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Remembering Infinity: Hidden Beauty


Human Beings are like colorful stones–their hidden inner beauty is often only discovered after they have been tumbled and polished by life.

From the greatest to the smallest, every being, situation, and condition is a unique and perfect expression of Infinite Intelligence.  As Human Beings, we often tend to think of things in dualistic terms—that is, we often quickly judge things to be “good” or “bad” (with varying degrees in between) from our own limited perspective.  By being so quick to judge however, we limit ourselves to a much more narrow understanding of the circumstances and frequently overlook the hidden beauty or value that lies therein.

Take the experience of weather, for example.  If two people awaken in the morning and look outside to discover that it’s raining, they might have two different perspectives on the situation.  One might be grateful and happy.  “Good”, he or she might think, “it’s been dry and we really need the rain”.   “Darn,” the other might frown, “I was hoping to go swimming today and now my plans are ruined!”

It’s quite easy to understand both points of view—and both individuals are certainly entitled to their opinion.  There is, however, another way to look at things.  While one’s ego may tend to judge the rain solely in accord with its own wishes, a more understanding and balanced viewpoint might consider a much larger picture.  A more perceptive person may not only accept his or her “self-serving” feelings, but consciously expand them to appreciate the fleeting beauty of the storm, accept it as a necessary part of a much greater natural cycle, and be grateful for the experience—exactly as it is.

While we might habitually complain about “this” or “that”, can you imagine how dismal and boring our world would be if things were always the same?  With no winds or waves to shift the sands or stir the palm trees, even an idyllic tropical island would quickly lose its appeal .  A constant humidity would rob the sky of its billowing clouds and its fiery, glowing sunsets.  Finally, at a level temperature, both the beach and sea would seem hopelessly flat—neither having much to offer in contrast to the other.

As it is, Nature unfolds itself in perfect ways—each as glorious as the next in its radiant diversity.  Instead of lying dormant and still, natural forces engage each other in an artful and flowing dance.  They can’t help but surprise and delight us if we simply pause long enough to notice, observe, and embrace their infinite wonders.  With just a moments’ extra attention and a slight shift of perspective, we are suddenly capable of experiencing our world in new and mysterious ways.  Colors somehow seem brighter, sounds have more resonance, and we feel a much greater connection to and appreciation for our own eternal essence.

Just as the abrasive actions of a rock tumbler coax shine and brilliant color from the heart of an ordinary stone, so too do the trials and tribulations of life reveal the greatest character of a Human Being.  It is only through the experience and process of overcoming these difficulties that we are able to find an enduring grace within—and allow it to reflect back on our world.  One has only to look past the course outer shell of humankind to realize that its grandest potential lies just beneath the surface.

So let’s all work together to develop a new habit—one in which we seek and discover the beauty that is so cleverly hidden within the nature of all things!



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Remembering Infinity: New Horizons


Many hidden worlds exist–far beyond the limits of modern understanding. Photo Credit: X-ray photo of Eagle Nebula, NASA

I can remember feeling, even at the earliest age, that there was much more to our existence than we could possibly perceive through our limited physical senses.  I somehow knew that something new and exciting lay just out of reach—just beyond the farthest horizons of our human awareness.  I have since come to know, at a number of levels, that I was correct.  Science has indeed proven the existence of many hidden worlds—worlds that beckon the venturesome, far beyond the limits of modern understanding.

Despite their greatest efforts to comprehend it, today’s scientists must admit they are only able to observe and understand about 5% of our universe.  The tiny fraction they are able to study, even with today’s most sophisticated technology, is limited to the realms of physical matter.  The vast remainder (at 95%) is said to be comprised of “dark matter” and “dark energy”.  Even science’s most learned scholars have only been able to infer the existence of these phenomena—and they have no true knowledge about how they actually work.  In a similar manner (and rather coincidentally I might add), only about 8% of the function of our DNA (Deoxyribonucleaic Acid—or “genetic blueprint”) is understood.  The rest is commonly disregarded as “junk” DNA.  I would submit that nature is highly efficient, with arguably “intelligent” design, and it has had billions of years to refine itself and its processes. How could it possibly be that so much of this material is useless?  Just because we don’t understand something certainly doesn’t mean that we should discount it as “junk”!

Issues like this have always fascinated me, so I suppose I could officially be labeled a “wonderer”.  I’ve always thought deeply about the nature of life, human relationships, and, most especially, the concept of “self”.  How do I, as representative of the approximately 7 billion human beings on this planet, fit into the overall picture?  As I’ve grown, I’ve found that my perspective is constantly evolving and expanding.  The experiences I’ve had as a child, adult, spouse, and most recently as a parent have all helped me better understand not only who I’ve been, but who I am—and who I intend to become.

With over a half century in this life, I’ve learned that our experience here isn’t just about survival.  Nor is it about simply living our lives from day to day or allowing society’s transitory, superficial obsessions to distract us.  It’s about awakening—awakening to discover our own spiritual worth, our own truth, and our own knowing about who we are, where we come from, and what our highest purpose is, here, at this particular moment in time.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French philosopher and Jesuit Priest, expressed it best when he wrote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  The implications of this statement are quite profound, for they present us with the suggestion that many more surprises await us beyond the veil of our limited human lifespan.  I have no doubt that this is true—in fact, the many well-documented accounts of Near-Death Experiences (or NDE’s) thoroughly support this as well.

I can’t help but feel that, perhaps in some prior life or state of consciousness, I knew much, much more than I do at this moment.  It’s as if, for some unknown reason, I’ve somehow forgotten all this truly important knowledge.  I suppose it’s a bit like the feeling you have when you walk into a room with the intent to do something and you suddenly forget why you went there in the first place!

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to call this blog “Remembering Infinity”. It’s a journal about my exploration and “rediscovery” of what I consider to be the far greater truth of our human existence.  My greatest hope through this endeavor is that someday, someone else may find a “spark” or two of inspiration within—something that may be of value to them along their own journey.

So please feel free to join me as I make my way down some of the “roads less traveled”.  With each new bend and summit will come many new discoveries and an entirely new horizon.  I’m grateful that you’ve found your way here today and consider it an honor to share even the briefest measure of this journey with you!



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