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Remembering Infinity: Oak Island Treasure


What is the treasure that was so well-hidden and protected on Oak Island?

What is the treasure that was so well-hidden and protected on Oak Island?

When I was a young boy, I remember curling up cozily on a spare bed in an upstairs storage area at my grandmother’s house.  I spent many a dreary, foggy afternoon there, reading.  To me, it actually seemed more a library than a storage area—for it had shelves and bookcases filled with books of all kinds and a large wooden drafting desk in the middle of the room.  There were stacks of dusty old magazines, several kinds of encyclopedia sets, and a large collection of Reader’s Digest magazines.

I recall reading an article in one of the digests about one of the longest treasure hunts in history.  It was focused upon the small, wooded Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada.  The search for treasure there has reportedly been going on for more than 200 years—and it still continues today.  The article told of what was, to some, a lifetime effort to recover what is thought to be a treasure of enormous wealth.  Indications are that a concrete-protected vault exists, buried more than 150 feet in what is now known as the “Money Pit”.  The vault is rumored to contain not just material treasures such as ancient coins, gold artifacts, and precious stones, but perhaps even articles of profound religious and spiritual significance.

Unfortunately for searchers, an ingenious and complex system of obstructions and traps awaited them. During their determined efforts to solve the island’s mystery and recover the treasure, excavated tunnels collapsed or filled with seawater—and six men have thus far lost their lives.

When I first read the article, I was intrigued by the possibilities.  What could have been of such value that it was buried so carefully?  Who could have had the knowledge to develop such an elaborate system of traps and obstacles so far in the past?  Was it pirates or wealthy royal exiles, as the article suggested—or something else entirely? Many nights thereafter, I fell asleep pondering the riddle.  What are the deep, dark secrets that Oak Island has kept concealed for so long and at such a high human cost?

Since then, as do many childhood memories, the mystery of Oak Island simply faded into the shrouded mists of time.  I grew up, made a life for myself, and, rather recently, began refocusing my interest on all things spiritual and metaphysical.  My earnest study led me through a maze of esoteric teachings from a variety of ancient religions, Theosophical philosophies, and the New Age movement.  Throughout my explorations, I’ve found that much of the Gnostic material involves or makes reference to the Rosicrucian Order, Templar Knights, Freemasons, and other “secret” societies.  What I find quite compelling too, are the connections between these organizations and the Founding Fathers of our country, the United States of America.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their inspired experiment in Liberty began at approximately the same time as the Oak Island mystery.

Be that as it may, one can scarcely imagine my surprise when, some four decades later, I stumbled across a television show on the History Channel called “The Curse of Oak Island”.  The show follows the modern-day efforts of two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, as they take over the search for Oak Island treasure.  As it turns out, they too discovered the mystery in the Reader’s Digest article when they were boys—just as I had.  Their story, now playing out for the whole world to see, quickly brought back all the intrigue I once felt as I pored through that little magazine so many years ago.

The part of this story that amazes me most is the synchronicity of it all—not just the search or treasure itself, but the possible connections it may have with hidden spiritual knowledge and its timing in relation to my own search for the same.  As I once asked myself, I must now ask the same question.  Is this simply a case of hidden pirate treasure, or is it really something of far greater value?  Some say that there are many repositories of ancient, spiritual knowledge that have been hidden away—purposely left behind so that one day someone might find them and utilize them for the benefit of all Mankind.  I think, perhaps, that Oak Island is one of these.

All I know is that I’m on the edge of my seat—hoping to finally learn the Truth of this centuries-old mystery.  I’d like to applaud the dedication of the Lagina brothers, Dan Blankenship, and the many others who have given so much to the search for what has been hidden for so long beneath Oak Island’s soil.  I can’t help but feel that it may play out to be far more incredible story than anyone could possibly imagine. There’s only one thing that’s certain—only time will tell!



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13 thoughts on “Remembering Infinity: Oak Island Treasure

  1. Fascinating! And I could almost smell the books, wooden desk and dusty magazines in that room! Recently I inherited an old trunk filled with Reader’s Digest magazines from the 1950s and ’60s… and oh… such treasures buried within… 😉

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    • An old trunk? How cool is that! You just reminded me of a really neat old linen chest that was up there too. It was full of all kinds of old papers and stuff. I remember finding a newspaper in it from the end of WWII…it had a HUGE one word headline in red, “PEACE”. It really impressed me. There were some great finds in there too. Hope you can find some terrific “treasures” of your own in your trunk…and thanks for the comment!


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  2. Havent seen any updates on the Lagina brothers but the show depicts one with money and the other with imagination. I hope they find the jackpot and recoup some of their money

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  3. Very nice article…

    I am over 65 and I remember being fascinated by reading of the treasure in Boys Life Magazine at or about 1958. I was fascinated and like so many have followed it since.

    You have sure brought back memories.

    Another story all may find interesting is the day Niagara Falls froze, water stopped flowing and what was found.

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  4. Sorry, all I can find was about the freezes and nothing of finds. I read this in the 50,s. If nothing else, type in Niagara Falls, freeze, on any search web, you will see pictures but no stories.


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