that we, each and every one of us, are God. We are God in physical form. But so, as I believe, is every star, every tree, every plant, every animal, and every tiny drop of water. As I mentioned in a previous post, “One is an Infinite Number”, we are all equal, interconnected, and interdependent aspects of the same Universal Being.  Therefore, everything—All That Is, is God. I think it’s safe to say that we couldn’t be any closer to Our Creator, even if we tried.

So yes, I AM. And yes, You Are. We all are! God, that is.

And isn’t that just wonderful?



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